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Caring for Orphaned Children in China

by Shang Xiaoyuan & Karen R. Fisher

This is the first book to apply rights-based alternative-care theory and practice for orphans to China’s child-welfare system, including its history and development in urban and rural areas. It analyses empirical...

The Last Warner Woman

by Kei Miller

The American debut of a Caribbean literary talent often compared to Orange Prize winner Andrea Levy and Alexander McCall Smith.


by Celine Keating

A young woman embarks on a life-changing cross-country trip to face a family secret rooted in America's most turbulent decade.  Layla James, a recent graduate and budding photographer, never knew anything about...

Ashkettle Crazy

by A. M. Goetz

Seven years ago, Conservation Officer Everett Ashkettle became the victim of a hushed mountain murder. That’s when Crazy Uncle Merle moved in, and life for Everett’s three young sons went from unconventional...

Meet My Stepmom

by Michelle Suzanne Collopy

Meet My Stepmom is a book that will assist parents of all walks of life how to talk about and teach their child what a stepparent is. Such tools are hard to find. Introducing a stepparent from the inside can...

That’S Why We Call Her Mommy!

by Kristy M Wright & Nick Hueholt

Thats why we call her mommy, is a story about why someone is called Mommy. It describes how and why it is a term of endearment rather than a title. To have a mommy, doesnt only mean having a birth mom. It can...

Raising Children the Old Fashioned Way

by B. J. Hodges

What does Gods plan for raising children look like? It looks and smells like success with Gods favor in bloom! When we partner with God, using his plan, he will open the door to unimaginable blessings. Our world...

A Mountain to Climb

by Pat Turner Mitchell

Author Pat Turner Mitchell narrates the story of her parents and their history in A Mountain to Climb.

A sequel to Mitchells first book, Lifted to the Shoulders of a Mountain, this second installment begins with...

All That Matters

by Elaine E. Sherwood

For a few seconds no one moved, stunned by what was happening. Released, as one, from their paralysis, they rushed to rescue Victor before Vladimir beat him to death.

Luke Peterson was six feet five inches tall...

My Boy Blink

by Nev White

This is a story peppered with incidences from the life of a boy taken into care, the will to make good in the absence of a real mum and dad, the heartache caused by a society by applying wrong decisions enforced...

I Love You from the Edges

by Karen Best Wright

What Readers are Saying

An amazing captivating story.Itgivesgrandparents raising kids the comfort of knowing, youare not alone.

-Bill Trammell, a single grandfather from Wisconsin, raising his adopted grandson....

Courageous Love

by Laura Montané Bailey Lmft

Raising grandchildren can be challenging for many reasons. Often, the children have experienced complicated family dynamics, heartbreaking loss, abuse, and neglect all of which may affect their emotions, behavior,...

Me and My Animals

by Maggie Graham

Maggie Graham was born in Liverpool in 1950. Her love of animals was instilled into her almost from birth. In 1969 she became the youngest stewardess to be employed by Caledonian Airways. After spending some...

Analyzing Leaders, Presidents and Terrorists

by Diane Holloway

Analyzing Leaders, Presidents and Terrorists will astonish, entertain and inform those interested in what makes leaders tick. Matters of the greatest moment hinge on the psychological health of world leaders,...

Surrogacy and Embryo, Sperm, & Egg Donation: What Were You Thinking?

by Theresa M. Erickson

In Surrogacy and Embryo, Sperm, & Egg Donation: What Were You Thinking?, an attorney who practices exclusively in reproductive law shares her expert guidance for those ready to create a family via third-party...

Life Work with Children Who are Fostered or Adopted

by Joy Rees

This new book from life work expert Joy Rees explains the value of effective and meaningful life story work with fostered and adopted children, and how best to carry it out. Simple to read and to implement,...


by Wendell Affield

Herman Affield (1906-1970) was discharged from the army at the end of World War Two. He returned to his farm in northern Minnesota with a dream and a .50 caliber ammo box packed with war memories. On December...

The Transgender Myth

by Paula Mirare Overby

In my childhood I believed I was a girl. I hated the short hair and the hand me down cloths from my brother but otherwise I felt certain I was the same as my girl friends. When I finally accepted the social...

The Sexual Assault of BABYGIRL

by Rachael Leah Robertson

It had been a good day. Leah, who tended toward shyness, had finally managed to work up the nerve to ask her supervisor for a modest raise.

“You’re really going to do it?” Mindy, the pool secretary at the...

Queer Families

by Sage Kalmus & Curry Kalmus

Every family has a rainbow sheep! These are some of their stories. The premiere publication in Qommunicate Media's LGBTQ+ True Stories Anthology Series features stories and poems by children of gay dads and...