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The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists

by Jenifer Fox & Whitney Hoffman

Hundreds of useful ideas for meeting the needs of each child

The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists is the definitive reference for DI for teachers in grades K-12. Ready for immediate use, it offers over...

Sustaining Educational and Economic Momentum in Africa

by World Bank

Forty-four African ministers of finance and of education from 28 countries met in Tunis at a July 2009 conference on "Sustaining the Education and Economic Momentum in Africa amidst the Current Global Financial...

I'm the Teacher, You're the Student: A Semester in the University Classroom

by Patrick Allitt

In this trenchant and often hilarious guide, Patrick Allitt takes the reader along to his course in American history, offering a teacher's-eye view of the undergraduate classroom.

Le Syst Me Ducatif Malien

by World Bank

Ce rapport constitue une mise jour de celui réalisé en 2005 et permet d'évaluer l'avancement vers les principaux objectifs de la deuxième phase du Programme d'Investissement de l'Education (PISE) en mettant...

Le Syst Me Ducatif Congolais

by World Bank

Cette analyse sectorielle est le produit de la collaboration entre une équipe nationale interministérielle (ministères en charge de l'éducation et ministères partenaires) et une équipe d'appui de la Banque...

Acelerando O Passo

by World Bank

O restabelecimento do crescimento económico que se tem registado por toda a África Subsariana (ASS) desde o início do milénio constitui um desenvolvimento encorajador. Sustentá-lo para sempre é não só...

Developing the Workforce, Shaping the Future

by Sajitha Bashir

With challenges similar to those faced by a number of low income countries, Madagascar faces critical policy choices with respect to post-basic education. Enrolment ratios in senior secondary education and tertiary...

Gender Equity in Junior and Senior Secondary Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

by World Bank

This thematic study consists of case studies of Ghana, Malawi, and Uganda, as well as, a review of studies undertaken over the past ten years on education in Africa with particular attention to girls' and secondary...

WHAT WORKS!: Successful Strategies in Pursuing National Board Certification

by Bobbie Faulkner

National Board Certification is a voluntary process for teachers who want to measure their teaching practice against the set of core propositions and teaching standards developed by the National Board for Professional...

School District Master Planning: A Practical Guide to Demographics and Facilities Planning

by Kelley D. Carey

What is school district master planning? This book explains how this planning is done, using a proven process, not theories. The process helps you avoid cost overruns, public outrage, repeated redistricting,...

Teaching with the Wind: Spirituality in Canadian Education

by Michael Dallaire

This book argues that education for civic spirituality is of paramount importance as Canada continues its transition from a Judeo-Christian and bicultural nation to a multi-faith and multicultural nation within...

The Education System in Malawi

by World Bank

'The Education System in Malawi', an Education Country Status Report (CSR), is a detailed analysis of the current status of the education sector in Malawi, the results of which have been validated by the government...

Multigrade Teaching in Sub-Saharan Africa

by Aidan G Mulkeen & Cathal Higgins

In Africa, with the expansion of coverage of primary education in recent decades, many of the remaining out-of-school children are in hard to reach areas, with low population density and poor transport. Providing...

Developing Post-Primary Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

by Alain Mingat & Blandine Ledoux

Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have made substantial progress in universalizing primary school completion. Many young Africans are completing primary schooling, and many more will do so in the coming years....

Legal Frameworks for Tertiary Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

by William Saint & Christine Lao

The performance of tertiary educational institutions is heavily influenced by their governance arrangements, management structures, accountability mechanisms, and regulatory environments. 'Legal Frameworks for...

Governance of Technical Education in India

by Andreas Blom & Jannette Cheong

Reforms are imperative for the huge and complex technical education system in India. A recent Learning Forum brought together senior policy makers and institutional leaders that elaborated a nine-point agenda...

Raising Student Learning in Latin America

by Emiliana Vegas & Jenny Petrow

Understanding what and how students learn has emerged as a salient issue in Latin America, a region where the majority of children now have access to schools but few students learn the skills they need to succeed....

Female Genital Cutting, Women's Health, and Development

by Khama Rogo & Tshiya Subayi

'Female Genital Cutting, Women's Health, and Development' provides a comprehensive understanding of the issue of femal genital mutiliation/cutting-scope, challenges, opportunities, best practices, and how communities,...

The Black Box of Governmental Learning

by Raoul Blindenbacher & Bidjan Nashat

There are more poor people around the world than ever before. One of the missing factors in efforts to address poverty and increase sustainable development is adequate governmental capacity development. One...

Les D Fis Du Syst Me Ducatif Burkinab En Appui La Croissance Conomique

by Pierre J. Kamano & Ramahatra Rakotomalala

Ce rapport est le produit de la collaboration entre une équipe nationale et une équipe d'appui extérieur. Il a permis le renforcement des compétences en analyse sectorielle des ministères en charge de l'éducation...