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Stoneheart 3: Silvertongue

by Charlie Fletcher

George and Edie are travelling through unLondon, a world of danger on the city streets, and they are quite alone.¬?

Time is standing still, and the rest of London is unaware of their plight, unaware of the...

Stoneheart 2: Ironhand

by Charlie Fletcher

'Edie,' said George, 'we're going to do this together. I'll be right there with you. Anything, anyone trying to get you is going to have to come past me first.' But when George makes his promise he is not aware...


by Charlie Fletcher

Deep in the City something had been woken, so old that people had been walking past it for centuries without giving it a second look...' When George¬?breaks the dragon's head¬?outside the Natural History Museum...

The Night Walker

by Patricia Elliott

Footsteps in the dusk. Pale hounds howling through the night. Hollow-eyed children pleading for his help. And, most sinister of all, the return of an old friend, grown more powerful than ever. Daniel's life...

2: Orphan of the Flames

by H L Dennis

The team of code-crackers face a new code that has never been solved. Brodie, Hunter and Tusia are back at Station X, the secret code-cracking station at Bletchley Park. And they are still wrestling with the...

Stories from the Wild 7: Cadoc

by Geoffrey Malone

Marla the badger lives peacefully in a sett with Cadoc, her mate, and their three young cubs. They are unaware of the threat approaching - badger baiters are operating in the area, hunting for badgers to sell...

Stories from the Wild 8: Tiger

by Geoffrey Malone

In the Indian forest, danger lurks in every corner and Kuma must teach her cubs the harsh rules of survival against Nature.?But when a tiger is worth more dead than alive, she must face the most cunning enemy...

Secret Breakers 1: The Power of Three

by H L Dennis

BREAK THE RULES. BREAK THE CODE. When Brodie Bray receives a coded message through the post her life changes for ever. She's drawn into a Secret Code and Cipher Society trying to crack the most complicated code...

Return to the Last Chance Zoo

by W. J. Corbett

Head keeper Ken is world-famous for never turning a difficult animal away. Ken's zoo gives a 'last chance', offering a home to all those animals whose misbehaviour or strange habits have led to their exclusion...

Hamish Climbing Fathers Mountain

by W. J. Corbett

Hamish is a mountain goat, and so are all his friends. But Hamish is frightened of climbing mountains, and makes excuses to stay behind every day, when his friends go into the hills. Until one day, he hears...

The Quest For The End Of The Tail

by Wj. Corbett

Continuing the enchanting tale of a clan of miniature creatures called the People and their epic battle for a safe new home ... Following their travels on the Ark, the intrepid Willow People are now settled...

The Spell to Save the Golden Snake

by W. J. Corbett

Continuing the enchanting tale of a clan of miniature creatures called the People and their epic search for a peaceful home ...

The Willow Clan are living in harmony with their neighbours, the Guardian Clan...

The Ark Of The People

by W. J. Corbett

The enchanting tale of a clan of miniature creatures called the People and their epic voyage in search of a new home ...

When Humans flood their valley, the gentle Willow Clan abandon their tree home and take...

Doom Rider

by David Gatward

Seth Crow has lived a thousand lives, and in each one he's been murdered before he turns thirteen. And now he's being hunted again. But this time it's different ... Enter Lily, who tells him of his fate: Seth...

Smoke Trail

by June Oldham

Cora lives with her mother and grandmother in a hamlet in the Yorkshire dales. The three are close, but Cora longs to meet her father, whom she has never seen. She likens him to an unknown man who is reported...

The Last of the Warrior Kings

by Sarah Mussi

It's a snowy evening, South London. From a bus, Max Wolf and his brother Angelo see a gang ominously tracking a well-known rapper, Mogul King, through the dark streets. Minutes later, Mogul King boards the bus,...

Door of No Return

by Sarah Mussi

Zac lives with his grandfather, Pops. When Pops is killed by muggers, Zac is devastated. Dumped with foster parents, then in an orphanage, Zac stumbles from trouble to trouble, but the one thing he hangs on...

White Lies and Tiaras

by Marilyn Kaye

Alice Henshaw thought she'd got over her first love, Jack. Even an invitation to his wedding doesn't get to her - well maybe just a little. But Alice has a new boyfriend now, and she's going to put the past...

Ticket to Love

by Marilyn Kaye

Erica, Megan, Jen and Serena are on the brink of their adult lives, hoping for fun together before the serious future sets in. So when Jennifer wins a competition and the prize is a long weekend in New York...

Girl World

by Theresa Cheung

It's tough out there in Girl World. One minute you're in the gang, the next you're out... your best friend has stopped talking to you for no apparent reason... you find out that someone has been spreading nasty...