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The Romantic Ideal

by Christopher Alan Anderson

The purpose of The Romantic Ideal is to present a definition of romance, one that actually adheres to our hearts and souls. It is the opinion of this writer that romance actually presents to us our highest calling,...

The Community of Man and Woman

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Can we ever find heaven on earth? We strive and seek, why do our visions fail us so? Could it be that the premises we hold, deep within ourselves, preclude the manifestation of the proclaimed vision? This work,...

The Two Forces of Creation

by Christopher Alan Anderson

The purpose of The Two Forces of Creation is to define the two forces of creation. I state on the Preface page: "For aeons, mankind has been embedded in a paradigm of creation that suggests there is a one force...

Mind and Spirit

by Christopher Alan Anderson

The purpose of Mind and Spirit is to sex (divide into the male and female component parts) that which we call mind and that which we call spirit. We most often use these terms in a non-sexual or an androgynous...

Man, Woman, and God

by Christopher Alan Anderson

There is a great misunderstanding today concerning the natures of man and of woman, and of the essence of God. This may be the cause of our human relations problem. The purpose of this writing is to clarify...

Selected Writings--Volume 2

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Four major writings on the man and woman relationship. These writings reflect the maturing of the author's thoughts revealing the breadth and scope of this metaphysical embodiment. Includes: Mind and Spirit;...

I Carry the Cross, Too: The Completion of the Message of Jesus Christ

by Christopher Alan Anderson

No doubt, anyone who attempts to "complete" the message of Jesus Christ opens himself up to question and perhaps ridicule. But, I ask, what are we now to do? We are at a crossroads, not knowing which way to...

Dimensions in Consciousness

by Christopher Alan Anderson

The purpose of Dimensions in Consciousness is to come to know and experience the furthest reaches of our consciousness--that of an absolute. It is also to come to know and experience the Man and Woman Relationship...

Meditations for Deepening Love - Collection

by Christopher Alan Anderson

The collection includes 47 booklets that highlight the author's writings and allows the reader to experience eternal love, one to another. Now, the question for men is, do you see into the soul of woman? Do...


by Christopher Alan Anderson

Choice. Do you have it? If not, why not? It may require us to look into this issue in more depth to see why, although we often think we possess choice in our lives, we often have little of it. "If I were to...


by Christopher Alan Anderson

A metaphysical account as well as the author's own experience of illumination. This writing is a step into the light of a procreative metaphysics as well as being the author's most autobiographical statement....

The Abyss and Sexual Creation

The Balanced Budget: A Way of Life

by Christopher Alan Anderson

A review of the constraints that the nature of existence places upon our survival and the consequences we receive for trespassing. "The balanced budget in all facets of life is a simple, clear idea. It is an...

Selected Writings Vol-1

by Christopher Alan Anderson

A collection of the author's earlier writings which includes: I Am: A Personal History--The Formation of a Sexual Consciousness; The New Trinity; Man and Woman Forever; The Balanced Budget: A Way of Life; Why...

'I' Will Lift Up Mine Eyes

by Christopher Alan Anderson

The author's take on the essence of the spiritual life--what is it to that we look outward in awe and yet at the same time find within ourselves? Author Bio: Christopher Alan Anderson (1950 - ) received the...

Homosexuality Is Not a Sexuality

by Christopher Alan Anderson

In this article, the author defines sexuality (as that procreant relationship between a man and a woman) and, in so doing, finds that many of our ideologies, including homosexuality, are not sexed in their nature....

Men and Women of the Universe, Unite!

by Christopher Alan Anderson

In this take off from the Workers of the World, Unite!, a la Marx and Engels (The Communist Manifesto), the author looks at what that saying would be given the metaphysical reality of man and woman balance....

Commentary on Dante's the Divine Comedy, Paradiso, Canto XXXIII

by Christopher Alan Anderson

The author looks at Dante's The Divine Comedy, especially the spiritual/eternal connection he holds in his heart with Beatrice. Author Bio: Christopher Alan Anderson (1950 - ) received the basis of his education...

The Cosmogony of Eternal Design

by Christopher Alan Anderson

This article arose out of the debate between Intelligent Design and Evolution. The author suggests an eternal design/order that is procreant in its nature and simply is what it is. Author Bio: Christopher Alan...

Our Purpose Together: Bringing the Eternal Down to Earth

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Jesus came to bring the eternal down to earth. Did he fail or did we fail? In the article, the author suggests the center of love was not correctly defined and, as such, the eternal remains separated from us....