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Running in Heels

by Helen Bailey

A blisteringly funny riches-to-rags story from the one and only Helen Bailey. Daisy Davenport has it all ? stunning looks, spectacular house, seriously gorgeous boyfriend. But when her father is sent to jail...

Love ya Babe

by Chris Higgins

Caught between family life and school, Gabby's trials never seem to end ...

If she's not dealing with her outrageously embarrassing mother Posy, or helping out with her troubled brothers at home, she's pursuing...

It's A 50/50 Thing

by Chris Higgins

Starting all over again in a new town can be hard enough but with Dad not around anymore, her Mum on the verge of a breakdown and a kid sister to look after - Kally's life is suddenly full of secrets. When the...

Permanent Rose

by Hilary McKay

It's a long hot summer - to Permanent Rose it seems never ending. Rose misses Tom, Indigo's friend who went back to America. New friend David is not a good enough replacement. Caddy's fiancee, Michael, tries...

Pride and Penalties

by Chris Higgins

Charlotte doesn't want a lot - just to play rugby and for her dad to be proud of her. But her brother Will is the rugby star of the family, only he's got very different stars in his eyes. Soon they're both keeping...

Best Friends

by Nora Kay

Fiery Agnes Boyd and quiet, motherless Rachel Donaldson have been best friends since their Dundee schooldays. Both girls are determined to escape from the poverty their families endure. Thwarted in her ambition...

Cable From Kabul

by Nigel Tranter

MACREADY BELIEVED DEAD STOP PROJECT IN BALANCE STOP PLEASE COME STOP said the cable which reached the respectable Fenchurch Street office of Cranstoun and Macready, Importers and Exporters. Plain words, but...

The Girl Behind The Mask: Hidden Women: 1

by Stella Knightley

Two passionate stories of love, lust and seduction that will leave you wanting more . . . The first novel in the HIDDEN WOMEN trilogy explores the temptations of eighteenth-century Venice.

Softly Grow the Poppies

by Audrey Howard

Audrey Howard's long-awaited new novel is an epic saga of love and war. Rose Beechworth is mistress of a charming country house - her own, left to her by her wealthy father. In the summer of 1914, she is not...

The Workhouse Girl

by Jessica Stirling

To Cassie Armitage and her well-to-do family, Robert Montague seems a perfect suitor: a distinguished preacher with a glamorous past and impressive connections. Only after marriage will trusting and idealistic...

The Wise Child

by Jessica Stirling

Both Kirsty and Craig Nicholson sacrifice lovers to hold their marriage together for the sake of their crippled son. For a time all seems well until Kirsty seizes an opportunity to buy a small shop and makes...

The Strawberry Season

by Jessica Stirling

About fifteen years after the events in the last book Fay Ludlow, battered daugher-in-law of Innes, seeks refuge with her unknown mother-in- law on Mull with the abusive Tarrant men expected to follow her.

The Piper's Tune

by Jessica Stirling

Lindsay Franklin's life is an adventure she has just begin to enjoy. At eighteen, Arthur Franklin's cosseted daughter has left her Glasgow school and finds her role as a marriageable young lady with a widowed...

Something in Common

by Roisin Meaney

Our lives are defined by other people. Some are with us from the start: parents, siblings, childhood friends. Others find us later: work colleagues, lovers. But occasionally there are people whose paths cross...

Knowing Me, Knowing You

by Brian Finnegan

1983 - an unforgettable summer of rebellion, first love and shared secrets for four teenage friends and ABBA fans. Three decades on, and much has changed . . . Devoted wife and mother-of-two Maggie Corcoran...

The Forced Redundancy Film Club

by Brian Finnegan

Five colleagues. One dreadful day. And the biggest shock of her life for high-flying career girl Katherine Casey, who'd believed she was safe from the job losses coming to Qwertec Solutions. The mood is sombre...

Lion Let Loose

by Nigel Tranter

James the First of Scots was an extraordinary man: poet, thinker warrior, athlete and statesman. And prisoner - for he was held captive for almost half his adult life. He possessed that fatal Stewart capacity...

The End of the Line

by Nigel Tranter

As the 15th century dawned, Scotland was plunged into chaos. With the new king ailing and weak, his unscrupulous younger brother, the Earl of Fife, seized his chance to become Regent and Governer of the realm....

The Admiral

by Nigel Tranter

A humble laird from Largoshire, Andrew Wood's determination to

avenge his father's murder by English pirates, led to his national

renown as a pirate-slayer.

This brought him to the attention of King James...

Food for the Fishes

by David Wishart

When Licinius Murena, wealthy owner of a fish-farm, is found dead, drowned in one of his own eel tanks, not many tears are shed. Certainly not by Trebbio, who had just been booted out of his cottage by the landowner,...