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by Qaisra Shahraz

A tragic tale of three young women, each demonised by her past, Typhoon tells the story of Naghman, Chaudharani and Gulshan, the glamorous business executive from the city, the village land baron, and is the...

A Second Wife

by Rosemary Friedman

After an affair lasting twenty-six years, Jean Banks' married lover dies. Gradually the self-assured Jean is overwhelmed by loneliness, sleeping pills and depression. Routine tasks defeat her - and she avoids...

A Loving Mistress

by Rosemary Friedman

Jean Banks, a bright and attractive young doctor, falls suddenly in love with a prominent captain of industry, Victor Pattison. There is only one problem: he is already married, and has a disabled wife whom,...

Yours Until Death

by Gunnar Staalesen & Margaret Amassian

First published in Norwegian in 1979, it was described by the critic Nils Nordberg as 'one of the finest, most serious, most ambitious books in post-war Norwegian crime writing'. The single-mother families of...

The Holy Woman

by Qaisra Shahraz

A romantic story of love and betrayal set in a wealthy Muslim community, with all the pressures and conflicts that modern life and old traditions bring.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

by Jules Verne

An expedition sets sail from Brooklyn to capture a mysterios sea monster. After much fruitless searching, the monster is found, and the ship attacks it. During the fight, the three protagonists are thrown overboard....

Center Field

by Robert Lipsyte

Mike has his junior year well under control. He's got a solid group of friends. He's dating Lori, one of the hottest girls in school. And Coach Cody has all but given him the starting spot as the Ridgedale Rangers'...

Battles of Destiny 2-in-1 Vol. 2

by Al Lacy

Dramatic Tales of Love and Civil War

The Battles of Destiny series is now available in four attractive two-in-one volumes! Bestselling author Al Lacy packs each dramatic novel in the popular historical fiction...

MR Darwin's Gardener

by Kristina Carlson & Emily and Fleur Jeremiah

A postmodern Victorian novel about faith, knowledge and our inner needs. The late 1870s, the Kentish village of Downe. The villagers gather in church one rainy Sunday. Only Thomas Davies stays away. The eccentric...

The Captain's Wife

by Eiluned Lewis & Katie Gramich

A nostalgic look back at the vanished way of life of an 18th century marriage at sea.


by Margaret Redfern

Haunting tale from the Dark Ages. Will and his brother Ned are conscripted children, ditch diggers for the new castle at Flint. Suspected for treachery they must flee into the wilds in the midst of winter

Big Cats and Kitten Heels

by Claire Peate

A weekend long hen party goes wrong when the girls are confined to quarters by a rampaging big cat. The police and fire services come to their rescue only to imperil the wedding they'd set out to celebrate.

The War Before Mine

by Caroline Ross

Alex Mullen child migrant is the product of a wartime romance, but did the romance survive the hostilities?

Coast to Coast Road Trip USA with Young Children

by Samuel J. Swayne

Join in every step of the way in this family adventure of a lifetime. From the first conceptual idea, to an agonising decision to quit work in a recession, through to organising themselves and their young children...


by Tim Green

Cooperstown! Josh is thrilled when all his hard training pays off in a big way and his team, the Titans, makes it to a national tournament in Cooperstown, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. More is...

The Stuart Sapphire

by Alanna Knight

August, 1811. The latest mistress of George, Prince of Wales, has been murdered in the royal bedchamber, and – more worryingly for the Prince – the historic jewel the Stuart Sapphire has gone missing. The...

Prince of Legend

by Jack Ludlow


Thanks to the stratagems of Bohemund de Hauteville, leader of the Apulian Normans, the Crusade has taken...


by Arthur Sze

Sze's poetry is bold and versatile and brings together "disparate realms of experience." -The New Yorker

The Daedalus Incident

by Michael J Martinez

Mars is supposed to be dead…

a fact Lt. Shaila Jain of the Joint Space Command is beginning to doubt in a bad way.

Freak quakes are rumbling over the long-dormant tectonic plates of the planet, disrupting its...

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year

by Jonathan Strahan

In print and on-line, science fiction and fantasy is thriving as never before. A multitude of astonishingly creative and gifted writers are boldly exploring the mythic past, the paranormal present, and the promises...