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U Chic, 2e: The College Girl's Guide to Everything

by Christie Garton

U Chic gives an edge to today's high achieving college girl. It's not just about good grades or being at the top of the class, but having a great social experience. Written by a savvy group of fifty accomplished...

Inclusion and Exclusion Through Youth Sport

by Symeon Dagkas & Kathleen Armour

'We can reach far more people through sport than we can through political or educational programmes. In that way, sport is more powerful than politics. We have only just started to use its potential to build...

Coaching Children in Sport

by Ian Stafford

All coaches working with children will know that they differ substantially from adults in their capabilities, capacity for development and in their ability to meet the demands which sport places upon them. New...

Early Biliteracy Development: Exploring Young Learners' Use of Their Linguistic Resources

by Eurydice B. Bauer & Mileidis Gort

A large and growing number of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in the US and around the world have the potential to develop bilingualism and biliteracy if supported in their immediate...

Design Research on Learning and Thinking in Educational Settings

by David Yun Dai

The key question this book addresses is how to identify and create optimal conditions for the kind of learning and development that is especially important for effectively functioning in the 21st century. Taking...

Teaching and Learning Second Language Listening

by Larry Vandergrift & Christine C.M. Goh

This reader-friendly text, firmly grounded in listening theories and supported by recent research findings, offers a comprehensive treatment of concepts and knowledge related to teaching second language (L2)...

Intelligibility in World Englishes: Theory and Application

by Cecil L. Nelson

Intelligibility is the term most generally used to address the complex of criteria that describe, broadly, how useful someone's English is when talking or writing to someone else. Set within the paradigm of...

Disavowed Knowledge: Psychoanalysis, Education, and Teaching

by Peter Maas Taubman

This is the first and only book to detail the history of the century-long relationship between education and psychoanalysis. Relying on primary and secondary sources, it provides not only a historical context...

Languages of Education: Protestant Legacies, National Identities, and Global Aspirations

by Daniel Tröhler

In this landmark contribution to the study of the formation of the modern school, Daniel Tröhler applies one of the most recognized methods of historical research to an analysis of the "language" of the academic...

The Classroom X-Factor: The Role of Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication in Teaching

by John White & John Gardner

Why is it that some teachers have a kind of magical charisma and charm which sets them apart from their peers? This book gives us a fresh and exciting answer - They have the classroom X-Factor! White and Gardner's...

Talking Points: Discussion Activities in the Primary Classroom

by Lyn Dawes

Talking Points: Discussion Activities in the Primary Classroom encourages and supports classroom discussion on a range of topics, enabling children to develop the important life-skill of effective group communication....

Philosophy for Young Children: A Practical Guide

by Berys Gaut & Morag Gaut

With this book, any teacher can start teaching philosophy to children today!

Co-written by a professor of philosophy and a practising primary school teacher, Philosophy for Young Children is a concise, practical...

Creative Learning to Meet Special Needs

by Edward Sellman

Introducing creativity to the classroom is a concern for teachers, governments and future employers around the world, and there has been a drive to make experiences at school more exciting, relevant, challenging...

Cross-Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School Humanities: History, Geography, Religious Studies and Citizenship

by Richard Harris, Simon Harrison & Richard McFahn

What is the role of the humanities in the modern school? Should geography, history, RE and Citizenship teachers remain faithful to long-standing subject cultures and pedagogies? Or is there another way to consider...

Starting Drama Teaching

by Mike Fleming

Why teach drama? How can a newcomer teach drama successfully? How do we recognise quality in drama?

Starting Drama Teaching is a comprehensive guide to the teaching of drama schools. It looks at the aims and...

Knowledge That Counts in a Global Community: Exploring the Contribution of Integrated Curriculum

by Léonie J. Rennie, Grady Venville & John Wallace

As the third millennium progresses, we are faced with increasing pressures relating to climate change and the sustainability of life on Earth. Concerned citizens are realizing that the responsibility to respond...

Differentiated Literacy Games for Vcop Activities

by Heather Butler

Children enjoyed it so much they didn't realise they were being worked so hard.

Jo Miles, Learning Support Assistant at Manor Farm Community Junior School, Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire

Great speaking and listening...

Teaching Primary English Through Drama: A Practical and Creative Approach

by Suzi Clipson-Boyles

"The text is extraordinarily succinct, very well organised and highly readable. Each chapter examines in depth specific aspects of teaching and learning in drama and well-chosen practical examples can readily...

Rethinking Widening Participation in Higher Education: The Role of Social Networks

by Alison Fuller, Sue Heath & Brenda Johnston

Extending the chance for people from diverse backgrounds to participate in Higher Education (HE) is a priority in the UK and many countries internationally. Previous work on widening participation in HE however...

Learning to Teach in Urban Schools: The Transition from Preparation to Practice

by Etta R. Hollins

This book is about the transition from teacher preparation to teaching practice in urban school settings. It provides a clear presentation of the challenges, resources, and opportunities for learning to teach...