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Early Childhood Qualitative Research

by J. Amos Hatch

How can qualitative researchers make the case for the value of their work in a climate that emphasizes so-called "scientifically-based research?" What is the future of qualitative research when such approaches...

Exploring Educational Research Literacy

by Gary Shank & Launcelot Brown

Exploring Educational Research Literacy offers beginning classroom teachers a comprehensive introduction to the topic of educational research literacy-that is, the ability to read educational research articles...

Culture and Educational Policy in Hawai'i: The Silencing of Native Voices

by Maenette K.P. A Benham & Ronald H. Heck

This comprehensive educational history of public schools in Hawai'i shows and analyzes how dominant cultural and educational policy have affected the education experiences of Native Hawaiians. Drawing on institutional...

Children Starting School: A Guide to Successful Transitions and Transfers for Teachers and Assistants

by Hilary Fabian

Drawing on research, theory and practice, this book presents ways in which practitioners, working in partnership with parents, can give children a successful start to school.

Written in an accessible style,...

School Behaviour and Families: Frameworks for Working Together

by Sue Roffey

This book focuses on the relationship that schools have with parents and carers, especially in the early stages of behavioral difficulty. It aims to promote the best possible partnership with parents in what...

Education in the United Kingdom: Structures and Organisation

by Liam Gearon

This accessible book provides a basic understanding of the structure and organization of education in the United Kingdom in a time of rapid change and devolved government. It is designed as an introductory guide...

New Directions in Islamic Education: Pedagogy and Identity Formation

by Abdullah Sahin

A groundbreaking rethink of Islamic education in the modern world.

Approaches to Substance Abuse and a: A Guide to Practices That Support Recovery in Adolescents and Young Adults

by Jeffrey Roth & Andrew J. Finch

This book is designed to increase the awareness among mental health professionals and educators about the potential sources of support for students struggling with substance abuse, addiction and compulsive behaviors....

Blair's Educational Legacy?

by Geoffrey Walford

The United Kingdom General Election on 1st May 1997 gave a landslide victory to a re-vitalised Labour Party. Tony Blair became Prime Minister with a huge Commons majority of 179 over all other parties. Such...

Inspiration and Innovation in Teaching and Teacher Education

by Karen Goodnough, Gerald Galway & Cecile Badenhorst

Inspiration and Innovation in Teaching and Teacher Education is an edited collection that offers a variety of conceptual and research-based discussions on teaching and teacher education in Canada and internationally....

The Values of American Teachers: How Teachers' Values Help Stabilize Unsteady Democracy

by Robert Slater

Teachers help steady modern democracy by teaching children the limits of liberty and by cultivating the social virtues -- trust, cooperation, helpfulness, and the like -- upon which civil society depends. We...

Education in Computer Generated Environments

by Sara de Freitas

This book examines the implications of computer-generated learning for curriculum design, epistemology, and pedagogy, exploring the ways these technologies transform the relationship between knowledge and learning,...

Citizenship Education in China: Preparing Citizens for the "Chinese Century"

by Kerry J. Kennedy, Gregory Fairbrother & Zhenzhou Zhao

There is a flourishing literature on citizenship education in China that is mostly unknown in the West. Liberal political theorists often assume that only in democracy should citizens be prepared for their future...

Critical Issues in the History of Higher Education

by Marybeth Gasman

The first volume in the Core Concepts of Higher Education series, this book is a unique research methods textbook that provides students with an understanding of the processes that historians use when conducting...

Social Class, Gender and Exclusion from School

by Jean Kane

Providing fascinating reading for teachers, social workers, researchers and policy makers, this book considers how educational disadvantage might be addressed through recognition of the gender and class identities...

Advanced Educational Foundations for Teachers: The History, Philosophy, and Culture of Schooling

by Donald K. Sharpes

Sharpes' approach synthesizes historical, philosophical, and cultural standpoints. The text contains practical teaching applications alongside theory and an integrated emphasis of diversity and other multicultural...

The Work of Teachers in America: A Social History Through Stories

by Rosetta Marantz Cohen & Samuel Scheer

This volume presents a complex portrait of the American teacher through a fascinating range of "story" narratives, including fictional short stories, poetry, diaries, letters, ethnographies, and autobiographies....

Women's Retreat: Voices of Female Faculty in Higher Education

by Atsuko Seto & Mary Alice Bruce

This book offers inspiration and support to female faculty members in higher education who are at various stages of their professional development. Twenty-four educators share both their intuitive voices and...

Arts-Based Research in Education: Foundations for Practice

by Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor & Richard Siegesmund

This text introduces readers to definitions and examples of arts-based educational research, presents tensions and questions in the field, and provides exercises for practice. It weaves together critical essays...

Hist West Educ: Modern West V3

by James Bowen

First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.