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Trembling in the Ivory Tower: Excesses in the Pursuit of Truth and Tenure

by Kenneth Lasson

In this gem of a book, scholar and wit Kenneth Lasson takes on all manner of excesses in the Ivory Tower which, from his insider's viewpoint, constitute little less than a full-scale assault on American values...

Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

by Louise Starkey

Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age is for all those interested in considering the impact of emerging digital technologies on teaching and learning. It explores the concept of a digital age and perspectives...

Using Comic Art to Improve Speaking, Reading and Writing

by Steve Bowkett

In reading comic books children are engaging with highly complex and structured narrative forms. Whether they realise it or not, their emergent visual literacy promotes thinking skills and develops wider metacognitive...

Facilitating Practitioner Research: Developing Transformational Partnerships

by Susan Groundwater-Smith, Jane Mitchell & Nicole Mockler

This book is designed to address the complex dilemmas and issues that arise from the contribution made to practitioner inquiry. Facilitating practitioner research is far more than providing advice upon methods...

Online Communication and Collaboration: A Reader

by Helen Donelan, Karen Kear & Magnus Ramage

Communication and collaboration via the Internet has risen to great prominence in recent years, especially with the rise of social networking, Web 2.0 and virtual worlds. Many interesting and worthwhile studies...

I Take Just Pride: How a Fraternity Reinvented Itself, Why a Professor Joined

by Scott Conroe

A journalist and college lecturer becomes part of a fraternity in middle age, as one of its advisors, and describes the history and evolution of fraternities and their place on college campuses.

Decades of Chaos and Revolution: Showdowns for College Presidents

by Stephen J. Nelson

Decades of Chaos and Revolution presents an insightful picture of the tension and tumult that today’s presidents of colleges and universities face. These problems stem from the 1960s and 1970s, a time when...

Conceptions of Culture: What Multicultural Educators Need to Know

by Thomas E. Wren

The book provides an in-depth understanding of the diverse meanings of culture in the literature of multicultural education. The author offers an analytic framework within which the history and current state...

Occupying the Academy: Just How Important Is Diversity Work in Higher Education?

by Christine Clark, Kenneth Fasching-Varner & Mark Brimhall-Vargas

This volume uses a critical theory framework to document, as institutional case studies, the experiences of equity/diversity scholar-practitioners in higher education across the United States in their efforts...

Surviving the Move and Learning to Thrive: Tools for Success in Secondary Schools, Grades 6-12

by Lisa Anne Fisher

Surviving the Move and Learning to Thrive is a collection of seven chapters that provide tools for all students, especially struggling and reluctant learners, to find a better path to learning while moving through...

Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning

by José Antonio Antonio Bowen

You've heard about "flipping your classroom"—now find out how to do it! Introducing a new way to think about higher education, learning, and technology that prioritizes the benefits of the human dimension....

Road Map for Graduate Study: A Guide for Prospective Graduate Students

by Don Martin

Insider's guide for graduate study, including Researching programs, the Application process, and succeeding as a student. Includes 7 personal questions to ask, 12 month checklist before applying, 7 ways to get...

Road Map for Graduate Study: A Guide for Christian College Students

by Don Martin

Insider's guide for graduate study, including Researching programs, the Application process, and succeeding as a student. Includes 7 personal questions to ask, 12 month checklist before applying, 7 ways to get...

The Handbook of Institutional Research

by Richard D. D. Howard, Gerald W. W. McLaughlin & William E. E. Knight

Institutional research is more relevant today than ever before as growing pressures for improved student learning and increased institutional accountability motivate higher education to improve its ability to...

Increasing Persistence: Research-Based Strategies for College Student Success

by Wesley R. R. Habley, Jennifer L. L. Bloom & Steve Robbins

What really works in student retention?

Increasing Persistence offers a compendium on college student persistence that bridges the gaps between theory, research, and successful practice. Anchored by ACT, Inc.’s...

The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities Are Reshaping the World

by Ben Wildavsky

In The Great Brain Race, former U.S. News & World Report education editor Ben Wildavsky presents the first popular account of how international competition for the brightest minds is transforming the world of...

Universities and Regional Development: A Critical Assessment of Tensions and Contradictions

by Rómulo Pinheiro, Paul Benneworth & Glen A. A. Jones

Universities are under increasing pressure to help promote socio-economic growth in their local communities. However until now, no systematic, critical attention has been paid to the factors and mechanisms that...

How to Get Into Oxbridge: A Comprehensive Guide to Succeeding in Your Application Process

by Dr. Christopher See

How to Get Into Oxbridge is a comprehensive guide to the whole application procedure, covering the application timeline, college choice, personal statement writing and interview advice.

The Middle School Mind: Growing Pains in Early Adolescent Brains

by Richard M. Marshall & Sharon Neuman

This book is a must read for anyone in close proximity to middle schoolers. Using actual events from the lives of real teenagers, the authors (a middle school principal and a child neuropsychologist) combine...

Research-Based Unit and Lesson Planning: Maximizing Student Achievement

by Marie Pagliaro

This book presents a detailed, thorough, and comprehensive discussion of effective curriculum and instructional planning that leads to student success. Coaching rubrics facilitate implementation of the content...