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Best Left Unseen

by Henry S. Kivett

Filled with not quite ghost stories and not quite love stories, this quirky collection of just over 4,000 words explores what we can, can't, will, and won't see when we're looking for connections.

The Old Pumpkin

by Caleb Anderson

Join John on a quest to defeat the Old Pumpkin an evil pumpkin like the headless horse man. John must find out if the legend is true. Is the Old Pumpkin real or just a myth?

The House On East 14th Street

by James Burdick

the story of a group of people living in NYC and the strange adventures that "just happened".

Black Sheep's Meadow

by A.J. Mayers

Lance's past is plagued with tragedy and darkness, which has caused obstacles in his adult life. After a breakup with his former girlfriend, Claire, Lance began a relationship with Amy, who he eventually asks...

An Excess of Fumbling - Two Novellas

by James Nikopoulos

In 2002, in his last semester at UCLA, Tom meets and falls in love with Natasha. Not so quick to resist his advances, she precipitates an obsession that will spiral out of control. An Excess of Fumbling is about...

Best Friends Share Everything Part 3

by Roselle Stone

When Zach's wife, Jen, gets a promotion at work, they invite their best friends, Paige and Rob, out for a celebratory supper. As the night progresses, some harmless flirting in the restaurant develops into a...

Best Friends Share Everything Part 2

by Roselle Stone

After several years of friendship without benefits, Paige and Zach decide they need to share their knowledge, expertise, and bodies with Tiffany, for her own good. These two best friends team up to help a roommate,...

Outliving Your Pets

by Henry S. Kivett

Looking for a collection of short fiction that'll stay with you for days after you've read it? You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hug your cat, kiss your dog full on the lips, and you'll question every relationship...

Literature Companion: A Lesson Before Dying

by History World

The book brought the author both name and fame. Gaines was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for the second time. The book was eventually recognized in American fiction after four years of its publication. Oprah...

Gilligan's Travels Nana's House

by D.D. Harris

To Nana's house we go. Join Ashley, Lake, Gilligan and all the cousins for a trip to Nana's house. Read for a better world! Gilligan 4 President!

Gilligan's Travels the Gift

by D.D. Harris

A gift for all to see! Follow Gilligan to see who this gift is really for. Read for a better world! Gilligan 4 President!

Window to the Soul

by Kyle Kenner

Arthur Fuller is an artist who has made quite a name for himself. In fact, there is a good chance he may soon become famous when the world's leading art critic rolls into his tiny town near the woods. The art...

Gilligan's Travels the Library

by D.D. Harris

This trip to the Library was a big hit! Gilligan and his friends got to all be a STAR! Read for a better world. Gilligan 4 President!

Gilligan's Travels the Hospital

by D.D. Harris

Every trip so far has been fun. Follow Gilligan on a adventure to put smiles on special faces. Read for a better world. Gilligan 4 President

Gilligan's Travels Daycare

by D.D. Harris

Daycare is fun! Daycare is cool! Follow Gilligan and his friends to a day of fun with friends at daycare! Read for a better world. Gilligan 4 President!

Gilligan's Travels Next Door

by D.D. Harris

Who lives next door? Gilligan wants to find out. Follow Gilligan as he sneaks next door to find out. Read for a better world. Gilligan 4 President!

Gilligan's Travels the Box

by D.D. Harris

Jump Bump and Ride in The Box with Gilligan and the hounds. Find out how much fun the RUN can be. Read for a better world. Gilligan 4 President!

The Openers

by Jayna Ostler

Quin, drummer of rock quartet Smudge, has known nothing but music in her life. She's excited to go on her first tour as an opening act for Octopus Pie and see life as her parents saw it for so many years. She...

Gilligan's Travels the Backdoor

by D.D. Harris

Follow Gilligan on his second adventure. To the Back door is place no goat has gone before. Remember read for a better world. Gilligan 4 President!

Elixirs Shadow: Book III Sword of Hadrian Trilogy

by Chloelia Salome

Colette was back in Paris. She should be happy to be home, but that joyful feeling wasn't there. She tried to force herself to love this place again, but Paris had turned her life completely upside down. This...