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Preventing violence against women and girls: Educational work with children and young people

by Ellis, Jane & Thiara, Ravi K.

The first ever book on educational work to prevent violence against women and girls, offering insight into the underpinning theoretical debates and key lessons for practice.

The Language of Silence

by Peggy Webb

Following in the footsteps of her tiger-taming grandmother, a woman flees her abusive husband to join the circus in this masterful, heartfelt work of women’s fiction.

Peggy Webb won raves for her debut novel,...

Letting Go into Perfect Love: Discovering the Extraordinary after Abuse

by Gwendolyn M Plano

As a college administrator, Gwen Plano lived her professional life in a highly visible and accountable space-but as wife and mother, after hours and behind closed doors, she experienced the daily terror of domestic...

The Great God Pan

by Amy Herzog

The newest play by “one of the brightest new talents in the theater” (The New York Times).


by Marilynn Griffith

Ashamed No More

Every woman needs a safe place to bleed...a quiet place to scream, and friends to dress her wounds. She needs the support of sistahs who won't cringe at the honest truth, who are willing to...

Exploiting Childhood: How Fast Food, Material Obsession and Porn Culture are Creating New Forms of Child Abuse

by Jim Wild, Stephen D. Brookfield, Stephen Haff & Susie Orbach et al.

Childhood today is big business. It is impossible for any child growing up to avoid intense marketing and research shows that these commercial pressures affect children's health and wellbeing. Featuring high...

These Are Our Stories: Women's Stories of Abuse and Survival

by Jan Rosenberg

These Are Our Stories is a collection of women's stories, thoughts, and poems about the domestic abuse they have experienced throughout their lives. Transcribed directly from Jan Rosenberg's interviews with...

Preventing the Emotional Abuse and Neglect of People with Intellectual Disability: Stopping Insult and Injury

by Sally Robinson & Hilary Brown

Preventing the Emotional Abuse and Neglect of People with Intellectual Disability aims to throw light into the traumatic experiences faced by people with intellectual disability living in disability accommodation...

Supporting Women after Domestic Violence: Loss, Trauma and Recovery

by Hilary Abrahams & Cathy Humphreys

This book offers advice on how to enable women who have experienced domestic violence to embark on a journey of recovery. The book draws on theory, original research and the personal experiences of women who...

Mothers Who Can't Love

by Susan Forward & Donna Frazier Glynn

With Mothers Who Can't Love: A Healing Guide for Daughters, Susan Forward, Ph.D., author of the smash #1 bestseller Toxic Parents, offers a powerful look at the devastating impact unloving mothers have on their...

Beginning to Heal (Revised Edition)

by Ellen Bass & Laura Davis

There's nothing as wonderful as starting to heal, waking up in the morning and knowing that nobody can hurt you if you don't let them.

Beginning to Heal offers hope and guidance for all survivors starting the...

Where the Blood Mixes

Governor General's Award for Drama 2009

by Kevin Loring

Irreverently funny and brutally honest Governor General's Award-winning play about loss and redemption. Cast of 2 women and 4 men.

Children of the State

by Peter van de Voorde

Twelve years in the making, Children of the State: Stolen for Profit sets out to change the discourse on child protection, and provides a detailed account of morally indefensible, international family and child...

Fredegar, a reindeer fairytale

by Olaf Krätke

Way up in the north lives the little reindeer Fredegar. Fredegar is different from the other reindeer kids because he is much smaller and thinner than them. That's why he is always laughed at and mocked by them....


by Amelia Aster

Join this author on an emotional, introspective journey that explores gut-wrenching topics, too-easily minimized by society. Through prose, she tells her story of trauma, love, loss and survival, in the...

Aging in America

by Karol Charles

Everyone in my family trusted the people in the system to take care of Rose . . . But the hospital staff, the doctors, the nurses, and those running the "skilled" nursing facility didn't seem to care at all...

Uneven Odds

by Divya Vaid

Focussing on patterns of intergenerational stability, this book traces the unequal structures of opportunity in India. The author addresses questions and approaches towards social mobility (or the lack thereof)...

Daughter of the Razor

by Maria Tinschert

An unforgettable Australian true crime story of prostitution, sexual, physical and mental abuse and violence inside the walls of family silence in the slums of Sydney in the 1930s.

Maria shares her story of growing...

Molly III

by Rosemarie Smith

Rosemarie Smith has written her autobiography in three parts; Little Molly, Molly II: Am I who I should be? and Molly III: The Untold Story.Having suffered, child abuse she reached a point where she had totally...

Understanding Domestic Violence

by Rafael Art. Javier & William G. Herron

Understanding Domestic Violence not only highlights and reexamines the different challenges that we continue to face in effectively addressing issues of domestic violence but provides innovated approaches to...