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Education and Human Values: Reconciling Talent with an Ethics of Care

by Michael Slote

Two of our greatest educational theorists, John Dewey and Nel Noddings, have been reluctant to admit that some students are simply more talented than others. This was no doubt due to their feeling that such...

The Roads to Modernity: The British, French, and American Enlightenments

by Gertrude Himmelfarb

In an elegant, eminently readable work, one of our most distinguished intellectual historians gives us a brilliant revisionist history. The Roads to Modernity reclaims the Enlightenment–an extraordinary time...

The College Student's Guide to the Law: Get a Grade Changed, Keep Your Stuff Private, Throw a Police-Free Party, and More!

by C. L. Lindsay

A must-have for every college student, THE COLLEGE STUDENT'S GUIDE TO THE LAW provides legal explanations, strategies for steering clear of problems, and detailed instructions about how to deal with the authorities-both...

Social Measurement through Social Surveys: An Applied Approach

by Bulmer & Gibbs

How do academic social scientists and survey professionals use social measurement techniques? How are these techniques applied to specific concepts in empirical research? This book is an important resource for...

Explaining Inequalities in School Achievement: A Realist Analysis

by Nash & by Hugh Lauder

Inequalities in educational opportunity have been a persistent feature of all school systems for generations, with conventional explanations of differences in educational attainment tending to be reduced to...

Mentoring in Education: An International Perspective

by Cullingford

Mentoring has become a hot topic in a number of professional spheres in recent years, but its most important and longest-established location is in education. However, this volume is the first wide-ranging academic...

Basic Statistics: An Introduction with R

by Tenko Raykov & George A. Marcoulides

Basic Statistics provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to statistics using the free, state-of-the-art software program R. This book is designed to both introduce students to key concepts in statistics...

The Science of Education

by Scientific American Editors

The Science of Education: Back to School by the Editors of Scientific American

Updated Edition. This eBook has been updated to include content from two special reports on education. Scientific American's popular...

How to Interview, Hire, & Retain High-Quality New Teachers

by John C. Daresh & Bridget Daresh

The key to student success starts in the classroom. Principals face the challenge of finding and keeping highly qualified teachers who will work to ensure learning for all. The authors use firsthand experiences...

An Administrator's Guide to Better Teacher Mentoring

by William L. Fibkins

This book is a call to education officials and professionals to address the need to provide ongoing mentoring for all teachers, especially veteran teachers, who are often overlooked.

Value and Validity in Action Research: A Guidebook for Reflective Practitioners

by Eileen M. Schwalbach

Will guide teachers through the process of developing questions, designing their methodology, and collecting data so that they can draw trustworthy conclusions and report them accurately and fairly.

A Primer on School Budgeting

by Robert N. Kratz, Charles A. Scott & Harry T. Zechman

Does the prospect of preparing your school district's budget seem daunting? Beginning school administrators, often having only one theoretical course on the subject under their belt, see the budget development...

Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems: A Classroom Management Handbook

by Howard Seeman

This book, based on the author's extensive work with New York City school teachers, helps teachers to design instructional strategies to prevent, not just handle, disruptive classroom behavior. Seeman discusses...

Reason and Professional Ethics

by Peter Davson-Galle

Many professionals confront ethical issues concerning their proper roles and the manner in which they should carry out those roles. This book is aimed at those studying for entry into the various professions...

School District Budgeting

by William T. Hartman

A unique resource for both academics and practitioners, School District Budgeting provides a comprehensive look at the resource allocation process, from developing planning guidelines to reporting the results...

The Management of a Student Research Project

by John A Sharp & John Peters

The ability to carry out research successfully has come to be seen as a 'key transferable skill' required of all higher education students - and The Management of a Student Research Project addresses directly...

Why Public Schools? Whose Public Schools? What Early Communities Have To Tell Us

by David Mathews

One of the most compelling issues in public education involves what it means for schools to be public. Are they public in funding or public in oversight and control? Are they public in the values they convey...

Making Your Education Work For You

by Gordon W. Green

In today's challenging economy, students need every advantage to compete effectively. Making Your Education Work For You is a proven system, developed by Dr. Gordon Green, to help students realize their full...

Color and Money

by Peter G. Schmidt

What is the real story behind the fight over affirmative action at colleges? Veteran journalist Peter Schmidt exposes truths that will outrage readers and forever transform the debate. He reveals how:

* colleges...

General Principles of Financial Planning Textbook

by John Keir & James Tissot

While working with numerous program directors and instructors from universities and colleges across the country, Keir Educational Resources frequently receives requests for a book that can serve as the primary...