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Basic Skills for Childcare - Literacy: Tutor Pack

by Julie Green

These excellent, ready to use Basic Skills resources will save tutors hours of planning and preparation. You simply select the session you want to deliver, photocopy the handouts needed, and off you go.


Leadership in Post-Compulsory Education: Inspiring Leaders of the Future

by Jill Jameson

Leadership of different kinds exists at many levels in the post-compulsory sector-from principles to programme leaders, administrative staff and even caretakers. Based around case studies of current leaders...

Success in Enrichment Education Business

by Vincent Gabriel

If you are starting an enrichment program for kids and students, then this is the guide for you. In this handy guide, the author shares with you the tips and tricks of running an enrichment education business....

New Directions in Islamic Education: Pedagogy and Identity Formation

by Abdullah Sahin

A groundbreaking rethink of Islamic education in the modern world.

Approaches to Substance Abuse and a: A Guide to Practices That Support Recovery in Adolescents and Young Adults

by Jeffrey Roth & Andrew J. Finch

This book is designed to increase the awareness among mental health professionals and educators about the potential sources of support for students struggling with substance abuse, addiction and compulsive behaviors....

Black and Postcolonial Feminisms in: Researching Educational Inequalities

by Heidi Safia Mirza & Cynthia Joseph

This book is a compelling collection of essays on the intersection of race, gender and class in education written by leading black and postcolonial feminists of colour from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean living...

Approaches to Aboriginal Education in Canada

by Frances Widdowson & Albert Howard

In the crucial discussion of Aboriginal education in Canada, there are two distinct schools of thought: parallelism and integrationism. For the first time in one volume, leading thinkers on both sides share...

Blueprint for School System Transformation: A Vision for Comprehensive Reform in Milwaukee and Beyond

by Frederick Hess & Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj

In this volume, a team of national experts address the major elements key to system redesign and long-lasting reform, describing in detail the steps needed at the community, school, district and state-level...

Reality and Education: A New Direction for Educational Policy

by Daniel Wentland

The uniqueness of this book is that the myths surrounding education and learning are exposed; it’s like cleaning the lenses of your glasses so you can get a clear view of the world. Once myths are moved aside,...

Theatre of the Oppressed

by Augusto Boal & Charles A. McBride

The innovative Brazilian playwright, director and international lecturer explicates Aristotle's poetics and the philosophies of Machiavelli, Hegel and Brecht to determine the extent to which their chief components--imitation,...

Managing the Classroom Environment: Meeting the Needs of the Student


Using William Glasser’s ideas as a foundation, this text explores the five basic needs and their implication for classroom management. Additional management concepts and ideas are enmeshed in the developmental...

Education in Computer Generated Environments

by Sara de Freitas

This book examines the implications of computer-generated learning for curriculum design, epistemology, and pedagogy, exploring the ways these technologies transform the relationship between knowledge and learning,...

Creating Outstanding Classrooms: A Whole-School Approach

by Oliver Knight & David Benson

This timely new book outlines a whole-school approach to embedding a sustainable model of teaching and learning that puts the learner at the heart of the system. It provides an entire framework for ensuring...

Imperial Subjects as Global Citizens: Nationalism, Internationalism, and Education in Japan

by Mark Lincicome

This book offers a new perspective on Japanese educational policy reforms that have been enacted under the guise of internationalization since the late 1980s. Current policy agendas are contextualized within...

Promoting Social Skills in the Inclusive Classroom

by Kimber L. Wilkerson, Aaron B. T. Perzigian & Jill K. Schurr

This indispensable book presents evidence-based tools and strategies for improving the social skills of all members of the inclusive classroom (K-6), especially students experiencing difficulties in this area....

Thinking about the Curriculum: The Nature and Treatment of Curriculum Problems: The Nature and Treatment of Curriculum Problems

by William A Reid

First published in 1978, this book looks at the 'curriculum crisis' of the 1970s, examining the effect it has had for Curriculum Studies and curriculum policy making. It focuses on a time when long-established...

No Child Left Behind and the Reduction of the Achievement Gap: Sociological Perspectives on Federal Educational Policy

by Alan R. Sadovnik, Jennifer A. O'Day & George W. Bohrnstedt

This monumental collection presents the first-ever sociological analysis of the No Child Left Behind Act and its effects on children, teachers, parents, and schools. More importantly, these leading sociologists...

Democratizing Higher Education Policy: Constraints of Reform in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Constraints of Reform in Post-Apartheid South Africa

by M.T. Sehoole

This book was written with the purpose of analyzing the challenges faced by the post-apartheid government in South Africa with regard to reform of higher education. It covers the apartheid context of higher...

La Clase Magica: Imagining Optimal Possibilities in a Bilingual Community of Learners

by Olga A. Vasquez

La Clase Mágica: Imagining Optimal Possibilities in a Bilingual Community of Learners vividly captures the social and intellectual developments and the promises of an ongoing after-school project called La...

Cultivating Leader Identity and Capacity in Students from Diverse Backgrounds: AEHE 39:4

by Kathy L. Guthrie, Tamara Bertrand Jones & Laura K. Osteen

A goal of higher education is to develop students into leaders capable of guiding modern society. Too often, though, the leadership development curricula does not address the diversity of student populations,...