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Blood Red

by Quintin Jardine

Primavera Blackstone becomes the prime suspect in the second breathtaking novel in a brilliant new series by bestselling Scottish crime writer Quintin Jardine. Primavera is enjoying the quiet life in an idyllic...

The Gladiator: Cato & Macro: Book 9

by Simon Scarrow

While centurions Macro and Cato are returning to Rome from a harrowing campaign against the Parthians, their transport ship is almost capsized by a tidal wave. They barely make it to the port of Matala in Crete...

The Fields of Death: (Revolution 4)

by Simon Scarrow

The final title in bestselling author Simon Scarrow's Revolution series: a quartet of novels focusing on two giants of European history, Wellington and Napoleon.

Fire and Sword: (Revolution 3)

by Simon Scarrow

The third title in bestselling author Simon Scarrow's Revolution series: a quartet of novels focusing on two giants of European history, Wellington and Napoleon.

The Farmer Needs A Wife

by Janet Gover

Glamorous magazine editor Helen Woodley has been hired as the new head honcho of magazine Australian Life, and she needs a new feature idea to send the magazine rocketing back up the popularity stakes ? fast....

Chinese Whispers

by Marisa Mackle

Funny, clever and original - it's another hit from Irish No1 bestselling author, Marisa Mackle

Confessions Of An Air Hostess

by Marisa Mackle

Bestselling Irish writer Marisa Mackle comes to Little Black Dress with a hilarious, romantic and page-turning book about the air hostess to end all air hostesses... A great love story and a fantastic, loveable...

Living Next Door to Alice

by Marisa Mackle

Tired? Grumpy? Feeling insecure? Then what you really need to feel better about yourself is... a supermodel coming to live next door.

Tanya knows that in life there will be depressingly beautiful super-beings...

Lethal Intent

by Quintin Jardine

Somewhere in Scotland the unthinkable is about to happen - something that would shatter the very bedrock of society. And Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner finds himself facing a triple threat. Ruthless Albanian...

Death's Door

by Quintin Jardine

The nation's sharpest cop, DCC Bob Skinner, desperately wants to stop a serial killer...When two young female artists are murdered in what looks like ritualistic killings, the pressure is on to find a highly...

Centurion: Cato & Macro: Book 8

by Simon Scarrow

In the first century AD the Roman Empire faces a new threat from its long-standing enemy Parthia. Parthia is vying with Rome for control of Palmyra, an officially neutral kingdom. Palmyra's royal household is...

The Eagle In The Sand: Cato & Macro: Book 7

by Simon Scarrow

Trouble is brewing in Syria, on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire. With the troops in a deplorable state, centurions Macro and Cato are despatched to restore the competence of the cohort. But another...

A Haunt of Murder

by Paul Doherty

It's 1381 and Beatrice Arrowner is on her way to Ravenscroft Castle on the outskirts of Maldon. Beatrice is meeting clerk Ralph Mortimer for a feast on the green. Nothing can dampen Beatrice's mood as she and...

The Hangman's Hymn

by Paul Doherty

When homeless and jobless, Simon Cotterill joins a hangman's crew replacing a man who was himself sent to the gibbet, he feels rejected even by the desperate men he now works with. Until he learns the secret...

An Ancient Evil

by Paul Doherty

As the travellers gather in the Tabard Inn at the start of a pilgrimage to Canterbury, they agree to amuse themselves on each day of their journey with one tale and each evening with another - but the latter...


by Paul Doherty

Agrippina - mother of Nero, wife of Claudius - has no choice but to fight with her wits to stay alive. Emerging victorious in the secretive plot to end the reign of Tiberius, she also proves to be a formidable...

The Waxman Murders

by Paul Doherty

October 1300: 'The Waxman', most feared of war cogs, is carrying 'The Cloister Map' - an ancient manuscript alleged to chart the whereabouts of a legendary treasure - when it is overrun by ships flying the colours...

The Magician's Death

by Paul Doherty

Paul Doherty's fourteenth novel in the brilliant Hugh Corbett series. Friar Roger's Bacon's book of secrets is coveted in both France and England, but the brilliant, controversial scholar has concealed his discoveries...

Corpse Candle

by Paul Doherty

The thirteenth thrilling tale in the Hugh Corbett series. The Brothers of the abbey of St Martin's-in-the-Marsh usually pay little heed to the tales of robber baron Sir Geoffrey Mandeville's ghost galloping...

The Treason of the Ghosts

by Paul Doherty

Five years ago in the village of Melford, a local lord, Sir Roger Chapeley, was executed for a spate of vicious murders. But now other young girls have been violated and garrotted, and the dead lord's son, Maurice,...