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Starting Over

by Cathy Hopkins

New term, new school – but India Jane isn’t looking forward to being the new girl in year Eleven. Everyone else already has their circle of friends and India Jane feels like she’s on the outside looking...

This Way to Paradise

by Cathy Hopkins

Meet India Jane. Known to her friends and big, chaotic family as Cinnamon Girl. Born in India, she’s lived all over the world. But what she really wants is to stop travelling and have a real home.

Just when...

Do Secrets Count As Sabotage?

by Helen Salter

‘You’ve got that dreamy look on your face again,’ warned Poppy on the bus home from school. I needed to sort that out, otherwise I would accidentally slip into it at home and my Mum would find out I was...

Ipods in Accra

by Sophia Acheampong

Makeeda’s plans for the summer holidays are falling apart! It’s suddenly announced that she’s going on a trip to visit her relatives in Ghana – and then she splits up with her boyfriend Nelson. Can things...

The Deadly Fire

by Cora Harrison

Alfie has decided to learn to read at St Giles Ragged School. But the school is set on fire and idealistic teacher Mr Elmore perishes in the flames. Alfie and his gang are certain that this was no accident and...

The Revenge of the Praying Mantis

by Jane Prowse

“Run!” Mad Dog shouts! “Run, Hattie – RUN!!!” I turn again and see the impossible – shadowy figures are filling the room! The graffiti on the walls is not graffiti at all – it’s real people and they’re...

Does Glitter Count as Camoflage?

by Helen Salter

‘So, are you going out with him now or what?’ Poppy asked.‘I don’t know.’ I thought about it. ‘I guess I’ll see him soon and we’ll talk about it.’‘Will you be all elusive and distant and coy?’‘Erm...

Growing Yams in London

by Sophie Acheampong

‘Listen, if you want to see Nelson, you have to lie,’ Tanisha insisted.‘Seriously?’‘Yeah, unless you actually want to wait till you’re eighteen.’‘Ohmigod! I hate this.’ I said, reaching for my...

Don't Ask

by Hilary Freeman

Lily believes her boyfriend Jack is perfect, but wonders why he won’t talk about his past. Wouldn’t it be fantastic, she thinks, if she could talk to his ex and fill in all the gaps?Lily devises a way to...


by Simon Packham

At first I thought there were technical problems – something wrong with the sound system – because when I opened my mouth I couldn’t hear a thing. But it was more serious than that . . . I was completely...

Whatever Love Is

by Rosie Ruston

What would happen if Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park was set in the twenty-first century?When Frankie Price goes to live with her wealthy cousins, she finds herself part of a social scene that she’d only read...


by Caroline Green

I’m shaking all over. My brain feels like a computer whose hard drive is full. I can’t take any more weirdness – I haven’t got room in my head. I look around the kitchen and I know something is different...

The Bex Factor

by Simon Packham

When Bex gets an audition for The Tingle Factor, she begs geeky guitarist Matthew to accompany her, hoping he’ll lift her performance. But the judges want Matthew – not Bex! Bex swallows her envy, and persuades...

Belle Laide: Poems

by Joanne Dominique Dwyer

Highly lauded debut reads like a fourth book, with Plath/Sexton overtones. Brash, swiftly veering lines; fusion of profane and sublime.

Easy Math

by Lauren Shapiro & Marie Howe

Pop culture gets the James Tate treatment in poems that offer a gimlet eye to the disappointments of the world.

The Scot and I

The Seers of Grampian #2

by Elizabeth Thornton

After a mysterious woman foils an assassination attempt on the Queen's life, Alex Hepburn, a psychic agent for Her Majesty's Secret Service, recognizes the bold beauty as a conspirator he's been hunting for...

Loving Danny

by Hilary Freeman

Isn’t it weird how the truly significant days of your life often begin as the most banal? There you are, just minding your own business, doing something boring and ordinary like buying a KitKat or, in my case,...

The Poisoned Arrow

by Simon Cheshire

What kind of dirty tricks are being played at the local theatre? Why would someone take the blame for a crime they couldn’t have committed? And how do the top team in the school quiz seem to know the answers...

Five Seconds to Doomsday

by Simon Cheshire

Saxby’s arch-enemy plots his ultimate revenge, a truckload of video games vanish into thin air, and the school office is the target of an apparently pointless robbery...In his sixth book of case files, Saxby...

The Eye of the Serpent

by Simon Cheshire

Crack three more puzzling crimes with Saxby Smart: a valuable work of art vanishes into thin air, a notorious crook returns from the dead, and there’s an eerie case of stolen identity.Saxby Smart – schoolboy...