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Educational Reform: The Task of the Board of Education

by Fabian Ware

As well as examining the history and contemporary state of primary and secondary education in England and Wales at the turn of the 19th Century, this volume provides comparative analyses of the education of...

Debates on Early Childhood Policies and Practices: Global Snapshots of Pedagogical Thinking and Encounters

by Theodora Papatheodorou

Globally, Early Years policies and documents have set out aspirational outcomes and benefits for children, their families and the wider society. These policies have emphasised the place of early childhood provision...

Rebirth of Rhetoric

by Richard Andrews

Rebirth of Rhetoric brings together contributions from several fields to provide a forum in which a unifying theory for language and literature studies can be debated.The book does not aim to resurrect classical...

Linguistics and the Teacher

by Ronald Carter

Linguistics and the Teacher is a collection of essays by linguists on different aspects of the relationship between linguistics and education. All the contributors are united in their belief that linguistics...

Hit the Headlines: Exciting Journalism Activities for Improving Writing and Thinking Skills

by Colin Macfarlane

Hit the Headlines charts out a series of fun and inspiring, cross-curricular journalism workshops that enhance key skills and confidence in areas such as:

  • Writing and editing.
  • Critical assessment.
  • Interviewing...

Education, Racism and Reform

by Barry Troyna & Bruce Carrington

In this introductory text the authors look closely at widely held assumptions about 'race' and schooling in Britain, and evaluate the role of the school in a multi-ethnic society. Focusing on contemporary issues...

AA Is for Aesthetic: Essays on Creative and Aesthetic Education

by Peter Abbs

This volume reaffirms the indispensable place of the arts in any coherent curriculum. The author hopes that the specific arguments formulated in the book will advance the conservationist post-Modernist aesthetic....

Knowledge and Character Bound with the Modern Teacher(rle Edu K)

by William Archer & A Watson Watson Bain

Written before, but published after The First World War, this volume's plea for a national system of education which will produce a nation of prosperous, morally fulfilled people able to live at peace with other...

Happiness (Rle Edu K)

by Robin Barrow

The first part of the book reviews empirical work relating to happiness (including attitudinal studies), claims made in an educational context and postwar philosophical treatment of the concept. There is a useful...

Plato and Education (Rle Edu K)

by Robin Barrow

This introduction to Plato's philosophical and educational thought examines Plato's views and relates them to issues and questions that occupy philosophers of education. Robin Barrow stresses the relevance of...

Radical Education (Rle Edu K): A Critique of Freeschooling and Deschooling

by Robin Barrow

This volume is a comprehensive critique of the radical tradition in educational theory. It traces the development of the key ideas in radical literature from Rousseau to the present day. Two opening chapters...

Freedom and Choice in Education (Rle Edu K)

by James Breese

Much of the material included here owes it inspiration to discussions held with groups of student teachers in the early 1970s. The book is written for such students and discusses issues such as the acquisition...

Educating the Virtues (Rle Edu K): An Essay on the Philosophical Psychology of Moral Development and Education

by David Carr

Tracing the views on moral life of such past philosophers as Plato, Aristotle and Kant, as well as of such theorists as Durkheim, Freud, Piaget and Kohlberg, the author sets forth a full discussion of the nature...

Theory & Practice in Education (Rle Edu K)

by R F F Dearden

The main concern of the volume is the relation of theory to practice in education but the book also reviews the state of educational theory, and its relation to politics. Beginning with a group of papers on...

The Logic of Education (Rle Edu K)

by Paul H H Hirst & R S S Peters

This book explores the implications for the curriculum, for teaching and for the authority structure of schools and colleges of an analysis of 'education' in which the development of knowledge and understanding...

Education (Rle Edu K): Its Nature and Purpose

by M VC VC Jeffreys

This book discusses the very nature and purpose of education and provides a foundation upon which more specialized studies in the psychology, history and sociology of education can be based. The book therefore...

Friedrich Froebel and English Education (Rle Edu K)

by Evelyn Lawrence

This collection of essays describes Froebel's life and the history of his influence on the education of young children in Britain. It also traces the religious roots of his philosophy and discusses his psychological...

An Essay Towards a Philosophy of Education: A Liberal Education for All

by Charlotte M M Mason

This was the last and most important and comprehensive work of Charlotte Mason, (founder of the Parents' National Educational Union). For more than half a century the practical results of her original thought...

Education (Rle Edu K): A Search for New Principles

by Herbert Phillipson

Contributing to early debates on nature versus nurture, schools and the social environment, town planning and a free comprehensive education, the author discusses key educational issues against the background...

Education and the Spirit of Man (Rle Edu K)

by Francis Pollard

This volume was the Swarthmore Lecture for 1932, one of an annual series of lectures delivered by and for members of the Society of Friends (Quakers). The lecture discusses the place of education and moral philosophy...