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Highbridge Boys

by Frederick Schneider

This is the story of two young men coming of age. One, the child of an abusive father has to emotionally support his alcoholic mother, while the other leaves the neighborhood to serve in the military during...

Literature Help: Cold Sassy Tree

by Students' Academy

The story is set in Georgia, in the United State. There is a fictional town of Cold Sassy. This fictional town is said to be based on the city of Harmony Grove now called Commerce in the year 1906. The story...

Forget Me Not

by Ross Alejandro

Never take anything for granted not even love. What if you had your soulmate in your life and everything just seemed so perfect. Until one night, you go to bed and when you wake nothing was the same. Tara kissed...

Chronicles of Aryk: The Forgotten

by N.B. Csicsmann

When a young man wakes up at the bottom of a crater in mythological ancient Rome, he can't recall anything about who he is or how he got there. Not even the gods know where he came from. While he slowly remembers...

Sighing In Unison: Portraits of Introspection

by Bryan J Mangam & Michael Deabold

For the past year we have searched within ourselves for the answers to our problems and for the true meaning of life. We've collected our findings - over one hundred essays, poems and photographs - and as a...

The Crafting of Millosai

by Seth Giolle

The Crafting of Millosai covers the artwork, music sheets, sketchbook, animal drawings, and character bios that have been created and collected over the years while working on my greater novel series, The Trail...


by C. K. Gallimore

How much pain are you willing to take to pick up the pieces of a shattered life? For Jace, he is willing to take it all. He will do anything in his power to ensure that Cori gets the justice that she deserves....

Cannoli for the Cop Next Door (Corsco Family Series)

by Laine Faro

Lily, after becoming a widow, has to decide if she is going to stay in Colorado or go back home to Oklahoma. She finds herself coming back to life with the help of the cop next door, her first real job and the...

The Avestan Prince and the Cloak of the Wraith

by Ricky Pepitone II

In a land ruled by greed and dominated by prejudice, a young hero's journey is about to unfold. Aided by magic and the unusual allies he gathers along the way, Zack Keller sets off on a breathtaking journey...

The End of Wood

by Michael Spender

This story is a continuation of three previous tales of the neolithic clan that originated in the Land of Round Temples (Anatolia). In the story the very survival of the clan is threatened by the diminishing...

To Free the Fox

by Marquel Sherry

Alitha Helgren a college student, whose life so far has been rocky, but ordinary, goes to spend the summer at her deceased grandmother's cottage. While there she begins to experience some unusual things. Alitha...

White Lion Hunt

by Reg. D. Lyons

New-ISBN #978-1-304-42746-5 Save 30% Fantastic FALL SALE! Victor DeBeers is a big game hunter, known as 'the Flying Dutchman' around the globe,a ladies man,but he has no idea of how his world is about to come...

Storybook Endings

by Glen Feulner

The newest collection of poetry & short fiction by Glen Feulner, the author of Worlds Without End & Tangible Things

The Baker's Man

by A. Sanders

A dramatic novel that follows the journey of a young woman as she copes with loss and increasing danger when her husband accidentally stumbles across a group of assassins operating from their home town. She...

Principles of Stylistics

by Ivor Ogidefa

stylistics and how it relates to language with all the syntax

Shurik`en the 'Super Ninja' Book I of V

by Reg. D. Lyons

978-1-300-33786-7 Save 30% off Spring into Summer Sale! ORDER NOW! This is Our Best Seller Satisfaction Guarantee!!! Since Mac Mathews was twelve, he knew he would never be normal again. A boy with Electromagnetic...

The Drake Files

by Cengiz Dervis

The Drake Files is a supernatural thriller set in London in the present time. It's a very London affair, gritty with a subtle dark magical flavour with huge potential. When Drake makes a deal with a stranger...

Today I Sing!: Songs of the Universe: A Collection of Poetry

by Rahad Daughtrey

Today I sing! is a celebration of awakening to the Voice of the Universe lovingly echoed in simple, inspired verse. It expresses the authors glimpses of Identity in the ever growing awareness of What Is in the...

A Real Woman's Spoken Words: Poetry Collection

by Ivory

A spoken word poetic memoir of a real woman's experience with the joy and pain of love.

A Rain of Pebbles (Stories of the Alliance)

by Stephen Leigh

For the first time, all of Stephen Leigh's "Alliance Universe" short fiction is collected together in one place. The Alliance Universe was also the setting for the "Hoorka Novels" (SLOW FALL TO DAWN, DANCE OF...