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Sophomore Campaign: A Mickey Tussler Novel

by Frank Nappi

It’s 1949 and eighteen-year-old pitching phenom Mickey Tussler is back with the rejuvenated minor league Brewers in the sequel to The Legend of Mickey Tussler (the basis for the television movie A Mile in...

Wounded #1

by Stephen Cole

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Evergreen Review Reader: 1957-1966

by Barney Rosset

This selection from the first ten years of the Evergreen Review gives the full flavor of the energy, savvy, excitement, and gall that characterized the magazine during the days of its publication. It also happens...


by Elaine Wolf

Every secret has a price.

For most girls, sleepaway camp is great fun. But for Amy Becker, it's a nightmare. Amy, whose home life is in turmoil, is sent to Camp Takawanda for Girls for the first time as a teenager....

Proofs of Affection

by Rosemary Friedman

One year in the life of a London Jewish family at a time of great change: Sydney Shelton's business is not doing too well, but he has provided for his future and his worries are not about trade but about his...

Rumi: A New Translation of Selected Poems

by Rumi & Farrukh Dhondy

Championed by the likes of Madonna, Donna Karan, and Deepak Chopra, Rumi has won such a following in this country that a few years ago he was proclaimed our bestselling poet. But translations that have popularized...

Visions of Tomorrow: Science Fiction Predictions that Came True

by Tom Easton & Judith Klein-Dial

A fascinating collection of fiction-turned-reality tales. Long before movies like Minority Report and The Matrix, the world’s writers have been recording the future as it might exist—and as it turns out,...

Troublesome Range: A Western Story

by Peter Dawson

After five years of virtual banishment because he sold out his small outfit to the Middle Arizona Cattle Company, giving it a foothold on the Mesa Grande range, violent-tempered Joe Bonnyman is summoned back...

The Lemonade Ripple: A Sweet Story of Kindness and Charity

by Paul Reichert

When Caroline watches her disabled friend Shannon struggling with an old, rusty, squeaking, and wobbling wheelchair, she decides to use her grandmother’s secret recipe to make and sell lemonade to raise money...

Lone Star 153

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki are on a train to Laredo with Jessie's new acquisition, a magnificent black thoroughbred named Lucifer. The train is ambushed and Ki is left for dead, while Jessie and the horse are kidnapped and...

The Fraternity

by Rosemary Friedman

It is the early Sixties. The parents of law student, Peach Gatehouse, are both doctors and her brother is a medical student. She is in love with Henry but cannot contemplate life as a doctor's wife. Stifled...

Bitter Bitch

by Maria Sveland & Katarina E. Tucker

On a miserable January morning, Sarah is sitting on a plane to Tenerife, Spain—without her husband or her children—for a week-long vacation. At the age of thirty, she’s just realized that she’s very...

A Circus Wish #6

Magic Kitten #6

by Sue Bentley, Andrew Farley & Angela Swan

Sadie can't wait to get involved with the local circus youth group, especially when it turns out she's really good at acrobatics! Sadie wonders what to do when her best friend Jenny suddenly starts acting mean...

Dead Horsemeat

by Dominique Manotti, Amanda Hopkinson & Ros Schwartz

School friends who campaigned together at Rennes in the heydey of 1968: Agathe Renourd and her protégé Nicolas Berger are in charge of the communications network of a major insurance consortium; Christian...

The Juggling Pug

by Sean Bryan & Tom Murphy

A town becomes instantly famous when one special pug begins to juggle. But the pug is also mischievous and messy. He digs holes in the yard, drinks all the soda in the fridge, and even poops on the rug. Finally,...


by Mary Balogh

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

The White Indian: Book One of the Rusty Sabin Saga

by Max Brand

First serialized in 1933 in Argosy, this exciting initial installment of the classic Rusty Sabin trilogy introduces readers to the eponymous character and his back story. Rusty Sabin was a child when Cheyenne...

Lone Star 110

by Wesley Ellis

They call them The Lone Star Legend. Jessica Starbuck - a magnificent woman of the West, fighting for justice on America's fromtier... Ki - the martial arts master sworn to protect her and the code she lived...

Rose of Jericho

by Rosemary Friedman

Kitty's husband, Sydney is dead, and eighteen months later, she is still struggling to come to terms with his death. She takes comfort in the lives of her children, and the full comedy and crises of Kitty's...

Paris Summer

by Rosemary Friedman

In the hottest summer in living memory, Judith Flatland, together with her two children, leaves Boston and the Museum of Fine Arts to follow her husband, Jordan, to Paris, where he is about to finalise a high-profile...