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The Jerusalem File

by Joel Stone

Jerusalem, that most historic of cities, is seething with its legacy: the unhealed wound of a divided land, the futile attempt to determine the future by reenacting past injustices.

Except for that memorable...

Hygiene and the Assassin

by Amelie Nothomb

“Why must pleasure always have a price? And why must one always pay for sensual delight with the loss of original lightness?”


Amélie is a young language teacher living in Tokyo. When she succumbs to...

The Mayor of Casterbridge

by Thomas Hardy & Elliot Perlman

One of Hardy’s most powerful novels, The Mayor of Casterbridge opens with a shocking and haunting scene: In a drunken rage, Michael Henchard sells his wife and daughter to a visiting sailor at a local fair....

The Bloodwater Mysteries: Doppelganger

by Pete Hautman & Mary Logue

Brian and Roni are looking for another case to crack when Roni finds an age-progressed picture of a boy who looks alarmingly like Brian on a missing children website. Brian is sure it is only a coincidence?after...

The Merlin Effect

by T. A. Barron

Kate Gordon travels to a remote lagoon in Baja California, hoping to help her father discover a sunken Spanish galleon that disappeared centuries ago. In time, she learns that the ship may have carried something...

If the River Was Whiskey: Stories

by T.C. Boyle

In sixteen stories, T.C. Boyle tears through the walls of contemporary society to reveal a world at once comic and tragic, droll and horrific. Boyle introduces us to a death-defying stuntman who rides across...

Loose Lips #2

by Jordan Cooke

When Anushka Peters is fired from The ‘Bu for bad behavior, she blabs to the press and blows the lid off the show’s scandalous and unauthorized blog, The ‘Bu-Hoo. Now the blog has maximum visibility, and...

Uh-oh, Cleo

by Jessica Harper & Jon Berkeley

Saturdays are usually nothing but fun in the Small household. Cleo and her twin brother, Jack, always play games, torture their older sister, and then bike to the best Candy store in town. But this Saturday...

Safe From Harm

Sugar Land Mysteries #2

by StephanieJaye Evans

In a new mystery featuring Texas minister Walker “Bear” Wells, a teen tragedy hits too close to home…

The ominous text message Bear Wells received from his teenage daughter Jo simply said: “Come home.”...

Dragonbreath #8: Nightmare of the Iguana

by Ursula Vernon

Danny Dragonbreath has seen a lot of weird things, but nothing quite like the inside of his best friend Wendell's brain. Wendell has been having terrible nightmares, and Danny and Wendell's totally-not-girlfriend...

Once Upon a Coin

by Aditi Bhardwaj

Coin Story is all about life, its variations and spontaneity. It begins with the dramatic birth of the coin and leads to its childhood, adolescence, middle age, to its old age and finally to the end. Like every...

Coyote Steals Fire

by Northwestern Band of the Shoshon Nation

Members of the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation developed the concept for this retelling of the traditional Shoshone tale about the arrival of fire in the northern Wasatch region, writing and illustrating...

Flora and the Flamingo

by Molly Idle

A 2014 Caldecott Honor Book

In this innovative wordless picture book with interactive flaps, Flora and her graceful flamingo friend explore the trials and joys of friendship through an elaborate synchronized...

Sorted Books

by Nina Katchadourian

Delighting in the look and feel of books, conceptual artist Nina Katchadourian's playful photographic series proves that books' covers—or more specifically, their spines—can speak volumes. Over the past...

Up Above and Down Below

by Sue Redding

Ants march on a picnic and turn it upside down,

returning with treats for friends underground.

Up above, the ants are taking over a picnic. But down below is another story. Look closely and you'll find very different...

The Moon Ring

by Randy DuBurke

In the light of a blue moon, the second full moon in a month, Maxine discovers something amazing in the grass: a magical moon ring! Ahead lies a night of adventure beyond anything Maxine could have imagined,...

The History of Vegas

by Jodi Angel

Trouble. From the first page of each of the edgy and unrelentingly intense stories in this debut collection, the teenaged characters are headed for big trouble. The adult world has mostly failed them, and they...

Hunting Tower

by , John Buchan

Originally published in 1922, 'Huntingtower' by John Buchan is set in Scotland and follows the adventures of Dickson McCunn, a newly retired grocer planning a modest walking holiday in the hills of south-west...

Castle Gay

by , John Buchan

A classic novel featuring Dickson McCunn, introduced in John Buchan's previous book 'Huntingtower', and his adopted son Jaikie, who meets a media mogul named Craw.Jaikie and Craw embark on life-chaging travels...

The Poems and Prose of Ernest Dowson

by , Ernest Dowson

This classic book contains the poems and prose of the well-known Ernest Dawson, and would make an excellent addition to the bookshelf of anyone with a passion for poetry and short literature. Many of the earliest...