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Teaching that Matters

by Frank Thoms

Teaching that Matters invites principals and teachers to make changes that will allow all students to succeed. Thoms urges administrators and teachers to reconsider traditional practices in light of today’s...

Memory at Work in the Classroom:

by Francis Bailey & Ken Pransky

Why do some students struggle to understand and retain information, while other students don't? The answer may well lie in the memory system, which is the root of all learning. In Memory at Work in the Classroom...

Affirmative Classroom Management

by Richard L. Curwin

This publication offers clear and positive strategies that empower teachers and administrators to develop effective rules and consequences. Richard Curwin's approach emphasizes student and parent engagement;...

Engaging Minds in Social Studies Classrooms

by James A. Erekson, Michael F. Opitz & Michael P. Ford

Political intrigue. Environmental issues. Ethical dilemmas. Critical thinking. Problem solving. Social studies content is directly connected to real life and is filled with built-in hooks to transform tuned-out...

West Meets East

by Leslie Grant, James Stronge, Xianxuan Xu & Patricia Popp et al.

The United States and China: two nations drastically different in demographics, history, political structures, and education systems. Despite these differences, educators in each country have discovered they...

Taking Religion Seriously Across the Curriculum

by Warren A. Nord & Charles C. Haynes

The authors chart a middle course in our war over religion and public education, one that builds on a developing national consensus among educational and religious leaders. While it is not proper for schools...

Getting to "Got It!"

by Betty K. Garner

It's one of the great mysteries of teaching: Why do some students "get it" and some students don't?

In this book, Betty K. Garner focuses on why students struggle and what teachers can do to help them become...

A Glorious Revolution for Youth and Communities

by George I. Whitehead & Andrew P. Kitzrow

A Glorious Revolution integrates the ideas of service-learning, positive youth development, and model communities into a book with a comprehensive message about making communities more democratic. Specifically,...

Engaging the Online Learner: Activities and Resources for Creative Instruction

by Rita-Marie Conrad & J. Ana Donaldson

Engaging the Online Learner

This updated edition includes an innovative framework—the Phases of Engagement—that helps learners become more involved as knowledge generators and cofacilitators of a course....

Managing Technology in Higher Education: Strategies for Transforming Teaching and Learning

by A. W. (Tony) Bates & Albert Sangra

Universities continue to struggle in their efforts to fully integrate information and communications technology within their activities. Based on examination of current practices in technology integration...

Bringing Homework Into Focus

by Eileen Depka

In many classrooms, teachers assign homework out of habit. Learn to design quality, purposeful homework instead. The author urges educators to reflect on the purpose of student assignments to determine if and...

Fixing Truancy Now

by Jonathan Shute & Bruce S. Cooper

Truancy is a complex issue that continues to plague our schools. This book explores different types of truancy, major research in the field, and how teachers, school leaders, and students can work together in...

The Data-Driven Classroom

by Craig A. Mertler

Thanks to initiatives like the Common Core and Race to the Top, accountability requirements continue to be a reality for educators. Yet many are still unsure of how to use data to make well-informed instructional...

How to Design Questions and Tasks to Assess Student Thinking

by Susan M. Brookhart

With new standards emphasizing higher-order thinking skills, students will have to demonstrate their ability to do far more than simply remember facts and procedures. But what's the best way for teachers to...

The Evolution of Teaching

by Rich Waters

The Evolution of Teaching invites teachers to rethink what teachers and schools do. The need to rethink the role of teachers is driven by an abundance of data showing that teachers are increasingly unhappy with...

College Success Guaranteed

by Malcolm Gauld

As a lifelong teacher, Malcolm Gauld has watched thousands of kids go off to college. Some return to visit after their first year exuding the vibe of conquering heroes. Others look, well, pretty bummed out....

Writing Successful College Applications

by Cynthia Muchnick

Peterson's Writing Successful College Applications offers outstanding suggestions and detailed expert advice to help students create a college application package that will help them stand out from a crowd of...

The Wrong Emphasis

by John Elling Tufte

The Wrong Emphasis is a reminder and a warning for both parents and public school educators. In the world of high-octane curriculum, assessment, and accountability, relevant adults too often neglect the realities...

Reading, Writing, and Discussing at the Graduate Level

by Rina Kim, Lillie R. Ablert & Hang Gyun Sihn

This book will help international students navigate the academic, professional, and social issues they will encounter while attending graduate school in the United States. This book is an invaluable tool for...

Design in Five

by Nicole Dimich

Fully engage learners in your classroom. Discover how to create high-quality assessments using a five-phase design protocol. Explore types and traits of quality assessment, and learn how to develop assessments...