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The Way They Were: Dealing with Your Parents' Divorce After a Lifetime of Marriage

by Brooke Lea Foster

How to deal with your parents’ divorce when you’re not a kid anymore

As the divorce rate soars among the baby-boomer generation, more and more people in their twenties and thirties are being faced with the...

Rules of Engagement

by Lis Harris

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

487 Really Cool Tips for Kids with Diabetes

by Bo Nasmyth Nasmyth Loy

Tips from kids of all ages as well as parents and doctors, how to fine-tune your diabetes on injections and on the pump. A "going on the pump" journal is included.

A Fundamental Freedom: Why Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians Should Support Gay Rights

by David Lampo

It is an axiom of modern American politics that many Republicans and most conservatives are not only anti-gay but that they have capitulated to an anti-gay agenda formulated and pursued by the religious right...

Boy Crazy!: Keeping our Daughter's Feet on the Ground When Her Head is in the Clouds

by Charlene C. Giannetti & Margaret Sagarese

Your little girl used to play with Barbie.

Now she dresses like her.

The course of teen love never did run smooth, but these days it seems bumpier than ever. Children are growing up faster and pushing the boundaries...

We Lost Our Baby: One Couple's Story of Miscarriage and Its Aftermath

by Siobhan O'Nill-White & David White

We Lost Our Baby is the true story of a young couple who, after the initial excitement of discovering a new pregnancy, faced the heartache of losing their baby. On top of the trauma of a miscarriage, they also...

Are You Made for Each Other?: The Relationship Quiz Book

by Barbara Pease & Allan Pease

Put your partner to the test and find out just how well you know one another.

After more than thirty years of research into how relationships work and where they often go wrong, Allan and Barbara Pease devised...

When You Have Outgrown Him: Whether to Stay or Go

by Kimberly Ventus-Darks

When You Have Outgrown Him deals head-on with a major relationship issue: women who outgrow their mates. Author Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks unravels this taboo subject and provides a clear guide to evaluating...

Invisible Scars: How to Stop, Change or End Psychological Abuse

by Catharine Dowda

Psychological abuse between couples consists of devious mind games — creating an environment of fear, weakening the partner’s defenses, damaging their self-esteem, causing someone to feel like he or she is...

The Good Enough Spouse: Resolve or Dissolve Conflicted Marriages

by William Ward

Do you and your spouse fight endlessly or are you both silent and distant? Reasons for marital strife are endless: changes in personality, boredom, alcohol, loneliness, money issues, midlife crisis and in some...

Hey, Back Off!: Tips for Stopping Teen Harassment

by Jennie Withers & Phyllis Hendrickson

Bullying among teens is epidemic. Many teens are harassed on a daily basis by mean text messages(cyber bullying), sexual harassment, teasing (verbal) , hitting or punching (physical) and some are guilty of harassment...

The Prospective Spouse Checklist: Evaluating Your Potential Partner

by Isabelle Fox & Robert M M Fox

The institution of marriage is under quiet, but relentless, attack. Divorce now destroys 50 percent of marriages. Isabelle and Robert Fox, seek to help men and women make more intelligent selections of their...

The Retirement Maze: What You Should Know Before and After You Retire

by Robert Pascale, Louis H. Primavera & Rip Roach

This book looks at retirement beginning before it starts and considers not just the positive rewards of this stage of life but also the attendant emotions, difficulties, and obstacles retirees must face, no...

The Myth of Sex Addiction

by David J. Ley

In this controversial book, David Ley debunks the myth of sex addiction, showing how labeling it a disorder has wrested responsibility away from philandering men and excused their bad behavior as being out of...

Finding Love that Lasts: Breaking the Pattern of Dead End Relationships

by Vera Sonja Maas

Vera Sonja Maass shows that lasting relationships are possible for those who know themselves well and refuse to believe that ‘love is blind,’ that happy endings are achievable, and that those ready to accept...

But Dad!: A Survival Guide for Single Fathers of Tween and Teen Daughters

by Margaret E. Gross & Patricia Livingston

Teen and tween girls can be mystifying, even to sensitive and caring parents. But for fathers, the changes girls go through may take on a new dimension, especially if dad is single and trying his best to navigate...

The New Rules of Marriage

by Terrence Real

In his extraordinary new book, Terrence Real, distinguished therapist and bestselling author, presents a long overdue message that women need to hear: You aren’t crazy–you’re right!

Women have changed...

The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide: Field-Tested Strategies for Staying Smart, Sane, and Connected When You're Raising Kids at Home

by Melissa Stanton

Melissa Stanton’s The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide is an all-encompassing, truth-telling how-to book that addresses the many practical and psychological issues facing stay-at-home moms today.

How do you create...

Drive: 9 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Achieve

by Janine Walker Walker Caffrey

Expert advice on helping children, teens, and young adults become self-starters, successful learners, and involved citizens of the world

Talk to Me First: Everything You Need to Know to Become Your Kids' "Go-To" Person about Sex

by Deborah Roffman

From nationally acclaimed educator and author of Sex and Sensibility: a guide to raising sexually healthy kids in a world saturated with sexual language and imagery