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The Early Years Professional's Complete Companion 2nd Edn

by Pam Jarvis, Jane George & Wendy Holland

Fully updated to reflect the changes to the Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) qualification, this second edition remains the essential handbook to support all those considering or working towards EYPS and...

Comparative Inquiry and Educational Policy Making

by Phillips

Building on an increasingly sophisticated body of research on policy 'borrowing' in education, this collection explores ways in which the foreign example in education has been and is being used by policy makers...

School Commercialism: From Democratic Ideal to Market Commodity

Providing Support and Supervision: An Introduction for Professionals Working with Young People

by Hazel L. Reid & Jane Westergaard

The focus of governments across Europe and the U.S. in recent years has been on an agenda for social inclusion. This is especially the case for some young people who for various reasons have become excluded...

The Sociology of Disability and Inclusive Education: A Tribute to Len Barton

by Madeleine Arnot

Len Barton's intellectual and practical contribution to the sociology of disability and education is highly significant and widely known. The leading scholars in this collection, including his long term collaborators,...

Language, Culture, and Community in Teacher Education

by Maria Estela Brisk

Published by Routledge for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

This volume addresses the pressing reality in teacher education that all teachers need to be prepared to work effectively...

Neill of Summerhill: The Permanent Rebel: The Permanent Rebel

by Jonathan Croall

A. S. Neill was arguably the most famous child educator of the twentieth century. He was certainly the most controversial. All over the world, countless parents and teachers have been shocked, delighted or inspired...

Suggestopedic Methods/Applicat

by Schiffler

First Published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Perfect (Ofsted) School Governor

by Tim Bartlett & Jackie Beere

Each of the 20,000 schools in the UK has a governing body who are an integral part of the school’s major decision making processes, the results of which directly affect our children. For this reason it is...

Learning Natural Capital & Sustain: Options for an Uncertain World

by John Foster & Stephen Gough

This special issue of the journal Environmental Education Research addresses a topical area of importance - human behaviour towards the environment. The book explores the economic metaphor of 'natural capital'...

Educ & Lab Gov, Eval Two Terms: An Evaluation of Two Terms

by Geoffrey Walford

This book presents a valuable and authoritative evaluation of the real impact Labour's two terms have had on the British education system.

On the 1st May 1997 the British electorate witnessed a watershed moment....

Western Psych & Educ Theory Diverse

by Julian Elliott & Elena Grigorenko

This book examines aspects of Western psychological and educational theory in relation to educational practice around the world, and considers the extent to which current understandings are truly applicable...

Metacognitive Approaches to Develop: Developing Speaking and Listening with Young Children

by Roy Evans & Deborah Jones

The acquisition of speech and language represent significant achievements for all children. These aspects of child development have received substantial attention in the research literature and a considerable...

Policy and Politics in Teacher Educ: International Perspectives

by John Furlong, Marilyn Cochran-Smith & Marie Brennan

During the last 20 years, governments around the world have paid increasing attention to the recruitment, preparation, and retention of teachers. Teacher supply and teacher quality have become significant policy...

International Education and Schools: Moving Beyond the First 40 Years

by Richard Pearce

Over the last forty years, the estimated number of international schools worldwide has increased from fewer than 300 to 6400 in 2012. This explosion is a response to the needs of a world in which borders are...

Wanted on Warrants: The Fugitive Safe Surrender Program

by Daniel J. Flannery

Since 2005, the Fugitive Safe Surrender (FSS) program has been implemented in more than twenty cities around the country. Tens of thousands of individuals with active warrants for their arrest have voluntarily...

Assessing and Improving Your Teaching: Strategies and Rubrics for Faculty Growth and Student Learning

by Phyllis Blumberg

In order to make appropriate changes to improve your teaching and your students’ learning, first you need to know how you’re teaching now. Figure it out for yourself and invigorate your teaching on your...

Global Perspectives on Physical Education and After-School Sport Programs

by Jepkorir Rose Chepyator-Thomson & Shan-Hui Hsu

This book examines public policy in physical education and sport and provides insights into practices of school curriculum and after-school sport programs from a global context. The authors reflect on the continuously...

Hidden Dangers to Kids' Learning: A Parent Guide to Cope with Educational Roadblocks

by Betsy Gunzelmann

This second edition to Hidden Dangers to Kid’s Learning: Parent Guide to Cope with

Educational Roadblocks gives more insight into ways parents can understand and help their academically struggling child. Parents...

School Communication that Works: A Patron-focused Approach to Delivering Your Message

by Kenneth S. DeSieghardt

Based on more than 20 years of research data, and filled with real-life examples and specific recommendations, School Communication that Works explains what your patrons really care about (and wish you’d talk...