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The Educated Person: Toward a New Paradigm for Liberal Education

by D. G. Mulcahy

The central argument of this book is that the interrelated ideas of the educated person and a liberal education are in need of serious rethinking. The book contributes to this rethinking through an analysis...

The Pivotal Year: How Freshmen Can Become Sophomores

by Robert L. Marshall

Offers interventions and resources that can make a positive impact upon ninth grade success in high schools around the country.

Critical Education in the New Information Age

by Henry A. Giroux, Ramon Flecha & Paulo Freire

Essays by some of the world's leading educators provide a revolutionary portrait of new ideas and developments in education that can influence the possibility of social and political change. The authors take...

Stop High-Stakes Testing: An Appeal to America's Conscience

by Dale Johnson, Bonnie Johnson & Steve Farenga

Stop High-Stakes Testing: An Appeal to America's Conscience is a compelling indictment of the use of high-stakes assessments with punitive consequences in our public schools. The authors trace the history of...

Deschooling Society

by Ivan Illich

The book is a critical discourse on education as practised in "modern" economies. Full of detail on contemporary programs and concerns, the book remains as radical today. Giving examples of the ineffectual nature...

Wiley Series 55 Exam Review 2013 + Test Bank: The Equity Trader Qualification Examination

by The Securities Institute of America. Inc

The go-to guide to acing the Series 55 Exam!

Passing the Equity Trader Qualification Exam (Series 55) qualifies an individual to trade equity and convertible debt securities on a principal or agency basis, after...

Wiley Series 62 Exam Review 2013 + Test Bank: The Corporate Securities Limited Representative Examination

by The Securities Institute of America. Inc

The go-to guide to acing the Series 62 Exam!


Passing the Corporate Securities Limited Representative Exam (Series 62) qualifies an individual as a representative for the sale of public offerings and/or private...

The Teacher

by Thomas Aquinas

A good teacher will make the difference between learning by discovery and learning by instruction as narrow as possible. In other words he will assist his students in their learning so that their experience...

Battling Bias: The Struggle for Identity and Community on College Campuses

by Ruth Sidel

Politicians, philosophers, and academics have spent countless hours debating the issues of greatest concern on college campuses today: multiculturalism, political correctness, race relations, sexual politics,...

It's OK if You're Clueless: and 23 More Tips for the College Bound

by Terry McMillan

When her son Solomon graduated from high school, Terry McMillan was asked to be the guest speaker at the commencement ceremony. Determined not to be dull or redundant, Terry thought back to when she was stepping...

Paramedic Certification Exam

by LLC Learning Express

This completely revised and updated edition of Paramedic Certification Exam offers proven preparation that has already helped thousands pass their EMT-certification exam. Inside you will find:

• SIX complete...

Firefighter Exam: Fifth Edition

by LLC Learning Express

Challenging, rewarding, and well-paying, firefighting is a terrific career choice. But before they join the ranks of one of the nation's most admired occupations, applicants must pass a rigorous exam. With 5...

Wonder-Full Education: The Centrality of Wonder in Teaching and Learning Across the Curriculum

by Kieran Egan, Annabella I. Cant & Gillian Judson

For many children much of the time their experience in classrooms can be rather dull, and yet the world the school is supposed to initiate children into is full of wonder. This book offers a rich understanding...

Politics, Policies and Pedagogies in Education: The selected works of Bob Lingard

by Bob Lingard

In the World Library of Educationalists, international experts compile career long collections of what they judge to be their finest pieces of work - extracts from books, key articles, salient research findings,...

International Review of History Education: International Review of History Education, Volume 2

by Mario Carretero & James Voss

This volume consists of the proceedings of an international conference on cognition and instruction in history. The papers cover several areas: historical narratives and history teaching; the use of texts, documents...

Lives in Context: The Art of Life History Research

by Ardra L. Cole & Gary J. Knowles

The reflexive turn in qualitative research has transformed the process of doing life history research. No longer are research subjects examined through the lens of the all-knowing but supposedly invisible researcher....

Postpositivism and Educational Research

by Nicholas C. Burbules & D. C. Phillips

This volume presents in a forthright and lively way, an account of the philosophical position generally identified as 'Postpositivistic' that undergirds much of mainstream research in education and the related...

Gramsci and Education

by Carmel Borg, Joseph A. Buttigieg & Peter Mayo

Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) is one of the major social and political theorists of the 20th century whose work has had an enormous influence on several fields, including educational theory and practice. Gramsci...

The Longings and Limits of Global Citizenship Education: The Moral Pedagogy of Schooling in a Cosmopolitan Age

by Jeffrey S. Dill

As the world seemingly gets smaller and smaller, schools around the globe are focusing their attention on expanding the consciousness and competencies of their students to prepare them for the conditions of...

Deconstructing Educational Leadership: Derrida and Lyotard

by Richard Niesche

Jacques Derrida and Jean-François Lyotard constitute two of the most notable figures of poststructuralist thought and philosophy of the postmodern period. Both worked to reveal instabilities and uncertainty,...