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Transformative Leadership in Education: Equitable Change in an Uncertain and Complex World

by Carolyn M. Shields

Transformative Leadership in Education presents an alternative approach to leadership for deep and equitable change. Rather than just another new theory, Transformative Leadership is a substantively different,...

What if it happens in my classroom?: Developing skills for expert behaviour management

by Kate Sida-Nicholls

This highly practical book guides you through the choices that you need to make when confronted with the sorts of issues that you might face in your classroom. Dealing with the nitty gritty reality of behaviour...

Smart Thinking: A Programme for Developing Thinking Skills in 7 to 12 Year Olds

by Jeni Wilson & Lesley Wing Jan

Smart Thinking helps primary school teachers to develop their pupil's capacities to become deep thinkers and independent learners. Supporting the creation of a thoughtful classroom that provides opportunities...

Assessment in Physical Education: A Sociocultural Perspective

by Peter Hay & Dawn Penney

Assessment has widely been acknowledged as a central element of institutional education, shaping curriculum and pedagogy in powerful ways and representing a critical reference point in political, professional...

Bilingual Community Education and Multilingualism: Beyond Heritage Languages in a Global City

by Ofelia García & Zeena Zakharia

This book explores bilingual community education, specifically the educational spaces shaped and organized by American ethnolinguistic communities for their children in the multilingual city of New York. Employing...

The Dream and the Reality of Teaching: Becoming the Best Teacher Students Ever Had

by Keen J. Babbage

The dream of teaching is that it's fascinating, meaningful, inspiring, and rewarding. The reality of teaching is that it can be exhausting, frustrating, heart-breaking, and disappointing. This book guides prospective...

Informal Logical Fallacies: A Brief Guide

by Van Jacob E. Vleet

This is a systematic and concise introduction to more than forty fallacies, from anthropomorphism and argumentum ad baculum, to reductionism and the slippery slope argument. With helpful definitions, relevant...

Tuning the Rig: Catholic Schools for a Learning Church

by Fred Herron

This book focuses on issues closely pertaining to Catholic schools to the larger questions of the Catholic imagination. The underlying thread, however, is the challenge of maintaining the richness of the Catholic...

Lead or Leave: A Primer for College Presidents and Board Members

by Roger H. Hull

This book provides a checklist of what works and what does not work for those wanting to lead colleges and universities in the 21st century and those with responsibility for the oversight of those institutions....

Transforming Higher Education: Economy, Democracy, and the University

by Thomas Kriger, Stephen J. Rosow & Hamid Azari-Rad

The essays in this book address the transformation of higher education and the transformative possibilities of its current conditions. Higher education in American history has always functioned within the context...

Winning at Collective Bargaining: Strategies Everyone Can Live With

by William L. Sharp

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, the information and strategies outlined in this collective bargaining guide will enable you to come to the table and negotiate successfully. Comprehensive in scope,...

Coming Even Cleaner About Organizational Change

by Jerry L. Patterson

An expanded, updated version of 1997's Coming Clean About Organizational Change, this version contains 50 percent new references and 40 percent new content including chapters on organizational culture, resilience,...

Challenges and Potential of a Collaborative Approach to Education Reform

by Susan J. Bodilly, JoAn Chun & Gina Schuyler Ikemoto

The Ford Foundation developed the Collaborating for Education Reform Initiative, providing grants to collaboratives in urban settings to improve the quality of teaching. Eight sites signed on, and the RAND Corporation...

Student Self-Esteem: Integrating the Self

Organizing Schools

by William Bailey

Provides information to help administrators organize school structure, advance effective techniques, increase worker satisfaction, and promote productivity.

Education Quality Management: Effective Schools Through Systemic Change

by Jerry Herman & Janice L. Herman

A useful road map to help implement the quality concept in the educational environment...The authors do an excellent job of unifying the concepts of TQM, effective schools, OBE, and shared decision making.

Eight Keys to an Extraordinary Board-Superintendent Partnership

by Doug Eadie

Provides detailed, hands-on guidance for building and managing a board-superintendent partnership that is close, positive, productive, and enduring. Eadie describes how the superintendent can wear the 'Chief...

Case Studies for School Leaders: Implementing the Isllc Standards

by William Sharp, James K. Walter & Helen M. Sharp

Whatever your profession, a common base of knowledge and standards of performance are required for admission to practice. As an educator, while it is true that the individual states administer actual licensure...

Basic Needs: A Year with Street Kids in a City School

by Julie Landsman

Here Julie Landsman chronicles one year as a teacher in a program for students in such serious trouble they are asked to leave their middle schools and attend a special program for disruptive students. She allows...

Digital Decisions: Choosing the Right Technology Tools for Early Childhood Education

by Karen N. Nemeth, Fran Simon & Ph.D. Chip Donohue

Feel confident and competent when it comes to choosing and implementing the most appropriate technology tools for your early childhood classroom! Whether you are a technology enthusiast looking for new ideas...