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A Practical Guide to Problem-Based Learning Online

by Maggi Savin-Baden

Problem-based learning online is a burgeoning area, crying out for support in all the disciplines, but particularly health, medicine, education and social care that are already advanced users of problem-based...

Balancing Principles for Teaching Elementary Reading

by James V. Hoffman, Peter Afflerbach & Ann M. Duffy-Hester

This book appears at a time when the crisis rhetoric about schools, teaching, and learning to read is extremely high. There is a rising call within the profession for a balanced perspective on reading. Balancing...

Globalization and Women in Academia: North/West-South/East

by Carmen Luke

In this cross-cultural exploration of the comparative experiences of Asian and Western women in higher education management, leading feminist theorist Carmen Luke constructs a provocative framework that situates...

Handbook of Special Education

by James M. Kauffman & Daniel P. Hallahan

Special education is now an established part of public education in the United States-by law and by custom. However, it is still widely misunderstood and continues to be dogged by controversies related to such...

Educating for Democracy: Case-Method Teaching and Learning

by Robert F. McNergney, Edward R. Ducharme & Mary K. Ducharme

This book advocates the use of case methods to promote democratic teaching and learning. Part I speaks directly to teacher educators. The chapters in this part suggest how and why they might use case methods...

Diagnosing 'Disorderly' Children: A Critique of Behaviour Disorder Discourses

by Valerie Harwood

Based on the author's in-depth research with children diagnosed with behavioural difficulties, this book provides a thorough critique of today's practices, examining:

  • the traditional analyses of behavioural disorders...

Beyond Knowledge: Extracognitive Aspects of Developing High Ability

by Larisa V. Shavinina & Michel Ferrari

Some aspects of giftedness and creativity cannot be explained by cognitive, developmental, personality, or social approaches considered in isolation. At the intersection of these approaches is something invisible,...

Emerging Patterns of Literacy

by Rhian Jones

In a unique study of parent-infant interactions at home, Rhian Jones analyses early reading with picture books and stories. Drawing upon psychology, linguistics and anthropology she provides a wide ranging and...

Jumpstart! Creativity: Games and Activities for Ages 7 14

by Stephen Bowkett

Jumpstart Creativity! is a book of games and activities that any primary teacher can do quickly, at the beginning of a lesson or as a time-filler, with little preparation. They grab children's attention and...

Teaching Undergraduates

by Roger L. Dominowski

This practical guide is designed to help college teachers plan their undergraduate courses and deliver high-quality instruction. The book's theme is that teaching is a creative, decision-making, idea-testing...

Handbook of Undergraduate Second Language Education

by Judith W. Rosenthal

This volume offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date description of the wide array of second language programs currently available to undergraduate students in the United States and abroad. It brings together,...

Remaking the Concept of Aptitude: Extending the Legacy of Richard E. Snow

by Lyn Corno, Lee J. Cronbach & Haggai Kupermintz

The unique perspective of Richard E. Snow, in recent years one of the most distinguished educational psychologists, integrates psychology of individual differences, cognitive psychology, and motivational psychology....

Learning in School-University Partnership

by Amy B.M. Tsui, Gwyn Edwards & Fran Lopez-Real

This volume looks at school-university partnerships from sociocultural perspectives of learning that view participation in social practice as fundamental to the process of learning. Its two major themes - school-university...

Global Linguistic Flows: Hip Hop Cultures, Youth Identities, and the Politics of Language

by H. Samy Alim, Awad Ibrahim & Alastair Pennycook

Located at the intersection of sociolinguistics and Hip Hop Studies, this cutting-edge book moves around the world - spanning Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas and the European Union - to explore Hip Hop...

Education and Sustainability: Learning Across the Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Divide

by Seonaigh MacPherson

This book critically examines the impact of migration, education, development, and the spread of English on global bio-linguistic and cultural diversity. Derived from findings from a comparative eco-linguistic...

The Little Book of Bereavement for Schools

by Ian Gilbert, William Gilbert & Olivia Gilbert

The Little Book of Bereavement for Schools is written by best-selling author Ian Gilbert together with his three children. Is a very personal account of the way educational institutions tried and succeeded,...

Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education: A Critical Approach

by Mark Tennant, Cathi McMullen & Dan Kaczynski

Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education offers a combination of critical perspectives and practical advice that is ideally suited for individuals interested in enhancing their practice through analysis...

The University and Its Disciplines: Teaching and Learning Within and Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries

by Carolin Kreber

University teaching and learning take place within ever more specialized disciplinary settings, each characterized by its unique traditions, concepts, practices and procedures. It is now widely recognized that...

Childcare, Choice and Class Practices: Middle Class Parents and Their Children

by Carol Vincent & Stephen J. Ball

Childcare is a topic that is frequently in the media spotlight and continues to spark heated debate in the UK and around the world. This book presents an in-depth study of childcare policy and practice, examining...

Ethical Issues for ESL Faculty: Social Justice in Practice

by Johnnie Johnson Hafernik, Dorothy S. Messerschmitt & Stephanie Vandrick

This book explicitly addresses ethical dilemmas and issues that post-secondary ESL faculty commonly encounter and examines them in the framework of social justice concerns. Ethics is defined broadly, to include...