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by Malcolm Rose

What can one group of friends do when all of humanity faces extinction? An asteroid is hurtling to Earth which could destroy everything on the planet. Josh, Dave and Zack are determined to save the world and...

The Messenger

by John Townsend

When Chris sees an ornamental glass angel smash at his feet he doesn't think anything of it. But when a trip to the moors with his girlfriend brings strange events, he begins to think it may have been a bad...

Cry, Baby

by Jill Atkins

Cry, Baby tells the story of Charlie, a fifteen-year-old girl in her last year of high school. Discovering she is pregnant following a one night stand, Charlie is almost certain she is not ready to be a mother....

Four Degrees More

by Malcolm Rose

After Leyton watches his house collapse into the sea as a result of climate change and rising sea levels, he is desperate to stop the environmental crisis. He knows that all that lies between the world and complete...

Space Explorers

by David Orme

Sammi and Zak are thrilled when their friend Chad takes them on a trip to explore a new planet. Unfamiliar with their surroundings, they are stranded and become the victims of some deadly spear plants. Their...

Gateway from Hell

by David Orme

To Lisa and her friends, Mott Hill is sacred - and they are determined to stop a new road being built on it. Only Lisa and her friends know what lies beneath it - something ancient and dangerous, maybe even...


by David Orme

It is 2nd September 1666 in London and Martin Outwich is suddenly awoken by the sounds of fire. He thinks nothing of it, but the fire is spreading and very quickly the whole city is ablaze. Abandoned by his...

Who Cares

by Helen Orme

Tara hates her situation and everyone around her. Most of all, she hates her special school, the Unit, which she feels is essentially a dumping ground for misbehaving kids who don't fit in at school. After meeting...

Tears of a Friend

by John Cotterill

Claire and Cassie have always been friends. Cassie believes that nothing will break their bond. But one day they have an almighty row and their friendship is thrown into jeopardy. When they next meet at a party,...

Life of the Party

by Gillian Philip

Life of the Party is the story of Chloe, a teenager who lives with her mother and aloof father. She spends her spare time binge drinking with her friends, much to the disgust of Rob, a boy from school who fancies...

Coming in to Land

by Dennis Hamley

Jack is the youngest cadet to be chosen by the RAF to learn to fly a glider. He hopes that when he is older he may be able to fly real planes in the war. However, for all his flying prowess, he has a fear of...

Treachery by Night

by Ann Ruffell

Glencoe, 1692 is the setting for this tale of treachery and deceit. There is a rising feud between the Campbells and MacDonalds. Conn, a young MacDonald with a withered arm, wishes he could fight like his cousin...

Doing the Double

by Alan Durant

Twins Dale and Joe are the sons of fallen football ace Nicky Green. They have always joked about swapping their identities for a day, but suddenly everything changes - and now it's serious. Dale wants Joe to...

A Murder of Crows

by Penny Bates

Only child Ben moves to the country with his mum and befriends a crow for company. However, when a local boy sees this and jeers at him mercilessly, Ben very soon becomes a laughing stock. The bullies want him...

Danger Money

by Mary Chapman

As a World War One recruit onboard the Admiral, all Bob Thompson can think about is how much he will earn. Bob's mother doesn't want him to join the ship, for fear that he will be injured as the crew defends...


by Tish Farrell

Danny doesn't want to be a hunter, but when the rains fail, he and his father Jacob are forced to go poaching for meat in the forbidden game park. But when Danny makes a terrible mistake, their theft is discovered....

Animal Lab

by Malcolm Rose

Jamie Littlewood is as bald as the monkey he's looking after at the local animal lab. He is happy to discover that the monkey may be the key to curing his condition. However, his sister champions the animal...

Hunter's Moon

by John Townsend

When his boss is mysteriously hurt, young gamekeeper Neil is left to look after the woods and pheasants on his own. There have been rumours of a panther on the loose, and now Neil notices some odd scratch marks...


by David Orme

It is 1665 and the plague has hit the city of London. Life will never be the same again for apprentice apothecary Henry Harper. His father is dead and his mother and brother have fled the country. Can Henry...


by Mary Chapman

Every aspect of Penna's life is controlled for her: a computer programme tells her when to get up, when to eat, even when to sleep. It's the same for everybody in this brave new world. But one day the programme...