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Free Yourself

by Carolyn Hobbs & James Baraz

Discover your inherent capacity to overcome obstacles and find unlimited joy—with these quick and easy tools.

Though the voice of our heart may be buried beneath the shouts of our ego and the clamors of our...


by Audrey Ricker & Carolyn Crowder

Are you ready to end the whining wars in your house?

It starts with a whimper, an insistent demand, or a certain tone of voice that every parent recognizes with dread -- your child is starting to whine, and if...

Do you want to live or survive?

by Raffaele Cammarota

"Nothing can be realized if it has not been a dream before! To be happy or unhappy, it’s a question of choice." "Because life is like a glass: it reflects the way you relate to it. If you fear it, you will...

Thriving After Divorce

by Tonja Evetts Weimer

The end of a significant relationship initiates painful and powerful change in one's life, daily habits, and even in one's personal identity. In Thriving After Divorce, author and relationship coach Tonja Evetts...

Don't Get Scrooged

by Richard Carlson

Inside find helpful advice, such as:

  • Take a Vacation, Not a Guilt-Trip

    Don't Get "Should Upon"

  • Hades or Homecoming?

    Opt In- or Out-of Family Events

  • Quit Being Your Mother

    Ban Worry from Your Holidays

  • It's Not Daytona—You're...

Why We Fight: The Origins, Nature, and Management of Human Conflict

by David Churchman

This book draws on twenty-four academic disciplines to analyze some 100 theories that explain the origins, nature, and management of human conflict. It treats intellectual, moral, community, political, and international...

I Thought We'd Never Speak Again

by Laura Davis

In her classic books The Courage to Heal and Allies in Healing, Laura Davis helped millions cope with the trauma of child sexual abuse. Her supportive guide Becoming the Parent You Want to Be taught parents...

Self Esteem A Family Affair

by Jean Illsley Clarke

Serving as a source of parental support, this book provides a range of imaginative and effective suggestions for dealing with each family member in ways that nourish self-esteem for all involved.

Strong self-esteem...

Winning Cooperation from Your Child!: A Comprehensive Method to Stop Defiant and Aggressive Behavior in Children

by Kenneth Wenning

Winning Cooperation from Your Child provides parents and therapists with a comprehensive, home-based behavioral recovery program for oppositional, defiant, and aggressive children. In response to the national...

Relationships Conflict How To Boot Camp: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics with 115 World Class Experts Proven Tactics, Techniques, Facts, Hin

by Lance Glackin

Relationships Conflict How To Boot Camp: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics with 115 World Class Experts Proven Tactics, Techniques, Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice

Don't Roll Your Eyes

by Ruth Nemzoff

More than two million couples wed every year in the United States, bringing together a whole new family unit. The extended family may now include a hard to please mother-in-law who criticizes her daughter-in-law's...

Reclaim Your Life

by Esq Aya Fubara Eneli

Are you concerned about your marriage?  

Reclaim Your Life is an invitation to create the life you desire. The author harmonizes lessons gleaned from coaching women for almost two decades, proven...


by D'Arcy G. Raboteau

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the Gospel to the poor. He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted.

In this eye-opening collection of memos, minisermons, short stories, and...

The Adventures of Katgirl

by Katherine Magnoli & Scott D'Antuono

Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever bullied someone? If so, this book is for you! This heartwarming tale about a girl in a wheelchair named Katherine shows her being confronted by a classmate who doesnt...

Overcoming the Rain

by Candace Taylor

Candace Taylor thinks that failure is her middle name. Her dream of being a nurse and her reality of being a waitress in a pizza tavern were worlds apart. As a wife and mother of two, she becomes depressed....

Why Whisper?

by Joanne Mazzotta

Many books address how to live with the death of a loved one. Why Whisper, faces the more arduous task of living with yourself. Suicide seizes more than one life. It takes some life from everyone around it....

Conflict—The Unexpected Gift

by Jack Hamilton, Elisabeth Seaman & Sharlene Gee

ConflictThe Unexpected Gift Conflict between people can be defined as a difference that causes disagreements. Authors Jack Hamilton and Elisabeth Seaman go to the root of what causes conflict and how to rebuild...

Happily Separating

by Alan L. Billian & Harvey L. Okun

Praise for Happily Separating Wise advice from two very competent and caring attorneys. Must reading for anyone who is contemplating separation or divorce. Jonathan A. Azrael, Attorney I have always lived by...

The Girl with the Red Rubber Boots

by Jennifer Smith Cullota & Brittany Hanson

Meet stubborn as a mule Skye: a precocious, hilarious, delightful yet exasperating four-year-old drama queen who lives in south Louisiana. When Skye was given a shiny new pair of red rubber boots, she fell in...

Don’T Waste Your Mad

by Rodney Jenkins

Good communication, often said to be the key to every successful relationship, can be challenging to master without the right tools. In his relationship empowerment guide, author Rodney Jenkins offers a comprehensive...