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Slave Acts

by Jennifer Jane Pope

The fourth book in Jennifer Jane Pope's Slave series continues the story of the bizarre establishment devoted to the satisfaction of specialist tastes, hidden from prying eyes on a remote Scottish island. Here,...

Skin Slave

by Yolanda Celbridge

Nudist genetics student Belle Pudget remains an uncaned submissive until Geisha, slave of dominatrix Dr Jolita Cunliffe, introduces her to bare-bottom chastisement. Belle joins the Paine Institute on a remote...

Sisters Of Severcy

by Jean Aveline

The villa at Severcy is a place of extremes. Here, innocence and love vie with experience and cruelty as young Isabelle is led into perversion by Robert, the handsome Englishman who visited the villa one summer....


by Stella Black

In this story, Stella lets us in on a rip-snorting adventure of sex, sleaze and horny cowboys.

Things get a little weird out there in the Arizona desert - and when Stella ventures into the heat, the landscape...

Sexual Strategy

by Felice De Vere

Heleyna has everything a girl could possibly want - a career, independence, and a very sexy partner, Troy, who is always up for a threesome. Yet she also harbours a burning sexual curiosity about her colleagues;...

Queen Of The Road

by Lois Phoenix

Private detective Toni Marconi has one golden rule: always mix business with pleasure. Provided, that is, she can be in charge. When she sets out on the trail of a missing heiress her friends worry she may have...

Peeping At Pamela

by Yolanda Celbridge

When four cheeky girls are recruited to live rent-free in a large house near Cambridge, it doesn't take them long to realize that their benefactor has more in mind than their welfare. Every room in the house...

Slave To Success

by Kimberley Raines

Eugene, born poor but grown-up handsome, answers an ad to be a sex slave for a year. He naively assumes his role will be that of a gigolo, and thinks he will easily make the million dollars he needs to break...

Satan's Angel

by Melissa MacNeal

Feisty young Miss Rosie is lured away from her dwindling business during the first wave of the Klondike gold rush. Ending up in a town in a town called Satan, she auditions for the position of the town's most...

Peep Show

by Mathilde Madden

Naughty Imogen likes to watch. When her boyfriend Christian is out at work she spends her evenings spying on the neighbors through binoculars and viewing her secret porn collection. Most of all, though, she...

Binding Promises

by G C Scott

When Harold sells his flat, he also exchanges another kind of contract with the new owner: an agreement that involves his complete domination of an attractive, older woman who adores extreme restraint and rope...

Bedding The Burglar

by Gabrielle Marcola

It's not a common occurrence that a gorgeous hunk ties you up, robs the house you're stayng in, and kisses you breathless. Unless you're Maggie Quinton, that is: savvy, sexy architect working on a remote island...

Barbarian Prize

by Deanna Ashford

After a failed uprising in Brittania, Sirona, a princess of the Iceni, and her lover, Taranis, are taken to Pompeii and sold as slaves. White Taranis is used to satisfy the demands of a rich Roman lady, Sirona...

Aqua Domination

by William Doughty

Just why would Mary go back to David and his bizarre bathroom? Whatcould be crazier than designing and equipping a luxurious bathroom for the soapy, slippery domination of women? Yet she has returned to submit...

The Angels' Share

by Maya Hess

A derelict cottage on the rugged Manx coast is no place for a young woman to hide out in the middle of winter. But Ailey Callister is on a mission - to find and overthrow the man who has stolen her inheritance....

Amazon Slave

by Lisette Ashton

Stranded alone and penniless in the heart of the Amazon basin, Emily thinks things can't get any worse. It is only when she meets the captain of the Amazon Maiden that her dark journey truly begins. The captain...

The Training Grounds

by Sarah Veitch

Charlotte was looking forward to her holiday in the sun. Two months on a remote tropical island with her rich, handsome boyfriend: who could ask for more? She is more than a little surpised, then, when she arrives...

The Maples Stories

by John Updike

(Book Jacket Status: Jacketed)

Collected together for the first time in hardcover, these eighteen classic stories from across John Updike’s career form a luminous chronicle of the life and times of one marriage...

The Taming Of Trudi

by Yolanda Celbridge

Coming to sexual submission is not to be rushed. You start at the beginning, and develop at your own pace, often understanding what appears on your canvas only after it's there. Sometimes Trudi Fahr, a twenty-two...

The Seven Year List

by Zoe Le Verdier

Newspaper photographer Julia Sargent should be happy and fulfilled. But flattering minor celebrities is not her idea of a challenge, and she's also having doubts about her impending marriage to stunning-looking...