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Engage: The Trainer's Guide to Learning Styles

by Jeanine O'Neill-Blackwell

Discover Your Training Style Strengths and Build Your Skills with Online Tools, Videos, and More

"A superb book that gives learning and development professionals in every industry an automatic must-read. This...

Working for Kids: Educational Leadership as Inquiry and Invention

by James H. Lytle

Much of the current discourse on improving school leadership, and particularly the performance of principals, is misguided. There is much too much emphasis on evaluation and standards as determined by policy...

Public School Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management Plan


This new book outlines programs and procedures that can be applied to any school system to address hazard mitigation and prevention, emergency preparedness and response, and recovery and restoration of school...

The New Global Student: Skip the SAT, Save Thousands on Tuition, and Get a Truly International Education

by Maya Frost

Good-bye, Old School. Hello, Bold School!

In 2005, Maya Frost and her husband sold everything and left their suburban American lifestyle behind in order to have an adventure abroad. The tricky part: they had...

Trembling in the Ivory Tower: Excesses in the Pursuit of Truth and Tenure

by Kenneth Lasson

In this gem of a book, scholar and wit Kenneth Lasson takes on all manner of excesses in the Ivory Tower which, from his insider's viewpoint, constitute little less than a full-scale assault on American values...

100+ Fun Ideas for Transition Times

by Eileen Jones

This book is crammed with stimulating ideas for the awkward transition times of the day, such as lining up and answering the register. The activities have been carefully chosen to ensure students work as a team,...

Raising Champions: Coaching Children Into Responsible Adulthood (Spiritual Edition)

by Rufus Jr. Curry & Barbara Schugt

Non-Fiction / Self-Help / Parenting / Mentor / Education / Bible / Spiritual


Raising Champions is a tool that will help parents and mentors achieve two goals with one action. The book focuses on the most...

Pearls of Wisdom - Pure & Powerful

by Keana Texeira & Dr. Liz Anderson Peacock

Pearls of Wisdom unites over 400 years of practice experience. Phenomenal doctors who are workingwomen, mothers, daughters, sisters and mentors to many share with frank openness emotional and motivational stories...

The Injustice of Justice

by Donald Grady II & James Hickey

The Injustice of Justice is a purposeful book designed to introduce the public as well as the profession to an alternate method of policing with a whole-community and responsibility-based approach. Don has written...

Bigger Labor: A Crash Course for Construction Union Organizers

by Bob Oedy & Pascal Giacomini and

Want to recruit more members and contractors? Learn the vital skills and nuts and bolts you need to produce explosive growth for your union's future. Bigger Labor is the ultimate resource for building a more...

The 12 Laws of Urban School Leadership: A Principal's Guide for Initiating Effective Change

by Sean Yisrael

The 12 Laws of Urban School Leadership was written to give urban school principals strategies for successfully implementing change, and achieving systemic reforms. The book also gives aspiring and novice principals...

Reform Versus Dreams: Preventing Student Failure

by Rosalind LaRocque

School change has been at center of school reform, and many schools have moved to meet the needs of students in various areas. In many instances, there has been only one addition to the school system to serve...

More than a Test Score: Strategies for Empowering At-Risk Youth

by Melinda Strickland

No matter what variety of educational program is used to motivate students the bottom line is knowing the people within the circle of influence are behind every effort the student faces. Our students are the...

Using Humor to Maximize Living: Connecting with Humor

by Mary Kay Morrison

Using Humor to Maximize Living affirms, sustains, and encourages people in the practice of humor, not only as a personal tool to optimize a healthy life style, but also to maximize the benefits of humor in everyday...

School District Master Planning: The Teaching Supplement

by Kelley D. Carey

School District Master Planning: The Teaching Supplement—a guide to the book of the same name—is designed for instructors of graduate level courses in school district demographics and facilities planning,...

Conceptions of Culture: What Multicultural Educators Need to Know

by Thomas E. Wren

The book provides an in-depth understanding of the diverse meanings of culture in the literature of multicultural education. The author offers an analytic framework within which the history and current state...

Schools That Learn (Updated and Revised): A Fifth Discipline Fieldbook for Educators, Parents, and Everyone Who Cares About Education

by Nelda Cambron-McCabe, Timothy Lucas & Bryan Smith

"A rich, much-needed remedy for the standardized institutions that comprise too much of our school system today… ideal for teachers and parents intent on resurrecting and fostering students' inherent drive...

Differentiating Instruction with Centers in the Inclusive Classroom

by Laverne Warner & Judith Sower

Differentiating Instruction With Centers in the Inclusive Classroom helps primary teachers create exciting and motivating classroom centers that are perfect for learners of all ability levels.

'Can I Borrow the Car?' How to Partner With Your Teen for Safe Driving

by Susan Tordella

"'Can I borrow the car' How to partner with your teen for safe driving" is an e-book about how parents can influence teenagers to learn safe driving habits written by Susan Tordella, who taught all four teens...

Teaching Culturally Diverse Gifted Students

by Frances Karnes, Kristen Stephens & Donna Ford

This is an easy way to nurture all seven intelligences and provide opportunities for each student to work in a way that is most appropriate for his or her abilities.