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Speak Peace in a World of Conflict: What You Say Next Will Change Your World

by Marshall B. B. Rosenberg

In every interaction, every conversation and in every thought, you have a choice – to promote peace or perpetuate violence. International peacemaker, mediator and healer, Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg shows you...

Seven Steps to Help Your Child Worry Less: A Family Guide

by Kristy Hagar, Sam Goldstein & Robert Brooks

This guide for parents offers practical strategies to help teach children relaxation techniques, correct ways of thinking to combat worry and anxiety, and empowering behavioral interventions. Parents are encouraged...

101 Relationship Myths: How to Stop Them from Sabotaging Your Happiness

by Tim Ray

Challenging many common delusions about love, this straight-talking, humorous guide takes a closer look at the insanity of modern-day relationships. The handbook uses simple “mythbusting” techniques for increasing...

Home Massage: Transforming Family Life Through the Healing Power of Touch

by Chuck Fata & Suzette Hodnett

Focusing on its therapeutic properties and capacity to enhance health and intimacy in all relationships, this book demystifies the medium of massage and makes it accessible for everyone in the family. Designed...

Love Unlimited: The Joys and Challenges of Open Relationships

by Leonie Linssen & Stephan Wik

Based on the case studies of 12 actual couples and individuals who are grappling with the complexities and challenges of “responsible nonmonogamy,” this helpful resource delves into various types of open...

Time Bomb: Work, Rest and Play in Australia Today

by Barbara Pocock, Natalie Skinner & Philippa Williams

Time poverty is a conundrum for many Australian households and workers. Australians start work young, and we are working more, and longer into old age. And while maximising our productivity and enhancing our...

Fear of Food: A Diary of Mothering

by Carol Bacchi

Incorporating diary entries and reflections, this personal account of one mother's struggles during the first 12 months of her son's life to get him to eat openly confronts the social challenges mothers encounter,...

Defiant Birth: Women Who Resist Medical Eugenics

by Melinda Tankard Tankard Reist

Daring women—those who were told not to have their babies due to perceived disabilities in themselves or their unborn children—tell their stories in this controversial book that looks critically at medical...

Because I Said So!: Family Squabbles & How to Handle Them

by Lauri Berkenkamp, Steven C. C. Atkins & Charlie Woglom

For parents everywhere whose kids complain about helping around the house, stall over homework, and bicker with one other, help is at hand. With compassion and humor, this book takes on the most common points...

Slouching Toward Adulthood: How to Let Go So Your Kids Can Grow Up

by Sally Koslow

A witty and insightful report from the parenting trenches by the mother of two "adultescents"

Millions of American parents sit down to dinner every night, wondering why fully grown children are joining them—or,...

The Essential Conversation: What Parents and Teachers Can Learn from Each Other

by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

With the insights she has gleaned from her close and subtle observation of parent-teacher conferences, renowned Harvard University professor Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot has written a wise, useful book about the...

Sacred Matters: Religion and Spirituality in Families

by Wesley R. R. Burr, Loren D. D. Marks & Randal D. D. Day

Sacred Matters explores the multi-disciplinary literature about the role of religion in family life and provides new research and a new theory about ways various aspects of the sacred are helpful and harmful....

Father-Daughter Relationships: Contemporary Research and Issues

by Linda Nielsen

The first research-based text that focuses on the impact of the father-daughter relationship, this provocative book examines the factors that can strengthen or weaken these relationships and the impact that...

Parenting Is Your Highest Calling: And Eight Other Myths That Trap Us in Worry and Guilt

by Leslie Leyland Fields

Why am I not a more joyful parent? Why aren’t my kids turning out as I expected? Why do I always feel as if I’m not doing enough for my children?

Is Parenting Supposed to Be This Difficult?

As a mother of...

The Bridal Wave: A Survival Guide to the Everyone-I-Know-Is-Getting-Married Years

by Valerie Krause & Erin Torneo

It starts with the IGBN (I’ve Got Big News) phone calls and a mailbox full of Save the Dates. Next comes the meltdown: I always thought I’d be married by now. Why does she have a ring on her finger and I...

Dear Baby Sitter Handbook: A Handy Guide for Your Child's Sitter

by Vicki Lansky

This helpful book will give you peace-of-mind when you are babysitting. From vital phone numbers and a caretaker medical release form to play ideas, bedtime tips, first aid info and more, the Dear Babysitter...

Girls on Track: A Parent's Guide to Inspiring Our Daughters to Achieve a Lifetime of Self-Esteem  and Respect

by Molly Barker

During adolescence, if a girl isn’t careful, she can fall into a trap called the Girl Box—a place where the way she looks is more important than who she is, where having a boyfriend is worth giving up a...

Parenting School-Age Twins and Multiples

by Christina Tinglof

Real-world advice for when your twins' and multiples' concerns go beyond "Should they dress alike?" Should your twins be placed in the same homeroom at school? Does one of your kids have a harder time making...

Not Tonight, Mr. Right: The Best (Don't Get) Laid Plans for Finding and Marrying the Man of Your Dreams

The Book of New Family Traditions (Revised and Updated): How to Create Great Rituals for Holidays and Every Day

by Meg Cox

Quality family togetherness—everyone wants it, but it seems increasingly harder to achieve. In a world run by cell phones, computers, and virtual networking, the comfort of human connection grows more important—...