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A Silent Witness

by R. Austin Freeman

On a wet and windy silent night in the sleeping city of London, the body of a man is found sprawled across Millfield Lane. So begins an ill wind and the puzzle of an intriguing stranger in this enchanting Dr...

The Shadow Of The Wolf

by R. Austin Freeman

In this delightful detective story, Richard Austin Freeman should truly satisfy the inquisitive reader's mind, with incredible twists and turns and the ever-likeable Dr Thorndyke. This excellent novel presents...

A Savant's Vendetta

by R. Austin Freeman

Humphrey Challoner had a formidable reputation in criminal anthropology. An intelligent savant devoted to science and his wife, he tells the story of her tragic demise at the hands of a brutal murderer. But...

The Puzzle Lock

by R. Austin Freeman

When a store of priceless jewels vanishes without a trace, the brilliant Dr Thorndyke and his skilled associate, Mr Polton, are called in to chase a thief who leaves no trace. A mysterious stranger, incendiary...

Pontifex, Son And Thorndyke

by R. Austin Freeman

This puzzling plot is related by two different characters. Dr Thorndyke is investigating a terrible crime, the solving of which remains elusive because of key facts remaining unknown. He needs the facts to confirm...

Mystery Of The Angelina Frood

by R. Austin Freeman

A beautiful young woman is in shock. She calls John Strangeways, a medical lawyer who must piece together the strange disparate facts of her case and in turn, becomes fearful for his life. Only Dr Thorndyke,...

The Jacob Street Mystery

by R. Austin Freeman

A peaceful, pleasant afternoon in the woodland scene of Linton Green is disturbed when a brutal murder takes place. But thanks to an unseen witness, the killer may be caught, and the witness turns out to be...

From A Surgeon's Diary

by R. Austin Freeman

These stories take the reader through a myriad cast of suspicious characters and scenarios. Meet the widow anxious to bury her husband before the autopsy. Meet the artist who's brushes are never used. Meet the...

For The Defence: Dr. Thorndyke

by R. Austin Freeman

The story of Andrew, an artist living with his beautiful wife. He witnesses a man being shot by two masked assailants, but on the advice of his wife, decides to remain silent. When a meeting with his cousin...

Flighty Phyllis

by R. Austin Freeman

Chronicling the adventures and misadventures of Phyllis Dudley, Richard Austin Freeman brings to life a charming character always getting into scrapes. From impersonating a man to discovering mysterious trap...

Parlour Four

by J.I.M. Stewart

A boy is kind with unexpected consequences. A lover gives a ring to his girl, but doesn't appreciate its history and value. In Oxford, the Bodleian is mysteriously empty, whilst a don becomes a bestselling author....

A Palace of Art

by J.I.M. Stewart

Gloria Montacute is in Venice, having inherited a great collection of art treasures. Dealers gather and one of them sends a handsome young man to pursue her. Jake, her cousin, and Henry, a neighbour, also arrive....

An Open Prison

by J.I.M. Stewart

Robin Hayes breaks the news that his father is guilty of embezzlement and has been sentenced to two years. Complications arise when a junior pupil at his school turns out to be the grandson of the judge who...

The Naylors

by J.I.M. Stewart

George Naylor, an Anglican priest, becomes involved in a series of adventures including the discovery of a secret research laboratory, and may be involved in a protest rally which includes nuclear disarmers...

The Man Who Won The Pools

by J.I.M. Stewart

Phil Tombs's wins almost a quarter of a million pounds. Many try to take for a ride and relieve him of his new found fortune, but Phil is no fool, and he makes an enterprising and amusing hero as he learns the...

The Madonna of The Astrolabe

by J.I.M. Stewart

'Professor Sanctuary favours the immediate launching of an appeal . . .' And so it begins . . . In J.I.M. Stewart's superbly melding of wit, mystery, observation and literary prowess a gripping novel develops...

The Guardians

by J.I.M. Stewart

T Willard Quail, an American citizen, re-visits Oxford many years after leaving so as to pursue the Fontaney Journals. Quail's motive and purpose may not be immediately apparent, but with his usual wit and skill...

The Gaudy

by J.I.M. Stewart

The first in the acclaimed 'A Staircase in Surrey' quintet opens in Oxford at the eponymous annual dinner laid on by Fellows. Patullo finds himself embroiled in the problems faced by a Cabinet Minister and also...

Felo De Se

by R. Austin Freeman

John Gillam was a gambler. He faced financial ruin and was the victim of a sinister blackmail attempt. He is now dead. In this exceptional mystery, Dr Thorndyke is brought in to untangle the secrecy surrounding...

Dr Thorndyke Intervenes

by R. Austin Freeman

What would you do if you opened a package to find a man's head? What would you do if the headless corpse had been swapped for a case of bullion? What would you do if you knew a brutal murderer was out there,...