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Team Strategies for Success: Doing What Counts in Education

by Mary Ann Smialek

Break down the barriers within your school organization! Teaming is a collaborative educational model necessary for the increasingly sophisticated world of the Information Age. This book is a primer-containing...

School Management by Wandering Around

by Larry Frase & Robert W. Hertzel

This book will help administrators and school leaders achieve excellence in all areas of the school system. It does not require massive planning or restructuring, just personal commitment and application.

Assessing Meaning Making and Self-Authorship: Theory, Research, and Application: Ashe Higher Education Report 38:3

by Magolda & Patricia M. King

One reason so many students fail to achieve complex learning goals may be that they rely too heavily on others’ opinions about what to believe, who to be, and how to relate to others.

The meaning-making capacity...

Language Policies in Education: Critical Issues

by James W. Tollefson

This new edition of takes a fresh look at enduring questions at the heart of fundamental debates about the role of schools in society, the links between education and employment, and conflicts between linguistic...

An Integrative Approach to Leader Development: Connecting Adult Development, Identity, and Expertise

by David V. Day, Michelle M. Harrison & Stanley M. Halpin

This book is a beginning, a first step, in taking leader development in organizations beyond conventional wisdom toward a scientifically sound research-based set of principles and practices. The authors looked...

Border Crossings: Cultural Workers and the Politics of Education

by Henry A. Giroux

First Published in 2007. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Cosmopolitanism and the Age of School Reform

by Thomas S. Popkewitz

In Cosmopolitanism and the Age of School Reform, noted educationalist Thomas Popkewitz explores turn-of-the-century and contemporary pedagogical reforms while illuminating their complex relation to cosmopolitanism....

Developing a Winning Grant Proposal

by Donald C. Orlich & Nancy R. Shrope

In the current world of tightening budgets and increased competition for grant money, Developing A Winning Grant Proposal provides the guidelines, strategies, plans, and techniques to craft a fundable grant...

Research on Schools, Neighborhoods and Communities: Toward Civic Responsibility

by William F., IV Tate, Angela E. Arzubiaga & Walter Allen

This volume focuses on research and theoretical developments related to the role of geography in education, human development, and health. Multiple disciplinary perspectives provide the strengths and problems...

A Guide to Better Teaching: Skills, Advice, and Evaluation for College and University Professors

by Leila Jahangiri & Tom Mucciolo

A Guide to Better Teaching is a self-help book that provides anyone teaching a college course with a thorough understanding of what it takes to be an effective teacher-whether they are a new, an adjunct, or...

What Do You Do Around Here Anyway?: Real-Life Discussion Generators for Wannabe Principals

by Paul R. Smith

This book candidly reports the experiences of one middle school principal for 160 consecutive days with little or no editing. The material is much more than the typical case study. The events are presented in...

Looking at Children: Field Experiences in Child Study

by Richard Goldman

Looking at Children is a fresh new approach to learning materials for early childhood educators. It contains a series of fourteen units made up of structured exercises dealing with specific educational and developmental...

The Education of Children Under Seven (Rle Edu C)

by Mary Sturt

This book does not cover the whole field of Infants' Teaching but is concerned mainly with general principles and matters which are open to the non-specialist. Some technical subjects such as Physical Education...

Coaching Classroom Instruction

by Tom Roy & Tammy Heflebower

A must-have resource for individual educators, coaches, or teams, this book covers everything from approaches for boosting professional growth to creating macrostrategies that are responsive to student needs....

100+ Educational Strategies to Teach Children

by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu

Because the attrition rate for new teachers in high-poverty schools averages between 40% and 50% over the first five years of teaching, this investigation offers practical solutions to more than 100 of the...

Playful Reading: Positive, Fun Ways to Build the Bond Between Preschoolers, Books, and You

by Carolyn Munson-Benson

Emphasizes early literacy skills, reading for pleasure, and the eight asset categories as ways to create memorable moments between children and the adults who read to them.

Unlock Your Child's Learning Potential: How to Reinforce Classroom Lessons with Imaginitve and Stimulating Activities

by Nancy Young

This new and exciting book offers a welcome change of pace from the boring rote drills, generic-type skill practice, and routine worksheets that children often get tired of doing. Rather, it consists of an abundance...

Homespun Curriculum: A Developmentally Appropriate Activities Guide

by Denise Theobald

Complete lesson plans for home-schools or classrooms are fully laid out in this book. Each subject activity is age-group integrated with developmentally appropriate adaptations for the skill levels of infants,...

Handbook of Learning Activities for Young Children

by Jane Caballero

More than 125 enjoyable activities and projects focus on math, health and safety, play, puppetry, movement, science, social studies, art, language development, parental involvement, self discipline, and the...

The Infant & Toddler Handbook: Invitations for Optimum Early Development

by Kathryn Castle

Developmentally sequenced by age group, this versatile book can be used as a materials guide in both formal and informal settings. Each activity is introduced by detailing the emerging ability and care giver...