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The Impact of Technology on Relationships in Educational Settings

by Angela Costabile & Barbara A Spears

As the linguistic, cognitive and social elements of our lives are transformed by new and emerging technologies, educational settings are also challenged to respond to the issues that have arisen as a consequence....

The Arts in Education

by Mike Fleming

Do the arts improve academic achievement? What does it mean to 'teach' art? What should the balance of classic and pop be in the music curriculum? Should we encourage young children on the stage? How do we judge...

Handbook of Multicultural School Psychology: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

by Giselle B. Esquivel, Emilia C. Lopez & Sara Nahari

This comprehensive handbook offers a beautifully balanced view of the emerging field of multicultural school psychology. The opening section provides an historical overview of how the field has developed, and...

The Supreme Court and the NCAA

by Brian Porto

Two Supreme Court decisions, NCAA v. Board of Regents (1984) and NCAA v. Tarkanian (1988), have shaped college sports by permitting the emergence of a supercharged commercial enterprise with high financial stakes...

Geometry as Objective Science in Elementary School Classrooms

by Wolff-Michael Roth

This study examines the origins of geometry in and out of the intuitively given everyday lifeworlds of children in a second-grade mathematics class. These lifeworlds, though pre-geometric, are not without...

Islamic Education and Indoctrination

by Charlene Tan

Islamic schools, especially madrasahs, have been viewed as sites of indoctrination for Muslim students and militants. Some educators and parents in the United States have also regarded introductory courses on...

School Psychology for the 21st Century, Second Edition: Foundations and Practices

by Kenneth W. Merrell & Ruth A. Ervin

A leading introductory text, this authoritative volume comprehensively describes the school psychologist's role in promoting positive academic, behavioral, and emotional outcomes for all students. The book emphasizes...

Phonological Awareness: From Research to Practice

by Gail T. Gillon

This unique resource provides a comprehensive review of current knowledge about phonological awareness, together with practical guidance for helping preschoolers to adolescents acquire needed skills. Up-to-date...

Preparing Effective Special Education Teachers

by Nancy Mamlin

What tools are in the toolkit of an excellent special educator, and how can teacher preparation programs provide these tools in the most efficient, effective way possible? This practical, clearly written book...

Exemplary Instruction in the Middle Grades: Teaching That Supports Engagement and Rigorous Learning

by Diane Lapp

Offering fresh alternatives to common instructional practices that fail to get results, this accessible, highly practical guide highlights ways to motivate middle school students while enhancing content-area...

Adolescent Literacy in the Academic Disciplines: General Principles and Practical Strategies

by Tamara L. Jetton

From leading authorities in both adolescent literacy and content-area teaching, this book addresses the particular challenges of literacy learning in each of the major academic disciplines. Chapters focus on...

Making Assessment Matter: Using Test Results to Differentiate Reading Instruction

by Nonie K. Lesaux & Sky H. Marietta

All too often, literacy assessments are given only for accountability purposes and fail to be seen as valuable resources for planning and differentiating instruction. This clear, concise book shows K-5 educators...

Beyond Learning by Doing: Theoretical Currents in Experiential Education

by Jay W. Roberts

What is experiential education? What are its theoretical roots? Where does this approach come from? Offering a fresh and distinctive take, this book is about going beyond "learning by doing" through an exploration...

Universities and the Public Sphere: Knowledge Creation and State Building in the Era of Globalization

by Brian Pusser, Ken Kempner & Simon Marginson

Universities have been propelled into the center of the global political economy of?knowledge production by a number of factors: mass education, academic capitalism, the globalization of knowledge, the democratization...

Learning Theory and Online Technologies

by Linda Harasim

Learning Theory and Online Technologies offers a powerful overview of the current state of elearning, a foundation of its historical roots and growth, and a framework for distinguishing among the major approaches...

Teacher Education Policy in the United States: Issues and Tensions in an Era of Evolving Expectations

by Penelope M. Earley, David G. Imig & Nicholas M. Michelli

What constitutes a high quality teacher education program and what standards teacher candidates should meet before receiving their teaching credential? This volume advances deep understanding of the nature and...

Critical Dispositions: Evidence and Expertise in Education

by Greg Dimitriadis

Set against the current proliferation of global "difference" and economic realignment, Critical Dispositions explores the notions of "evidence" and "expertise" in times of material scarcity. Both have come to...

Research in Applied Linguistics: Becoming a Discerning Consumer

by Jr., Fred L. Perry

Newly updated and revised, this popular text provides a solid introduction to the foundations of research methods, with the goal of enabling students and professionals in the field of applied linguistics to...

Reading Researchers in Search of Common Ground: The Expert Study Revisited

by Rona F. Flippo

In Reading Researchers in Search of Common Ground, Second Edition, Rona F. Flippo revisits her groundbreaking Expert Study, in which she set out to find common ground among experts in the much-fragmented field...

What Is Curriculum Theory?

by William F. Pinar

This primer for teachers (prospective and practicing) asks readers to question the historical present and their relation to it, and in so doing, to construct their own understandings of what it means to teach,...