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Practical Classroom Management for Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Teachers : Case Studies, Activities, Suitable for Novice and Experienced Teachers

by Dr. Cathy Stockton & Dr. David E. Gullat


Cathy Stockton and David E. Gullatt used their combined 75 years in education to create Practical Classroom Management for Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Teachers.

Their book identifies theorists...

African American Perspectives on Leadership in Schools: Building a Culture of Empowerment

by Lenoar Foster & Linda C. Tillman

This book fills an educational void in the school leadership literature as it relates to historical, theoretical, intellectual and cultural understandings among those who prepare individuals for leadership in...

Education Facility Security Handbook

by Don Philpott & Michael Kuenstle

In the last decade, more than 300 violent deaths have occurred in or near school campuses. This handbook seeks to help anyone connected with the design, construction, or administration of schools protect our...

Cyberbullying and E-safety: What Educators and Other Professionals Need to Know

by Adrienne Katz

This book offers the tools to tackle cyberbullying and improve e-safety education. It covers different forms of cyberbullying and its impacts, who is vulnerable, how it can be prevented and how to respond. It...

Addressing the Challenging Behavior of Children with High-Functioning Autism/Asperger Syndrome in the Classroom: A Guide for Teachers and Parents

by Rebecca Moyes

How do teachers and parents of children with autism address a child's social skills? What do they do about problem behaviors? This book provides explanations for these behaviours, and practical help for both...

Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving

by Tim Hollister & Sandy Spavone

Providing advice to parents, guardians, and other adults who supervise teen drivers about the critical decisions that must be made before getting behind the wheel of a car, this book will help empower and guide...

Higher Education: Open for Business

by Christian Gilde

Higher Education: Open for Business presents a well-argued critique of the emergence of commercial values in a system reserved for learning and scholastic inquiry. Through closer examination of academic areas...

A-Z Of Teaching

by Jonathan Savage & Martin Fautley

This is an informative, engaging and accessible book about teaching that covers a broad range of content without being superficial.

Managing God's Higher Learning: U.S.-China Cultural Encounter and Canton Christian College (Lingnan University), 1888-1952

by Dong Wang

As the first co-educational institution of higher learning in China, Lingnan University made monumental strides in the education of Christian women, and it created a viable alternative to traditional Chinese...

The First-Year Urban High School Teacher: Holding the Torch, Lighting the Fire

by Carl Weinberg & Paul J. Weinberg

This book presents the experiences of a new math teacher in an urban high school and an analysis of these experiences by a veteran professor and critic of urban education in the United States.

Democracy, Education, and Multiculturalism: Dilemmas of Citizenship in a Global World

by Carlos Alberto Torres

This important book looks at developments that are changing our understanding of the role of education in citizenship and the possibilities of democratic participation. The chapters cover theories of citizenship...

Accounting, Maths and Computing for Business Studies V10 Home Study

by Clive W. Humphris

Accounting, Maths and Computing for Business Studies V10 Home Study eBook covers all the topics of this popular software title used in schools and colleges worldwide for over twenty years.

See Additional Notes...

Reimagining Civic Education: How Diverse Societies Form Democratic Citizens

by Bradley Levinson & Doyle Stevick

This volume surveys the new global landscape for democratic civic education. Rooted in qualitative researc, the contributors explore the many ways that notions of democracy and citizenship have been implemented...

The Educated Person: Toward a New Paradigm for Liberal Education

by D. G. Mulcahy

The central argument of this book is that the interrelated ideas of the educated person and a liberal education are in need of serious rethinking. The book contributes to this rethinking through an analysis...

The Pivotal Year: How Freshmen Can Become Sophomores

by Robert L. Marshall

Offers interventions and resources that can make a positive impact upon ninth grade success in high schools around the country.

Literacy as a Moral Imperative: Facing the Challenges of a Pluralistic Society

by Rebecca Powell

In this important book on literacy and teaching practices, education scholar and former schoolteacher Rebecca Powell argues that the decisions we make about literacy in a pluralistic society are fundamentally...

Stop High-Stakes Testing: An Appeal to America's Conscience

by Dale Johnson, Bonnie Johnson & Steve Farenga

Stop High-Stakes Testing: An Appeal to America's Conscience is a compelling indictment of the use of high-stakes assessments with punitive consequences in our public schools. The authors trace the history of...

The Girl That Lived In the Mirror

by Perry Ritthaler & Ashley Pompu

Imagination is something magical that happens to a little girl named Michele. The magic mirror deep inside her mind is where Michele can be free to live her life. Every day Michele plays in her bedroom with...

Small Schools, Big Ideas: The Essential Guide to Successful School Transformation

by Mara Benitez, Jill Davidson & Laura Flaxman

Small Schools, Big Ideas shows how the principle-based and equity-focused model from the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) can be used to redesign existing schools and create new schools that prepare students...

Trapped in Mediocrity: Why Our Schools Aren't World-Class and What We Can Do About It

by Katherine Baird

Katherine Baird, an economist, clearly spells out how our educational system is trapped in mediocrity. She points the direction to where we need to go to get out of the trap and carefully examines each factor...