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Homo Zapiens

by Victor Pelevin

The collapse of the Soviet Union has opened up a huge consumer market, but how do you sell things to a generation that grew up with just one type of cola? When Tatarsky, a frustrated poet, takes a job as an...

Lone Star 122

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki come up against a pack of cutthroat beef buccaneers who rustle cattle on land and sea. When the varmints make the mistake of stealing Jessie and Ki's prize herd, the Lone Star duo heads south of...

Scavenger Hunt (A Finny Aletter Mystery, Book 1)

by Yvonne Montgomery

Denver stockbroker, Finny Aletter, dreams of quitting her cutthroat job to restore historic houses, but the murder of her boss-and ex-lover-Elliot Fulton keeps her in the world of scavengers.

When a prized manuscript...

Sexy Bites (The Jade Lee Romantic Fantasies, Book 5)

by Jade Lee

Two Sexy Novella Adventures in One:


Middle school teacher Toni Freedman deals with a dangerous population: the pre-adolescents from Crimson City's newly created Wolftown.

When the school becomes a...

Stirring the Embers (The Starting Over Series, Book 1)

by Mary Jo Putney

Romantic Women's Fiction.

Previously titled: The Burning Point

Kate Corsi always dreamed of working in her family's world-famous demolition business-a wish her old-fashioned father denied until his untimely death....

Dixie Rebel (The Carolina Magnolia Series, Book 1)

by Patricia Rice

Maya Alyssum has a rebel's dream: to open a school where kids can find unconditional acceptance-an acceptance she and her sister had never experienced while growing up in foster homes.

But Axell Holm, the town...

The Fighting Four

by Max Brand

His name was Jim Silver, but they called him Silvertip. His only companions were his stallion, Parade, and a wolf, Frosty, who obeyed nothing but the wild instincts of his breed and the soft commands of his...

The Trouble with Ava

by Stuart Friedman

She was too innocent on her honeymoon, when Dave, her love-crazed husband, turned her romantic daydreams into a living nightmare...

She was too careless in a Reno gambling club, where as a divorcee hostess she...

The Way We Love

by Stuart Friedman

This is a realistic story of human passion and weakness behind the ultramodern façade of a big city hospital-the saga of Kurt Severton, an brilliant surgeon who feels duty-bound to prevent a whitewash of a...

The Amazing Web

by Harry Stephen Keeler

How the Trigger-Finger of a Man Long Dead Sent Another Man To His Death In this gigantic mystery story, Mr. Keeler has employed atavism in his plot, a thing that has probably never before been attempted in mystery...

Love Me and Die

by Louis Trimble

Three lovely ladies provided Joe Coyle with his ticket to perdition.

The first was a redhead: Ellie Lucas, who had a mind like a steel trap and had an insurance business that would require dirty work to save...

The Bitch

by Gil Brewer

"What I can't stand is knowing she's out right now playing around." The tall, heavy-set man stared at me, his eyes burning a hole in my bullet-proof vest. "Trail her every minute, Morgan. Every minute. Don't...

Lone Wolf #3: Boston Avenger

by Mike Barry

When a wolf leaves the pack, he lives only as long as he can kill by himself quicker and surer than any pack he runs up against. Meet a man beyond either forgiveness or vengeance. Meet the Man they Call The...

Operation Stranglehold

by Dan J. Marlowe

Drake wasn't expecting visitors ...

Which is why he was so wary when Hazel told him about the two strangers pulling into their drive.

Drake watched as the two men got out of their car and walked toward them.


Crown of Shadows: The Coldfire Trilogy, Book Three

by C. S. Friedman

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Having It and Eating It

by Sabine Durrant

Maggie Owen has given up her day job and resigned herself to a life of playground moms and soiled clothing-until the day she runs into Claire Masterson. Claire was the girl at school Maggie always wanted to...

Black Creek Burning (The Black Creek Series, Book 1)

by R.T. Wolfe

After six long years, Brianna Chapman is finally able to cope with witnessing the murder of her parents.

Then, dead animals start showing up on her doorstep, her tires are slashed and her yard is scorched by...

The House Behind the Cedars

by Charles W. Chesnutt

An early masterwork among American literary treatments of miscegenation, Chesnutt's story is of two young African Americans who decide to pass for white in order to claim their share of the American dream.

Forbidden Sanctuary

by Richard Bowker

Father Al Bernardi, S.J., has a problem. He gave sanctuary to the one man all the world wants to see-an alien from Numos.

The aliens wanted him back because he alone can reveal the location of their homeworld...

Brighter Than Gold

by Cynthia Wright

Special Author's Cut Edition Originally Published By Ballantine Books "If this is your first Cynthia Wright romance, you're in for an unforgettable treat!" ~Bestselling Author BARBARA BRETTON "Looking for a...