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Even More Fizzle, Bubble, Pop & Wow!: Simple Science Experiments for Young Children

by Lisa Murphy

Over 80 fun and simple science experiments for young children

Reading Instruction That Works, Fourth Edition: The Case for Balanced Teaching

by Michael Pressley & Richard L. Allington

This widely adopted text and K-8 practitioner resource demonstrates how successful literacy teachers combine explicit skills instruction with an emphasis on reading for meaning. Distinguished researcher Richard...

Loose Parts: Inspiring Play in Young Children

by Lisa Daly, Miriam Beloglovsky & Jenna Daly

550+ color photographs showing how loose parts are used in early childhood settings and how they help children learn

A Reason to Smile!

by Javier Cruz Winnik

"Luiza Brillante is a big city girl who loves to people watch! With so many people and places to see, there are always new adventures to find, and every once in a while, she gets to help someone out too! While...

Best Practices in Literacy Instruction, Fifth Edition

by Lesley Mandel Morrow, Linda B. Gambrell & Timothy Shanahan

This indispensable classroom resource and course text has inspired thousands of teachers to help their students become better readers and writers. The fifth edition addresses evidence-based best practices in...

Learning from the Children: Reflecting on Teaching

by Cindylee Villareale

Gathering of heartening, true stories that facilitate individual growth and inspire teachers.

Make Early Learning Standards Come Alive: Connecting Your Practice and Curriculum to State Guidelines

by Gaye Gronlund

Updated curriculum planning guide reflecting the continuing evolution of early learning standards for preschool children across the country

Parents Make the Difference: Nourishing Literacy Development through Shared Book Reading

by Susan Voorhees

In Parents Make the Difference: Nourishing Literacy Development through Shared book Reading, Susan Voorhees guides parents to conduct enjoyable and productive book reading interactions with their young children....

Connecting Animals and Children in Early Childhood

by Patty Born Selly

This resource helps educators and caregivers understand why all species of animals are valuable to children's early learning.

Focused Observations: How to Observe Young Children for Assessment and Curriculum Planning

by Gaye Gronlund & Marlyn James

Observe and document children’s development in systematic, purposeful ways that provide complete pictures of their progress and supports curriculum planning.

Healthy Children, Healthy Minds: Helping Children Succeed NOW for a Brighter Future

by Marcel Lebrun & Kimberly Williams

Healthy Children, Healthy Minds: Helping Children Succeed NOW for a Brighter Future is an excellent resource for educators, parents, and anyone who is interested in and committed to fostering healthy patterns...

Testing for Kindergarten

by Karen Quinn

Karen Quinn has successfully taught hundreds of parents how to prepare their children for testing, and Testing For Kindergarten is her ultimate, comprehensive guide to having fun while teaching to the underlying...

Proud to be Different: Ethnocentric Niche Charter Schools in America

by Robert A. Fox & Nina K. Buchanan

This is a book about ethnocentric niche charter schools. What are they? When did they first appear? From where did the term come? How do they differ from regular charter schools and from district-run traditional...

Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders: How Parents and Educators Can Influence and Guide the Learning Process

by Smita Guha

This book will emphasize the different ways that adults can make difference in the lives of children so that today’s children will be well nurtured and will become effective citizens in future. The structure...

Brain-Based Early Learning Activities: Connecting Theory and Practice

by Nikki Darling-Kuria

Eighty brain-based activities to promote cognitive and emotional development in young children.

Exploring Water with Young Children

by Ingrid Chalufour & Karen Worth

Discover the science behind exploring and understanding water with young children.

Are You Listening?: Fostering Conversations That Help Young Children Learn

by Lisa Burman

A comprehensive guide to facilitating conversations with and between children to promote early learning.

"Don't Get So Upset!": Help Young Children Manage Their Feelings by Understanding Your Own

by Tamar Jacobson, PhD

"Don't Get So Upset!" helps childcare providers understand their own uncomfortable feelings, making it easier to help children do the same.

Incredible Edible Science: Recipes for Developing Science and Literacy Skills

by Liz Plaster & Rick Krustchinsky

Over 160 food activities to help young children develop early science and literacy skills.

Public Education and Day Care: One District's Story

by Carol M. Hoffman

This handbook is the outgrowth of five years of intensive day care study. As a result, it is the story of one public school district's belief in and commitment to establishing a day care center for its children....