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Temptation Unleashed

by Kari Thomas

Something wild this way comes…

Once a powerful, practicing Wiccan, Kira Douglas has reluctantly moved to wild and beautiful Sedona, Arizona for only one reason—assume custody of her dead sister’s daughter....

A Fine Balance

Commonwealth Best Book Prize 1996, Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction 1996, Giller Prize 1995

by Rohinton Mistry

With a compassionate realism and narrative sweep that recall the work of Charles Dickens, this magnificent novel captures all the cruelty and corruption, dignity and heroism, of India. The time is 1975. The...


by Willa Okati

Sometimes a kiss is worth more than a thousand words.

Once a famous vocalist, Ian has become mute through a mysterious set of circumstances that no doctor can explain. He has people he can call on, but what...

Redline Lover

by Charlene Teglia

Riding the edge…

Take Me, Lover, Book 1

When it comes to cars, former race driver Adam Richards knows how to maximize performance. Love? It doesn’t come with a maintenance manual, and it’s just as well....

Between Good and Aeval

by Dayna Hart

A cult of sex faeries start taking men hostage…including Claire’s boyfriend.

Book Two of the Curtain Torn Series

When Myrna Terrence’s husband is abducted from her dream by fairies, she asks Claire for...

Blood of Eden

by Edward Morris

Not all faeries have wings. Not all goblins are green. And not all wars are fought on the outside.

The first installment in the exciting new ARKADIA trilogy.

Larry Cresswell, a disillusioned twenty-something,...

The Dragons' Demon

by Marie Harte

A prank gone wrong throws three unlikely partners together: A demon. A dragon. And an egg.

I Dream of Dragons I

In the ordinary world, forces are at work which keep the balance of the universe in order. Enter...

Talking with the Dead

by Shiloh Walker

Surrounded by death, a man with a terrible gift reaches for life.

A horrific tragedy blasted open a door in young Michael O'Rourke's mind-cursing him with the ability to talk with the Dead. Nearly two decades...

Lady Sings the Blues

by Mallery Malone

Summertime…and the living is steamy in Hotlanta.

A Red-Hot Summer story.

Alina Gabriel has hit on the perfect formula to make her club, The Scarlet Lady, the hot spot in Atlanta’s night life. Men flock to...


by Liz Craven

She came to find herself. Instead, she found him.

Interplanetary League, Book 2

One would think being sister-in-law to a planetary sovereign would be an advantage. It isn’t. Ilexa Dhakir hopes volunteering...

ePistols at Dawn

by Z.A. Maxfield

Choose your weapons.

Jae-sun Fields is pissed. Someone has taken the seminal coming-out, coming-of-age novel Doorways and satirized it. He’s determined to use his Internet skills and his job as a tabloid reporter...

A Little Harmless Pleasure

by Melissa Schroeder

Is it love, or a little harmless pleasure?

Second in the Harmless series.

Cynthia Myers meets Chris Dupree at her former fiance’s wedding. After a little dancing, and champagne, she ends up back in Chris’s...

Sudden Fall

by Kally Jo Surbeck

To win true love she must sacrifice the world.

Book 1 Yadderwal Balance

Hafwyen of The Flowers, heir to Yadderwal is not your ordinary princess. Before the end of her father the High King’s reign, she must...

If You Could Only Choose Your Mother

by Julie Harford

When your mother walks out on you, you can’t stand your dad’s new girlfriend, and boys are (almost) nothing but trouble, sixteen’s not so sweet.

Marcie’s life is a mess. At least she thinks it is. Her...

The Dark Farewell

by Josh Lanyon

Don't talk to strangers, young man-especially the dead ones.

It's the Roaring Twenties. Skirts are short, crime is rampant and booze is in short supply. Prohibition has hit Little Egypt, where newspaperman David...

The Lure of Passion

by Eryn Blackwell

The Volk want to eliminate her, the medved desire her, but only Zoya can decide her own fate…

Zoya is Rusalki, a powerful Russian forest sprite, whose heart navigates her destiny. Luka, a medved shifter, knows...

The Trouble with Kings

by Sherwood Smith

Princess Flian finds herself the unwilling object of desire of three royals. Is the one she wants a villain—or a hero?

Waking up in a strange place, Flian Elandersi at first doesn’t know who she is. One...


by Amelia Elias

Book Two of the Guardians’ League

In one instant, everything Renee Hardin knew was destroyed. Vampires were real, and now she had the bloodlust and fangs to prove it. Thrown into a new world, the only friend...

Vicious Vixen

by Shiloh Walker

He's given one chance at redemption-hers and his.

Hired killer, Vixen Markham doesn't have any illusions about life or love. Unable to trust even the one man she lets into her heart, she makes a decision that...

Satin Spar

by Kim Knox

A prehensile tail has its advantages…

Scar’s marbled skin and stunted tail aren’t all that make her stand out. Her Caraniae DNA has a strange effect on the male of the species, which makes her career as...