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Baby Names Book: Getting Started on Choosing the Perfect Baby Names and Meanings.

by Rachel Carrington

Baby Names Book: Getting Started on Choosing the Perfect Baby Names and Meanings. It can be difficult as a parent, trying to decide on a name for your beautiful baby. All sorts of things inhibit the decision...

The Book of Chinese Names: A Guide to Auspicious and Elegant Names

by Goh Kheng Chuan & Goh Kheng Yew

What makes a good Chinese name and how does the name shape destinies and character? How do you ensure that the name is meaningful, elegant and auspicious at the same time?

This book provides all the knowledge...

The Best Baby Names in the World

by J.M. Congemi

Around the world and into your heart!

Everywhere you go—no matter how far you travel— from Amsterdam to Zambia, one thing remains the same: a parent's love for her newborn child. Our wide world is becoming...

Baby Boy Names 2020

by Kerry Butters

Baby Boy Names 2020 by Kerry Butters. Finding the perfect name for your new baby boy can take some time and careful consideration, but it can also be a lot of fun. In fact, it's one of the first and biggest...

Baby Girl Names 2020

by Kerry Butters

Baby Girl Names 2020 by Kerry Butters. Having a girl? Congrats! Chances are, from the moment you first heard the news, you instantly started daydreaming about what raising a little girl would really be like....

The Art of Baby Nameology

by Norma J Watts

What really is in a name? What does that mean for your baby?

Astrologist and nameology expert Norma J. Watts helps every expecting parent explore those questions. By analyzing names using numerology, Watts has...

Irish Names for Children: Baby Names from Ireland

by Peg Coughlan

Irish Names for Girls and Boys. Popular and Unique Irish Names with their Gaelic meaning and origins. The definitive collection of Popular and Unique Irish Baby Names. This book provides a list of Irish names...

A–Z of Irish Names for Children and Their Meanings

by Diarmaid Ó Muirithe

Including over four hundred beautiful, original and unusual Irish names, Diarmaid Ó Muirithe’s brilliant reference book provides the origin, historical and cultural background of practically every Irish name...

Deep Breaths

by Michelle Pearson

Over 4 million registered births in 2015 Pearson’s channel has over 45,000 subscribers Daily interaction is over 5,000 impressions with a growth of 32% over the last 30 days ThreadMB called Michelle’s ability...

A Dictionary of Jewish Names and Their History

by Benzion C. Kaganoff

This reference examines the history of Jewish forenames and surnames, tracing the origin of each name and the changes that have occured over generations.

Baby Names

by Laura Emerson

Finding the perfect name for your baby is one of life's most memorable moments. A name is a gift to give to your child for his or her entire lifetime which is why it is so important to carefully consider all...

Inspired Baby Names from Around the World: 6,000 International Names and the Meaning Behind Them

by Neala Shane

This unique guide includes 6,000-plus names from all corners of the globe, and each entry illuminates the name's distinctive spiritual, historical, and cultural background - its poetry.

Short Samskrita Baby Names

by Usha Mahisekar

Short Samskrita Baby Names is formed for those looking for meaningful Samskrita names for their child. It takes into consideration, the traditional English spelling, accompanying pronunciation guideline, and...