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The At-Risk Student: Answers for Educators

by Evelyn Hunt Ogden & Vito Germinario

An excellent resource that should be on the desk of every student assistant professional as well as every administrator. It gives step-by-step procedures in identifying high risk students who are a challenge...

Refugees, Immigrants, and Education in the Global South: Lives in Motion: Lives in Motion

by Lesley Bartlett & Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher

The unprecedented human mobility the world is now experiencing poses new and unparalleled challenges regarding the provision of social and educational services throughout the global South. This volume examines...

Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2014

by Peterson's

Peterson's Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2014 is the must have guide for anyone looking for private aid money to help finance an education. This valuable resource provides up-to-date information on millions...

The Teacher's Gradebook: Strategies for Student Success

by Barry Raebeck

In this book, Raebeck shares the grading strategies that he uses so successfully with his own students. Ample discussion is given to not only grading techniques, but also to other important issues for the educator...

Game Plan for GMAT Verbal: Your Proven Guidebook for Mastering GMAT Verbal in 20 Short Days

by Brandon Royal

A Treasure Trove of Tools and Techniques to Help You Conquer GMAT Verbal

GAME PLAN FOR GMAT VERBAL will help readers develop the skills and mindset needed to score high on the verbal section of the GMAT exam....

Game Plan for GMAT Math: Your Proven Guidebook for Mastering GMAT Math in 20 Short Days

by Brandon Royal

A Treasure Trove of Tools and Techniques to Help You Conquer GMAT Math

GAME PLAN FOR GMAT MATH will help readers develop the skills and mindset needed to score high on the quantitative section of the GMAT exam....

The Little Purple Probability Book: Mastering the Thinking Skills That Unlock the Secrets to Basic Probability

by Brandon Royal

For Math and Numeracy Aficionados from All Walks of Life!

Fine-tune your numerical mindset with a quantitative review that serves as a tool for perceiving probability in a new way. Whether you're a high school...

Game Plan for the GMAT: Your Proven Guidebook for Mastering the GMAT Exam in 40 Short Days

by Brandon Royal

A Treasure Trove of Tools and Techniques to Help You Conquer the GMAT Exam

GAME PLAN FOR THE GMAT is based on a simple but powerful observation: Test-takers who score high on the GMAT exam do so primarily by...

Game Plan for Getting Into Business School: 100 Proven Admissions Strategies to Get You Accepted at the MBA Program of Your Choice (3rd Edition)

by Brandon Royal

A Treasure Trove of Tools and Tips to Help You Build Your Best Business School Application

GAME PLAN FOR GETTING INTO BUSINESS SCHOOL is based on a simple but powerful observation: Applicants who apply successfully...

The Early Years Curriculum: A View from Outdoors

by Gloria Callaway

Based on an account of Cornwall's Education Action Zone project, this book explores how to plan, implement and assess a rigorous outdoor early years curriculum that complements classroom-based learning and meets...

Reinventing the Middle School

by Thomas S. Dickinson

Many contemporary American middle schools are stuck in a state of "arrested development," failing to implement the original concept of middle schools to a varying, though equally corruptive degrees. The individual...

Problem Solving & Comprehension: A Short Course in Analytical Reasoning

by Arthur Whimbey & Jack Lochhead

This popular book shows students how to increase their power to analyze problems and to comprehend what they read. First, it outlines and illustrates the method that good problem solvers use in attacking complex...

The Geometric Supposer: What Is It A Case Of?

by Judah L. Schwartz, Michal Yerushalmy & Beth Wilson

This volume is a case study of education reform and innovation using technology that examines the issue from a wide variety of perspectives. It brings together the views and experiences of software designers,...

Schools, Markets and Choice Policies

by John Fitz, Stephen Gorard & Chris Taylor

Choice and selection are now cornerstones of education policies wherever these have been shaped by market economics. Now, as never before, schools can face uncertain futures, because their survival is determined...

Teaching Contemporary Themes in Secondary Education: Technology, Culture and Communication

by Jonathan Savage & Clive McGoun

The media has a huge impact on how we view society and the world, and new technologies continue to transform the way in which we work and learn. It is therefore essential that young people can engage critically...

How Real Teachers Learn to Engage All Learners

by Sarah J. Noonan

Practical models and strategies presented in this book will help teachers address the important challenges facing schools today, including supporting disadvantaged learners, raising student achievement, and...

The Little Blue Reasoning Book: 50 Powerful Principles for Clear and Effective Thinking (3rd Edition)

by Brandon Royal

For Reasoning Aficionados From All Walks of Life!

This guidebook addresses one of the most critical yet seldom taught skills. Reasoning skills help us make sense of the world, including how to better make decisions,...

The Little Green Math Book: 30 Powerful Principles for Building Math and Numeracy Skills (3rd Edition)

by Brandon Royal

For Writing Aficionados from All Walks of Life!

Whether you’re a high school or college student, test-prep candidate, or business professional, this book offers a concise guide to penning strong and effective...

Graduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences 2013 (Grad 2)

by Peterson's

Peterson's Graduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences 2014 contains a wealth of information on accredited institutions offering graduate degrees in these fields. Up-to-date data, collected through...

Perfect Phrases for Classroom Teachers: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Parent-Teacher Conferences, Report Cards, IEPs and Other School

by Christine Canning Wilson

Find the right words for report cards, parent-teacher conferences, and more

Written for teachers grades K through 12, Perfect Phrases for Classroom Teachers helps you find the right words that will communicate...