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Making Progress in English

by Eve Bearne

This manual is designed to help teachers establish a principled framework for developing English at Key Stages 1 and 2. Covering all aspects of English, it will help teachers raise standards of achievement in...

Issues in History Teaching


Written by a range of history professionals, including HMIs, this book provides excellent ideas on the teaching, learning and organization of history in primary and secondary schools.

Sexuality, Gender and Schooling: Shifting Agendas in Social Learning

by Mary Jane Kehily

The sexuality of young people arouses controversy and remains a source of concern for parents, teachers, policy-makers and politicians. But what young people really think about sexuality and gender and how these...

Women and Distance Education: Challenges and Opportunities

by Christine von Prummer

This book provides valuable insights into the situation of women in distance education around the world. A wide variety of evidence from different countries supports the conclusion that open and distance learning...

Improving Secondary Science Teaching

by John Parkinson

Improving Secondary Science Teaching has been written to help teachers both new and experienced reflect on their current practice and consider how to improve the effectiveness of their teaching. The book examines...

In Dialogue with Reggio Emilia: Listening, Researching and Learning

by Carlina Rinaldi

The early childhood programme of Reggio Emilia in Italy is acclaimed as one of the best education systems in the world and this book offers the unique insight of Carlina Rinaldi, the former director of the municipal...


by Carol Dyhouse

This compelling and stimulating book explores the gendered social history of students in modern Britain.

From the privileged youth of Brideshead Revisited, to the scruffs at 'Scumbag University' in The Young...

Literacy and Globalization: Reading and Writing in Times of Social and Cultural Change

by Uta Papen

Using literacy practices in the newly independent post-apartheid Namibia as a lens through which to examine the effects of globalisation, this broad case study looks at issues surrounding tourism, state control...

Interpersonal Boundaries in Teaching and Learning: New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Number 131

by Harriet L. Schwartz

While issues of interpersonal boundaries between faculty and students is not new, more recent influences such as evolving technology and current generational differences have created a new set of dilemmas....

Adult Civic Engagement in Adult Learning: New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, Number 135

by Linda Mu?oz & Heide S Wrigley

Take an in-depth look at adult learning and education forcitizenship and civic engagement. This issue presents thefoundational connections between the adult education and civicengagement movements. It’s filled...

Applications of Dialogical Self Theory: New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, Number 137

by Hubert J. Hermans

In an increasingly interconnected world, a dialogical self is not only possible but even necessary. People are closer together than ever, yet they are confronted with apparent and sometimes even insurmountable...

In Transition: Adult Higher Education Governance in Private Institutions: New Directions for Higher Education, Number 159

by Ellis & Stephen D. Holtrop

Take a candid look into how some traditional liberal arts colleges have incorporated nontraditional adult degree programs. This volume of case studies shows how a number of small, independent universities addressed...

Assessing Meaning Making and Self-Authorship: Theory, Research, and Application: Ashe Higher Education Report 38:3

by Magolda & Patricia M. King

One reason so many students fail to achieve complex learning goals may be that they rely too heavily on others’ opinions about what to believe, who to be, and how to relate to others.

The meaning-making capacity...

Context: A Framework for Its Influence on Evaluation Practice, New Directions for Evaluation, Number 135

by EV

Context is a force in evaluation. It shapes our practice, influencing how we approach and design our studies, how we carry them out, and how we report our findings. Context also moderates and mediates the outcomes...

Career Programming: Linking Youth to the World of Work: New Directions for Youth Development, Number 134

by Kathryn Hynes & Barton J. Hirsch

Across education, out-of-school-time programming, and workforce development, researchers and practitioners are seeking ways to bolster the career readiness of our nation’s youth, particularly low-income youth....

Mentor: Guiding the Journey of Adult Learners (with New Foreword, Introduction, and Afterword)

by Laurent A. Daloz

With a new introduction and afterword, this revised second edition is a practical, engaging exploration of mentoring and its power to transform learning. Filled with inspiring vignettes, Mentor shows how anyone...

The Classroom Teacher's Technology Survival Guide

by Doug Johnson

A comprehensive guide for integrating educational technology in the K-12 classroom

This is a must-have resource for all K-12 teachers and administrators who want to really make the best use of available technologies....

Learning in the Global Era: International Perspectives on Globalization and Education

by Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco

An international gathering of leading scholars, policymakers, and educators takes on some of the most difficult and controversial issues of our time in this groundbreaking exploration of how globalization is...

Entrepreneurial President: Richard Atkinson and the University of California, 1995-2003

by Patricia A. Pelfrey

Richard C. Atkinson was named president of the University of California in August 1995, barely four weeks after the UC Regents voted to end affirmative action. How he dealt with the admissions wars-the political,...

Developing Narrative Theory: Life Histories and Personal Representation

by Ivor F. Goodson

This book represents a timely reassessment of the narrative trends of the 21st century, detailing how theories of narrativity and life story analysis can combine to inform learning potential and developing...