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Lone Star 48

by Wesley Ellis

Dirty and Deadly. They may be British lords and bankers, but a cloak of respectability can't disguise their treacherous plot. The power-hungry businessmen are scheming to buy up all the land rights of the Wyoming...

The Ash Murders: Supernatural Mystery Stories

by Edmund Glasby

According to eyewitnesses, the victim was sitting on a park bench and talking loudly in a foreign language when he suddenly got to his feet and started flailing his arms around. Then his head fell off and the...

Lone Star 62

by Wesley Ellis

In the shadow of the gallows. Skull Creek, Wyoming-an easy town to die in. As easy as buying a two-dollar pistol or a crooked judge. But who bought the twisted justice that would send Pete Bodie swinging from...

Spirit of the Mist

by Janeen O'Kerry

Destined for a king...

Muriel is living under a family curse which states she must marry no man but a king. On a storm-wracked night, Muriel helps to rescue a man who has been deliberately set adrift in a small...

With or Without Him

by Barbara Elsborg

The most dangerous refuge could be his lover's arms.

Everyone has at least one deep-seated fear. For Tyler, it's being in debt. He's so desperate to get out and stay out of it, he'll do almost anything-including...

Lone Star 83

by Wesley Ellis

There is no such thing as a "routine" cattle drive, and this time is no exception for the Lone Star duo. Jessie and Ki must track down the killers of her trail boss while fending off Brave Buffalo and his Dog...

Stop Ruining the Moment:Out at Home Volume 1

by Alex Wendzel

Stop Ruining the Moment brings Alex Windzel's brilliant humor to your eReader in living color and witty commentary.  Experience the next evolution in comics with Alex's first eComic! Every strip in this collection...

Lone Star 51

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie meets her match: El Matador. His name is Toro Sandoval, and Jessica Starbuck has never encountered a man with such a passionate spirit, or with such deadly charms. But Toro is secretly working for Mewxican...


by Jamie Mayfield

Waiting for Forever: Book Three

Brian McAllister and Jamie Mayfield have risked everything in a desperate escape and are finally together. Jamie is free of his tormentor ... for the moment. But Brian and Jamie...

Lone Star 17

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki go up against the biggest band of outlaws in the history of the West!

The Beard of the Prophet: A Mr. Budd Classic Crime Tale

by Gerald Verner

The murder is as impossible as it is horrible. Archeologist Reuben Hayles, following written threats to his life, receives police protection at his home. Superintendent Budd stations himself outside the door...

House of Pigs

by Christopher Ritchie

ForeWord Reviews Book Of The Year Awards (BOTYA) 2013, Horror Finalist. A world where nothing is as it seems. A dark mystery novel, a surreal journey where only the unseen know the truth, a truth that Joe didn't...

The Adventures of Abra and His Magic Carpet

by Liz Winstanley

Book Synopsis:

Abra is an ugly, wrinkled old elephant who recaptures his youth with the aid of a wise and powerful magic carpet named Khalid. With Khalid, Abra is able to journey all over the world, and even...

Lone Star 22

by Wesley Ellis

The Starbuck empire is in deep trouble. The raids and plunder are becoming routine. Rumors are being spread that Jessie is dead and her entire fortune is up for grabs. Who is behind it all? The notorious gambler...

When It's Right

by Jeanette Grey

He's the last resolution she intends to break.

Still licking his wounds after a messy breakup, Nate is at loose ends for New Year's Eve and itching for a wild and crazy adventure to jolt him out of his rut....

Waiting in the Wings

by Heather Long

What a prince wants...he takes.

Soulgirls, Book 3

Who can blame Richard for his half-century-long bad mood? For fifty years he's been waiting for his bride to get over the spat that sent her storming away from...

Lone Star 25

by Wesley Ellis

Strange things are happening in the Starbuck mines. When Jebediah Baker, an old friend of Jessie's father, is hanged by a mob, and the Starbuck manager in the town of Mule is killed with dynamite tied around...

I Call Your Name

by Virginia Young

College text book editor Breeda Flynn lives with her deceased aunt's cat in an inactive bed and breakfast on Martha's Vineyard. Along with the house, she has inherited memories of incidents which happened sixteen...

The Chimera and the Shadowfox Griefer and Other Curious People

by A. R. Morlan

This companion volume to The Fold-O-Rama Wars at the Blue Moon Roach Hotel centers around outsiders, artists, and freaks (be they natural-born or self-made); three of the stories are interconnected, but they're...

The Island of Captain Sparrow: A Lost Race Fantasy

by S. Fowler Wright

Stranded on an unknown island in the Pacific, Charlton Foyle must fight goat-like hominids, giant, semi-intelligent birds, degenerate pirate settlers, and the remnants of an ancient race of men with powers to...