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Love, Sex & Deception

by Claire Hultin

Have you ever had an unforgettable date? Sure you have, but did he arrive dressed as Elvis and it wasn't Halloween? What about the guy who said, "I'm divorced" but failed to mention having since remarried? Learn...

Daring to Date Again

by Ann Anderson Evans

Ann has two kids, two careers, two divorces, a pile of friends and sings soprano in the church choir. But after twelve years single, she is sick of celibacy. She’s been through enough to know that marriage...

The Love Lies

by Debrena Jackson Gandy

The Love Lies sets women free from chronic cycles of dissatisfaction and disappointment in their relationships.The Love Lies sets women free from chronic cycles of dissatisfaction and disappointment in their...

The Daughter of My Heart

by Mirella Guzzo

This book tells the story of Pearl, a little Chinese girl whose life is at risk even before it has begun. Chris, the right person at the right time...a man who has suffered and whose destiny tore from him that...

How to Seduce a Man

by Giusi Maugeri

This book is meant for all those women who want to discover new secrets to draw men attention and to be courted. The book tells you why, to be great seducers, it doesn't matter being beautiful: there are many...

Your Magnetic Heart

by Ruediger Schache

Most people have the same fundamental yearnings and questions inside of them. Most of us agree, the most common desire by far is to love and to be loved. And yet for so many people, love - in its many forms...

Outside Mullingar (TCG Edition)

by John Patrick Shanley

"In the work of John Patrick Shanley, the truth is as charming as it is painful, reality as touched with magic as it is factual, and existence as absolute as it is illusory."—BOMB magazine

For Anthony and Rosemary,...

Sex Tips For Couples

by Karen Boulder

"Sex Tips For Couples: His And Her Guide On Sex And Romance For Couples: The Missing Link In Sex And Romance Edition 2" is the second installment in a series being written by Karen Boulder. Sex is a sketchy...

Stop the Rain Dance

by John F. Stagl

Stop the Rain Dance presents a unique view of life to help anyone attain greater happiness and offers proven tools to end the cycles of chronic failure. A truly inspiring book for anyone seeking self-help in...

Sex Plays

by Eric Bogosian

"A born storyteller with perfect pitch."—The New York Times

"Greatly and bilaterally talented . . . spiky, stinging, caustic without cauterizing. And funny."—New York

One of America's premier performers...

Online Dating After Sixty

by Carole Lethbridge

This is the story of an emotional journey by an aging woman who still wants love and sex in her life and who is desperately trying to hold on to her long hair, her good looks and her youthful figure. Carole...

How to Seduce and Flirt With Someone You Love: Dating Advice for Men and Women

by Scott JD Jackson

Dating can be scary, let us help take the fear out of flirting. Flirting, some people can do it naturally and others have to struggle, but anybody can learn to be a flirt! If you find your flirting falling flat,...

Secrets to a Happy Relationship: The Complete Guide to Keeping Your Relationship Perfect

by Allene Jd Philips

When a relationship is so perfect that both partner's are convinced the other is their "soul mate" there are always 17 core principles at work. Find out what they are and how to put them to work to make sure...

Anna Karenina

by Leo Tolstoi & Leo Tolstoy

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

Everything was in confusion in the Oblonskys’ house. The wife had discovered that the husband was carrying on an intrigue with a...

Dating For Men

by Edwin Dray

Are you sick and tired of seeing every lady that you admire slip through your fingers and end up with the same old guys who have been getting every other lady? And would you like to finally, wow and win over...

The Communism of Love

by Richard Gilman-Opalsky

Exploring the meanings and powers of love from ancient Greece to the present day, Richard Gilman-Opalsky argues that what is called “love” by the best thinkers who have approached the subject is in fact...

Soulmates Journey to Heaven

by Thomas 'n DiAnnie

True enjoyment is when you have someone that pours out their heart to you—realizing that our being together isn’t just by accident. The Holy Spirit is the strength of the cord in God’s love for marriage...

The Love Scrolls

by Edward Theodore Hayes

The Love Scrolls is a series of epic stories meant to celebrate, guide, uplift, inspire, and ultimately deliver the heart.  The Love Scrolls: Seven, Anthology with its 668 pages includes all seven books in...

Get Out Of The Rot

by Toni Exploits

Like Kate's story in the book, many are stuck in the rot of a toxic relationship, with a toxic partner. It feels like a trap and they hope for a change, desperately.

And while they love their partner, and even...

win your ex girlfriend back even after a heartbreak

by julie wesley

Is it possible to get your ex girlfriend back? Sure it is but it’s up to you to get her back and make her want you to come back. How easy it is to get her back after a breakup depends on what happened.

If you...