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Learning Futures: Education, Technology and Social Change

by Keri Facer

In the twenty-first century educators around the world are being told that they need to transform education systems to adapt young people for the challenges of a global digital knowledge economy. Too rarely,...

Learning in Landscapes of Practice: Boundaries, identity, and knowledgeability in practice-based learning

by Etienne Wenger-Trayner, Mark Fenton-O'Creevy & Steven Hutchinson

If the body of knowledge of a profession is a living landscape of practice, then our personal experience of learning can be thought of as a journey through this landscape. Within Learning in Landscapes of Practice...

Shaping Work-Life Culture in Higher Education: A Guide for Academic Leaders

by Laura Koppes Bryan & Cheryl A. Wilson

Shaping Work-Life Culture in Higher Education provides strategies to implement beneficial work-life policies in colleges and universities. As compared to the corporate sector, higher education institutions have...

Education, Work and Leisure (Routledge Revivals)

by Harold Entwistle

First published in 1970, this book considers the alleged distinction between 'education for life' and 'education for work' and exposes the fallacies on which this and other similar distinctions are based. It...

Inquiry into the Future of Lifelong Learning in the UK: An International Analysis

by Peter Jarvis

This volume offers a comprehensive international response to the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE)'s inquiry into the future of lifelong learning in the UK. The book focuses upon some...

Curriculum, Personal Narrative and the Social Future

by Ivor F. Goodson

Recent writing on education and social change, and a growing number of new governmental initiatives across Western societies have proceeded in denial or ignorance of the personal missions and biographical trajectories...

Teaching Secrets: The Technology in Social Work Education

by Ruth Middleman & Gale Goldberg Wood

Teachers and student teachers in social work will gain valuable insight into the artistry that makes truly great teaching from the accounts found in this new book. Master teachers examine the processes they...

Learning Trajectories, Violence and Empowerment Amongst Adult Basic Skills Learners

by Vicky Duckworth

Learning Trajectories, Violence and Empowerment amongst Adult Basic Skills Learners offers deep insights into the lives of marginalised communities and the link between learning, literacy and violence, not previously...

Education Small States - Mayo: Global Imperatives, Regional Initiatives and Local Dilemmas

by Peter Mayo

This book focuses on education in small states. It examines the strengths and weaknesses of different aspects of educational provision in political jurisdictions having a very small population - populations...

Theories Policy Practice Learning E

by Weiyuan Zhang

As the centre of the world economy is moving to Asia, lifelong learning in Asia is attracting a great deal of attention in the educational field worldwide. Asia not only provides the largest education market,...

Toward Defining and Improving Quality in Adult Basic Education: Issues and Challenges

by Alisa Belzer

This volume revisits, problematizes, and expands the meaning of quality in the context of adult basic education. Covering a wide range of relevant topics, it includes contributors from the realms of both policy...

Transformative Learning through Creative Life Writing: Exploring the self in the learning process

by Celia Hunt

Creative Life Writing as a Tool for Transformative Learning examines the effect of creative writing on learners, in terms of their personal development and individual sense of self.

Conflicting Paradigms in Adult Literacy Education: In Quest of A U.S. Democratic Politics of Literacy

by George Demetrion

The book provides a historical overview of adult literacy theory, policy, practice, and research from the mid-1980s to the present. The main focus is a descriptive analysis of three distinctive schools of literacy:...

Reconceptualising Feedback in Higher Education: Developing Dialogue with Students

by Stephen Merry, Margaret Price & David Carless

Feedback is a crucial element of teaching, learning and assessment. There is, however, substantial evidence that staff and students are dissatisfied with it, and there is growing impetus for change.


Activity Theory in Practice: Promoting Learning Across Boundaries and Agencies

by Harry Daniels, Anne Edwards & Yrjo Engeström

This ground-breaking book brings together cutting-edge researchers who study the transformation of practice through the enhancement and transformation of expertise. This is an important moment for such a contribution...

Improving Assessment Through Student Involvement: Practical Solutions for Aiding Learning in Higher and Further Education

by Nancy Falchikov

The assessment of students an activity central to the role of any professional in further and higher education, and is an area that is the subject of constant innovation and debate.

This book provides a scholarly...

An International Dictionary of Adult and Continuing Education

by Peter Jarvis

Containing over 5000 essential references to people, organisations, words and concepts in the field of adult education, this thorough and comprehensive volume represents the standard reference for anyone seeking...

Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success: A Focus on Self-Regulated Learning

by Myron H. Dembo & Helena Seli

This popular text combines theory, research, and applications to teach college students how to become more self-directed learners. Students learn about human motivation and learning as they improve their study...

Feedback in Higher and Professional Education: Understanding It and Doing It Well

by David Boud & Elizabeth Molloy

Learners complain that they do not get enough feedback, and educators resent that although they put considerable time into generating feedback, students take little notice of it. Both parties agree that it is...

Adult Education and Lifelong Learning: Theory and Practice

by Peter Jarvis

In this new edition, the author has made extensive revisions and included substantial additional material to take account of the many changes that have occurred in the field of adult education.