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The Palace Of Pleasures

by Christobel Coleridge

The city-state of Estra is thriving port. ruled over by a Sultan who finds relief from the pressures of power amidst a select bevy of intimate Companions. Carria, a mysterious and striking young woman, has to...

The Master Of Castleleigh

by Jacqueline Bellevois

When Richard Buxton is forced to leave the delights of 19th-century London, marry and run a country estate, he assumes that the pleasures of the whip are no longer his to be had. However, both the estate and...

The Correction Of An Essex Maid

by Yolanda Celbridge

Innocent orphan Sophia joins the House of Rodings, a maid's training school deep in the Essex countryside, where she meets a cast of submissive and dominant females, all adoring or envious of her voluptuous...


by Penny Birch

Annabelle is the perfect mistress, and determined to prove it, claiming she can make a submissive woman yearn to be not just her plaything. but her property. Penny is talked into taking up the challenge, to...

Drawn To Discipline

by Tara Black

Student Judith Wilson lands a job at the Nemesis Archive, an institution dedicated to the documentation of perverse female desires, under the imperious Samantha James. Unable to accept correction at the hands...

Cruel Triumph

by William Doughty

Alice is Steve's demon dominatrix, and red-hot lover and friend. After a few years of trust, commitment and fantastic sex, the couple are invited to a very special party at the sumptuous home of the successful,...

The Animal House

by Cat Scarlett

When Violetta receives an invitation to stay at a dream French chateau she finds herself drawn into a community whose members take their pleasures disguised beneath animal masks. However, she soon discovers...

Soldier Girls

by Yolanda Celbridge

Stripped of her uniform for 'sexual outrage' solier nurse Lise Gallard is forced to endure corporal punishment in the Foreign legion woman's prison. But she is spotted there by dominatrix Dr Crevasse, who engineers...

Fairground Attractions

by Lisette Ashton

Beyond the bright lights of the fairground there is a mysterious world, hidden from the visiting crowds. Operating outside of the restrictions of the towns they entertain, the fairground's owners insist on indulging...

Captives Of The Private House

by Esme Ombreux

Amid the vast acres of the Private House estate live the forest dwellers, led by the beautiful Talia, who is enthralled by a newcomer to the forest: a Whipmaker to whose discipline she readily submits. As the...

Petting Girls

by Penny Birch

Bad Girl!' Angel added, and slapped Sophie's now fur-clad bottom.

Amber Oakley is suspicious when dominant couple Morris and Melody Rathwell invite her to judge their fetish club's puppy-girl show; but what could...

Pet Training In The Private House

by Esme Ombreux

To the unititated, Hillingbury seems much like any other dormitory home-counties suburb, but to the residents its a sexual playground of domination and submission. The women who run the social scene also run...

Nights In White Cotton

by Penny Birch

Normally, if a beautiful young woman comes to Penny Birch and asks to be taught the joys of a well smacked bottom, she would be only too happy to oblige. This time it's a little difficult, as the status and...

In For A Penny

by Penny Birch

Penny Birch is back, and naughty as ever.

In for a Penny continues the story of her outrageous sex life and also the equally rude behaviour of her friends. From stories of old-fashioned spankings, through strip-wrestling...

Emma's Secret Domination

by Hilary James

In this, the sixth volume of Emma's story, Emma returns to London only to fall back into the clutches of her cruel former mistress, Ursula. Realising she has missed the bitter sweet delights of lesbian domination,...

Cruel Shadow

by Aishling Morgan

Peter Williams is a sales supremo who lives for the road. Infatuated by the inviting bottom on the cover of an erotic novel, Peter is determined to enjoy a spell with its owner, the lustruos Linnet, and her...

College Girls

by Cat Scarlett

Beth is an impoverished student at St Nectan's College, Oxford. When Dr Milton recruits her to an exclusive club for submissives and pony-girls, Beth's independent spirit soon gets her into trouble. Charlotte...

Belinda Bares Up

by Yolanda Celbridge

Britain, 1947. Schoolteacher Belinda Beaucui enters a twilight world of spivs, stolen nylons and flagellant parties and soon learns that post-war England is anything but austere. Teaching sultry girls in British...

Hairdos of the Mildly Depressed

by Doug Crandell

Brad Orville has always wanted hair - lots of it, preferably thick and wavy - but he started going bald in the seventh grade. What makes it worse is the fact that his smart and charming brother Compton has a...

Manhattan Passion

by Antoinette Powell

Julia is an art conservator at a prestigious museum in New York. She lives a life of designer luxury with her Wall Street millionaire husband until, that is, she discovers the dark and criminal side to his twilight...