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Laura's Handmade Life

by Amanda Addison

Laura Lovegrove is leaving behind her seamless life in London. Architect husband Adi has been relocated to rural Norfolk, a far cry from ultra-urban Ealing. Though Laura knew village life would be different,...

Rough Trade

by Emma Allan

As a present to herself following a promotion, Clare hires a firm of builders to redecorate her house. Aware of the interest of one of the workmen, she succumbs to his advances, finding pleasure in his physical...

Searching For Sex

by Emma Allan

Kate Hailstone is alone following a disastrous marriage which ended when she found her husband in bed with another man. But she has always liked sex, and is missing it a great deal. So, after a long period of...

Black Stockings

by Emma Allan

'Letitia pulled on the basque and fastened the hooks into the eyes, using the tightest of three possible positions. As the feeling of constriction increased she felt her excitement growing with it. Settling...

Two Women

by Emma Allan

Caroline and Adrianne, old college friends, meet up unexpectedly. Adrianne tells Caroline, who is unlucky with men, that she is the mistress of a wealthy businessman. When Caroline is set up with his friend,...

Midnight Starr

by Dorothy Starr

A collection of erotic stories by the author of "Hotel Aphrodisia". They feature a silk basque which revives a fading love affair; a hot summer night's fantasy which surprisingly comes true; a dash to hospital...

Hotel of Love

by Dorothy Starr

'He was one of the sexiest, most desirable men she'd ever met? As Dani considered this, a piquant idea occurred to her; something she knew she ought to dismiss out of hand, yet which felt more irresistible as...

To Algeria, With Love

by Suzanne Ruta

Louise, an American innocent, takes up a scholarship in the south of France in winter 1961 and promptly falls for Wally, a gregarious Algerian worker in flight from brutal colonial war. He teaches her about...

Dynasty 33: The Dancing Years

by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

1919. As the euphoria of the Armistice fades, the nation counts the cost: millions dead or disabled, unemployment, strikes and shortages. As prices and taxes rise, it becomes harder to remember what the war...

The Protector

by Duncan Falconer

Three men: an Iraqi, a former coalition soldier and a journalist, drive together from Baghdad towards Fallujah as the US Marines encircle the city to take it apart. It seems the men are on a single mission to...

The Hijack

by Duncan Falconer

Two hundred miles south of the Devon coastline, Palestinian freedom fighter Abed Abu Omar and twenty men prepare for their most daring mission yet - the hijack of a supertanker, a five-storey superstructure...

The Hostage

by Duncan Falconer

When an undercover operation monitoring the Real IRA goes horrifically wrong, British Intelligence turn to the one man who can get their agent out: Stratton, SBS operative with a lethal reputation. It's a dangerous...


by Duncan Falconer

After a surveillance mission in Sevastopol goes badly wrong, Stratton finds himself doing penance at MI16, the government's clandestine organisation that creates weapons equipment for special forces and the...

Undersea Prison

by Duncan Falconer

After the British military lose an officer to Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, a desperate race begins to find his killers. Little do the assailants know that the precious information they have stolen could...

Teaching The Temptress

by Ginnie Bond

'Oh my God,' she whispered as tears came into her eyes, and her whole body began to quiver. Then he rose and placed a line of little licks up her stomach to her breasts. Each nipple was taken in its turn and...


by Ginnie Bond

Financial necessity has forced expert wildlife photographer Jodi Barens to turn her lens on party animals instead of photographing famous people for the gossip pages of glossy magazines. She tracks the virile...

The Enchanted April

by Elizabeth VonArnim

A discreet advertisement in 'The Times', addressed to 'Those who Apppreciate Wisteria and Sunshine...' is the impetus for a revelatory month for four very different women. High above the bay on the Italian Riviera...


by Duncan Falconer

Stratton carries out a small task in Central America as a favour to a CIA officer, but it leads him to become embroiled in a national rebellion. Against his own principles, the special operative becomes emotionally...

Death on a Galician Shore

by Domingo Villar

One misty autumn dawn in a quiet fishing port in northwest Spain, the body of a sailor washes up in the harbour. Detective Inspector Leo Caldas is called in from police headquarters in the nearby city of Vigo...


by Jack Drummond

NOTHING CAN STOP IT Every year thousands flock to the exclusive ski resort of Hauts des Aigles to watch the Race du Diable - the most exciting and dangerous downhill race in the world. This year six champions...