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Maths Matters Workbook 1: Workbook 1

by Robert Solomon & Geoff Buckwell

Maths Matters is a comprehensive four-level series for Caribbean students, which provides a thorough preparation for lower secondary and CSEC® examinations. The books are suitable for use either in the classroom...

Office Administration for CSEC® Examinations

by Allison Trenfield Newsome & Colleen Walker

Office Administration for CSEC® Examinations is a comprehensive text for Caribbean students. This new, full-colour text from Macmillan offers comprehensive coverage of the latest CSEC® syllabus. It has been...

The Bluffer's Guide to University

by Rob Ainsley & Emma Smith

Instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to pass as an expert in the world of university. Never again confuse a Desmond with a Douglas, an MA (Oxon) or (Cantab) with a genuinely hard-earned Master’s degree,...

Critical Issues in the History of Higher Education

by Marybeth Gasman

The first volume in the Core Concepts of Higher Education series, this book is a unique research methods textbook that provides students with an understanding of the processes that historians use when conducting...

Democratizing Higher Education Policy: Constraints of Reform in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Constraints of Reform in Post-Apartheid South Africa

by M.T. Sehoole

This book was written with the purpose of analyzing the challenges faced by the post-apartheid government in South Africa with regard to reform of higher education. It covers the apartheid context of higher...

Teaching Secondary Geography as If the Planet Matters

by John Morgan

This thought-provoking text looks at how Geography teachers can develop approaches to curriculum and learning which help students understand the nature of the contemporary world.

Academic Governance: Disciplines and Policy

by Jenny Lewis

Academia is an important site for producing knowledge, which is crucial in driving economies and societies around the globe at the beginning of the 21st century. Yet surprisingly little is known about how contemporary...

Teaching Difficult Students: Blue Jays in the Classroom

by Nicole M. Gnezda

Here is an easy-to-read and inspiring text that explores the nature of young people and the effects traditional discipline strategies have on them. The author recommends humanistic approaches that promote personal...

Professional Values and Practice: The Essential Guide for Higher Level Teaching Assistants

by Anne Watkinson

Professional Values and Practice concentrates on the more theoretical aspects of the HLTA role: professionalism, relationships, statutory frameworks and knowing your limits. It offers guidance and support on...

How Colleges Change: Understanding, Leading, and Enacting Change

by Adrianna Kezar

Higher education is in an unprecedented time of change and reform. To address these challenges, university leaders tend to focus on specific interventions and programs, but ignore the change processes and the...

A History of Higher Education Exchange: China and America

by Teresa Brawner Bevis

Weakened by two Opium Wars and a succession of internal rebellions in the mid-1800s, China's imperial leaders made a historic decision-to break a tradition of isolation and seek education outside the homeland's...

Aspirations, Access and Attainment: International Perspectives on Widening Participation and an Agenda for Change: International Perspectives on Widen

by Neil Murray & Christopher M Klinger

It is perhaps ironic that as the global financial crisis has, in some cases, led governments and institutions to pull back from and/or set more modest goals and associated funding around widening participation,...

Why Teach?: In Defense of a Real Education

by Mark Edmundson

Mark Edmundson's essays reclaim college not as the province of high-priced tuition, career training, and interactive online courses, but as the place where serious people go to broaden their minds and learn...

The Shaping of American Higher Education: Emergence and Growth of the Contemporary System

by Arthur M. Cohen & Carrie B. Kisker

Similar to the first edition, The Shaping of American Higher Education combines historical and current events up to the mid 1990s. In this edition though, the revised text provides updated data and tables, new...

Secondary Drama: A Creative Source Book: Practical Inspiration for Teachers

by John Doona

John Doona is an artist and a teacher of exceptional quality. He brings both artistic and human integrity to a wide range of drama work from the classroom to performance of the highest standards. His significant...

The Future of the Urban Community College: Shaping the Pathways to a Mutiracial Democracy: New Directions for Community College, Number 162

by Michael H. Parsons, Gunder Myran & Curtis L. Ivery

Urban community colleges--and the cities they serve--are undergoing rapid, multidimensional changes in response to new conditions and demands. The challenge for all community colleges, regardless of size or...

Student Diversity at the Big Three: Changes at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton since the 1920s

by Marcia Graham Synnott

Ivy League universities face significant challenges in maintaining their professed goal to educate a reasonable number of students from all ethnic, racial, religious, and socio-economic groups. Nevertheless,...

Children Food Practices in Families

by Samantha Punch, Ian McIntosh & Ruth Emond

This book brings together recent UK studies into children's experiences and practices around food in a range of contexts, linking these to current policy and practice perspectives. It reveals that food works...

Instructional Strategies for Middle and High School

by Timothy A. Keiper & Bruce E. Larson

Instructional Strategies for Middle and High School is an accessible, practical, and engaging methods textbook that introduces pre-service teachers to various instructional strategies and helps them to decide...

Learning & Research in Virtual Worlds

by Jeremy Hunsinger & Aleks Krotoski

Virtual worlds are places where humans interact, and as such they can be environments for research and learning. However, they are complex and mutable in ways that more controlled and traditional environments...