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Managing the Big Picture in Colleges and Universities: From Tactics to Strategy

by Richard L. Alfred

In the past, colleges and universities relied on 'small picture' tactics to determine insititutional direction. Even now, many institutions are missing a 'big picture' approach to leadership and management....

Living Languages: An Integrated Approach to Teaching Foreign Languages in Secondary Schools

by Catherine Watts & Clare Forder

Living Languages is simply bursting with practical and original ideas aimed at teachers and trainee teachers of foreign languages in secondary schools. Written by a team of experienced linguists, this book will...

The Sociology of Adult & Continuing Education

by Peter Jarvis

This book provides a comprehensive sociological overview of adult and continuing education. It draws on all branches of sociology rather than advocating one approach. It examines the theories of all the significant...

Schools, Markets and Choice Policies

by John Fitz, Stephen Gorard & Chris Taylor

Choice and selection are now cornerstones of education policies wherever these have been shaped by market economics. Now, as never before, schools can face uncertain futures, because their survival is determined...

Community Colleges and STEM: Examining Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Minorities

by Robert T. Palmer & J. Luke Wood

As United States policymakers and national leaders are increasing their attention to producing workers skilled in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), community colleges are being called...

Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Research: The selected works of Mary E. James

by Mary E. James

In the World Library of Educationalists, international experts themselves compile career-long collections of what they judge to be their finest pieces - extracts from books, key articles, salient research findings,...

Teaching Contemporary Themes in Secondary Education: Technology, Culture and Communication

by Jonathan Savage & Clive McGoun

The media has a huge impact on how we view society and the world, and new technologies continue to transform the way in which we work and learn. It is therefore essential that young people can engage critically...

A Faculty Guide for Succeeding in Academe

by Darla J. Twale

All too often a culture of silence permeates academia, where faculty and administrators ignore or misunderstand difficult situations. A Faculty Guide for Succeeding in Academe is a practical guide for prospective...

Enhancing Quality in Higher Education: International Perspectives: International Perspectives

by Ray Land & George Gordon

Interest in the quality of higher education provision has been steadily increasing over the last twenty years. This has been driven largely by the international creation of explicit policies and reporting requirements...

Bridging the Higher Education Divide: Strengthening Community Colleges and Restoring the American Dream

by The Century Foundation Task For Unequal

Two-year colleges have opened the doors of higher education for low-income and working-class students as never before, and yet, community colleges often lack the resources to provide the conditions for student...

Mentoring At-Risk Students through the Hidden Curriculum of Higher Education

by Buffy Smith

This book is focused on the mentoring process, a popular higher education initiative that is often used to promote retention and academic success. The central purpose is to unveil the hidden curriculum and provide...

The Materiality of Language: Gender, Politics, and the University

by David Bleich

David Bleich sees the human body, its affective life, social life, and political functions as belonging to the study of language. In The Materiality of Language, Bleich addresses the need to end centuries of...

The Academic Job Search Handbook

by Julia Miller Vick & Jennifer S. Furlong

For more than 15 years, The Academic Job Search Handbook has assisted job seekers in all academic disciplines in their search for faculty positions. The new fourth edition provides updated advice and addresses...

The True Genius of America at Risk: Are We Losing Our Public Universities to De Facto Privatization?

by Katherine C. Lyall & Kathleen R. Sell

Lyall and Sell have opened a candid public policy discussion about the future of public universities. This is the only book-length treatment of public higher education finance at the beginning of the 21st century...

Student Financing of Higher Education: A Comparative Perspective: A Comparative Perspective

by Donald E. Heller & Claire Callender

The financing of higher education is undergoing great change in many countries around the world. In recent years many countries are moving from a system where the costs of funding higher education are shouldered...

Teacher Proof: Why research in education doesn't always mean what it claims, and what you can do about it

by Tom Bennett

'Tom Bennett is the voice of the modern teacher.' - Stephen Drew, Senior Vice-Principal, Passmores Academy, UK, featured on Channel 4's Educating Essex


Do the findings from educational science ever really...

Getting from College to Career

by Lindsey Pollak

How do you get a job without experience and get experience without a job? It's the question virtually every college student or recent graduate faces. In Getting from College to Career, Lindsey Pollak offers...

Raising the Stakes

by Peter Coaldrake & Lawrence Stedman

Prosperity in the future depends on our ability to play our part in a more globalised, technologically-enhanced knowledge economy. Universities are widely seen as portals to success, and an ever greater proportion...

Restoring the Mind of Black America

by Jawanza Kunjufu

Outlining the 10 most significant reasons behind the high drop-out rate amongst black male students, this guide provides more than 30 solutions towards addressing this national crisis. Revealing that currently...

Fitting Form to Function: A Primer on the Organization of Academic Institutions

by Rudolph H. Weingartner

Written informally, Fitting Form to Function that the way in which the various departments within colleges and universities are organized has a direct impact on their effectiveness. Factors such as reporting...