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Phonological Awareness: From Research to Practice

by Gail T. Gillon

This unique resource provides a comprehensive review of current knowledge about phonological awareness, together with practical guidance for helping preschoolers to adolescents acquire needed skills. Up-to-date...

What's the Buzz?

by Mark Le Messurier & Madhavi Nawana Parker

Some children, for all manner of reasons, struggle to make friends and fit in socially. What's the Buzz? is a unique sixteen-lesson social skills enrichment programme designed to explicitly teach children how...

The Changing Face of Special Educational Needs

by Alison Ekins

'Up- to-date and reflective of new government policy, this book will be an essential resource for all Senior Leaders and SENCOs.' - Lynne Cook, Senior Lecturer in Education, Oxford Brookes University

The Changing...

Effective Inclusive Schools: Designing Successful Schoolwide Programs

by Thomas Hehir & Lauren I. Katzman

How to raise the achievement of all kids, from gifted to those with severe disabilities

This book presents lessons learned from in-depth case studies of some of our most effective inclusive public schools. The...

International Case Studies of Dyslexia

by Peggy L. Anderson & Regine Meier-Hedde

Dyslexia is a disability that exists in all countries that have high expectations for literacy. The inability to read in spite of normal intellectual potential represents one of the most puzzling educational...

The Irregular School

by Roger Slee

Should disabled students be in regular classrooms all of the time or some of the time? Is the regular school or the special school or both the solution for educating students with a wide range of differences?...

Parenting and Teaching the Gifted

by Rosemary Callard-Szulgit

Parents of gifted students have often experienced the frustration of trying to get an appropriate education for their children in public and private schools. Teachers have equally experienced the frustration...

No Easy Answer: The Learning Disabled Child at Home and at School

by Sally Smith

Parents and teachers of learning disabled children have tumed to Sally Smith's No Easy Answers for information, advice, and comfort for more than fifteen years.  In this revised, trade paperback edition of...

Inventions and Inventing for Gifted Students

by Kristen Stephens, Frances Karnes & Thomas Hebert

Inventing involves creativity applied to a problem-solving process, which can be taught. Through teaching instructional units on inventing, multiple creative skills are infused into one unit. Teachers who provide...

Simplifying Response to Intervention: Four Essential Guiding Principles

by Austin Buffum & Mike Mattos

The sequel to Pyramid Response to Intervention advocates that a successful RTI model begins by asking the right questions to create a fundamentally effective learning environment for every student. RTI is not...

Essentials of Evidence-Based Academic Interventions

by Barbara J. Wendling & Nancy Mather

Essentials of Evidence-Based Academic Interventions puts at your fingertips the successful instructional techniques and materials necessary for accurate and effective use of evidence-based interventions. Written...

Assessment for Intervention

by Rachel Brown-Chidsey

Problem-solving-based assessment has been recognized as a cornerstone of improved educational outcomes for all children, yet until now no single resource has focused on the full range of problem-solving-based...

Executive Function in Education: From Theory to Practice

by Lynn Meltzer

This uniquely integrative book brings together research on executive function processes from leaders in education, neuroscience, and psychology. It focuses on how to apply current knowledge to assessment and...

The Promise of Response to Intervention: Evaluating Current Science and Practice

by Todd Glover & Sharon Vaughn

As response to intervention (RTI) is adopted by increasing numbers of schools and districts, knowledge about "what works" continues to grow. This much-needed book analyzes the key components of RTI service delivery...

Wings To Fly,  How to Teach a Child with Learning Difficulties

by Mary T. Ford

Synopsis: Wings To Fly is an invaluable reference guide on how to care for a child with learning difficulties or learning disabilities. As a parent, teacher or caregiver, you are provided with information and...

A Mind Apart: Understanding Children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

by Peter Szatmari

Why would a child refuse to talk about anything but wasp wings-or the color of subway train doors? What does it mean when a nine-year-old asks questions about death hundreds of times a day? And how can parents...

A Parent's Guide to Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism, First Edition: How to Meet the Challenges and Help Your Child Thrive

by Sally Ozonoff & Geraldine Dawson

Asperger Syndrome and high-functioning autism are detected earlier and more accurately today than ever before. Children and teens with these disorders often stand out for their precocious intelligence and language...

Authentic Assessment for Early Childhood Intervention: Best Practices

by Stephen Bagnato

Meeting a crucial need, this book provides clear recommendations for authentic developmental assessment of children from infancy to age 6, including those with developmental delays and disabilities. It describes...

Reflective Network Therapy In The Preschool Classroom

by Gilbert Kliman

This book describes a remarkably effective school-based treatment method that harnesses small social networks for the good of seriously emotionally disturbed preschoolers or those with autism spectrum disorders....

Social Skills Success for Students with Autism / Asperger's: Helping Adolescents on the Spectrum to Fit In

by Fred Frankel & Jeffrey J. Wood

The only evidence-based program available for teaching social skills to adolescents with autism spectrum disorders

Two nationally known experts in friendship formation and anxiety management address the social...