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Instant Messaging Abbreviations, Texting and Emoticons: Quick Reference Guide

by Speedy Publishing

Instant Messaging Abbreviations, Texting and Emoticons are all used much more in today's communication. This allows for quick contact with shortened words with meanings longer then the word is portrayed. Texting...

Understanding and Creating Digital Texts: An Activity-Based Approach

by Richard Beach, Chris M. Anson, Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch & Thomas Reynolds

This book provides activities and examples that use technological tools to help students learn how to create digital texts. This book also provides a basis for creating novel classroom activities that encourage...

How Information Technology Is Conquering the World: Workplace, Private Life, and Society

by Kai A. Olsen

How Information Technology Is Conquering the World focuses on the interface between the technologies and the real world in order to explore not only where these technologies have their advantages, but also where...

Education and Technology: Critical Perspectives, Possible Futures

by Lucien T. Winegar, David W. Kritt, Judy Malloy & David Cavallo et al.

There are numerous publications about education and technology. What is missing is a balanced appraisal of the values and cognitive skills technology promotes and those it devalues. This is important for education...

The Deuce and a Half iPad: An Educator's Guide for Bringing Discovery, Engagement, Understanding, and Creativity into Education

by Carrie Thornthwaite

This book is part of a two-book set that allows educators to realize the full potential of the iPad.

Education and the Distracted Family: Creating Success with and without Technology

by Steve Sonntag

This book provides a healthy guide for families by introducing practical, creative ways to balance these cravings for such technologies, to take care of themselves as individuals, to improve their relationships...

Not a Toy, but a Tool: An Educator's Guide for Understanding and Using iPads

by Carrie Thornthwaite

iPads are powerful tools for engaging students, encouraging creativity, stimulating critical thinking, and making significant strides in learning. This book is part of a two book set that will allow educators...

Next Practices: An Executive Guide for Education Decision Makers

by Darryl Vidal & Michael Casey

N3xt Practices identifies technology-based initiatives, such as Interactive White Boards, Data Centers, and 1-to-1 Computing, and reviews actual implementations and case studies – both successful and unsuccessful...

Social Media: Pedagogy and Practice

by Kehbuma Langmia, Tia C. M. Tyree, Pamela O'Brien & Ingrid Sturgis

Social Media: Pedagogy and Practice examines how interactive technologies can be applied to teaching, research and the practice of communication. This book demonstrates how social media can be utilized in the...

iOS Programming: Starter Guide: What Every Programmer Needs to Know About iOS Programming

by Jason Scotts

What Every Programmers Need To Know About iOS Programming Exposed! iOS Programming: Starter Guide: What Every Programmer Needs to Know About iOS Programming is a precise and concise book for any programmmer...

Individualized Learning with Technology: Meeting the Needs of High School Students

by Chris Bernat & Richard J. Mueller

This book can be a starting point for secondary education majors, high school teachers, and administrators to begin to consider how individualizing instruction could be done for high school students. With computerized...

Teaching in the Digital Age: Smart Tools for Age 3 to Grade 3

by Brian Puerling & Carol Copple

Innovative strategies that help early childhood educators utilize the latest technology to teach, document, assess, and exhibit children's learning.

Engaging Students through Inquiry-Oriented Learning and Technology

by Teresa Coffman & Juliette C. Mersiowsky

This book guides the reader through the process of identifying objectives, big idea questions, finding resources, and building a web-based inquiry lesson that will include a webquest, web inquiry, and a telecollaborative...

What Works in Computing for School Administrators

by Gary Ivory

School administrators want to be better leaders, strategic planners, and stewards of their time and resources. Gary Ivory explains that technology, rather than an end in itself, is a powerful tool for administrators...

The Information Behavior of a New Generation: Children and Teens in the 21st Century

by Jamshid Beheshti & Andrew Large

The Information Behavior of a New Generation: Children and Teens in the 21st Century attempts to describe the significant changes in the information behavior of children and youth over the last two decades....

Not Just Getting By: The New Era of Flexible Workforce Development

by Mary L. Gatta & Kevin P. McCabe

Not Just Getting By chronicles groundbreaking thinking and research on new and innovative workforce development initiatives to create flexible and collaborative programs and policies. Author Mary Gatta builds...

Guía para padres y maestros de niños bilingües

by Dr. Alma Flor Ada & Colin Baker

Esto es una introducción práctica al bilingüismo que contesta a las preguntas más frecuentes padres y profesores en el cultivo y la educación de niños bilingües. Ambos autores utilizan su experiencia...

Teaching and Learning Online: A Step-by-Step Guide for Designing an Online K-12 School Program

by Shawn Morris

This comprehensive guide takes you through all of the planning and implementation steps needed to go from vision to actual delivery of online courses.

Using Inquiry in the Classroom: Developing Creative Thinkers and Information Literate Students

by Teresa Coffman

Using Inquiry in the Classroom: Developing Creative Thinkers and Information Literate Students provides an overview of inquiry learning and the importance of developing creative thinkers and information literate...

The Wireless Age: Its Meaning for Learning and Schools

by Judy Breck

Whether you're an Internet guru, novice web-surfer, or lost in the digital world, The Wireless Age will give you insight into the gold mine of educational resources on the web. Cutting through the usual technical...