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Escape: Adventures of a Loyalist Family

by Mary Beacock Fryer

Twelve-year-old Ned tells the tale of his family's perilous journey to Canada to evade American Revolutionaries.

Significant Things

by Helen McLean

When art dealer Edward falls in love with a young artist, he must learn the difference between loving and possessing.

Sir Rowan and the Camerian Conquest

by Chuck Black

A knight left for dead. A country on the verge of ruin. And an evil lord rising to conquer.


Sir Rowan is the most decorated tournament knight in Cameria, but when he is attacked and left for dead, his world...

The Devil's Paintbrush

by Andre Brochu

When √Čtienne meets Odile, she inspires him to transform his future into something worthy of her, but destiny will force the young lovers apart.

Playing Sarah Bernhardt

by Joan Givner

Harriet's acting career suffers a catastrophic setback when memory loss forces her to quit her role as Sarah Bernhardt.

Maria Chapdelaine: A Tale of French Canada

by Louis Hemon

A young woman living with her family on the frontier in Quebec, Maria endures the hardships of isolation and climate and must choose between three suitors.

A Sharp Intake of Breath

by John Miller

Born with a split lip and cleft palate, Toshy Wolfman's life is an uphill battle. Believing he is dim-witted and ugly, Toshy finds his resentment slowly building as he is ridiculed, used, and misled. Ultimately,...

Dead Water Creek: A Morgan O'Brien Mystery

by Alex Brett

A government investigator uncovers a fishing conglomerate's plot to gain access to a lucrative fishery and must confront her own past.

The Building of Jalna

by Mazo de le Roche

The Building of Jalna is one of sixteen books in the Jalna series written by Canada's Mazo de la Roche. In The Building of Jalna, Adeline, an impulsive bride with an Irish temper, and her husband, Captain Whiteoak,...

Crazy Lady: An Inspector Bliss Mystery

Inspector Bliss #7

by James Hawkins

David Bliss rediscovers his true love in the South of France, while in Canada Trina Button and Daphne Lovelace investigate the murder of an RCMP officer.

Death of a Sunday Writer

Lucy Trimble Brenner #1

by Eric Wright

Lucy Brenner's cousin, David Trimble, has died and made her his sole beneficiary. She decides to carry on his business - a private detective agency.


by Mazo de la Roche

The international bestselling story of the Whiteoaks, the unforgettable southern Ontario family who live in a red-brick house called Jalna.

The English Governess

by John Glassco

A classic of Canadian erotica, this is the flagellation story Glassco crafted for the notorious Paris publisher Maurice Girodias and his Olympia Press.

Second Sight

by George Szanto

Second Sight is both a compelling mystery and a powerful work of literary fiction that exposes the realms of Mexican wealth and politics.

Waltzing the Tango: A Late Boomer Dances to the Wrong Tune

by Gabrielle Bauer

Bauer's hilarious memoir tells the story of her life as a square peg in a round hole.

The K Handshape: A Christine Morris Mystery

by Maureen Jennings

After discovering the brutally strangled body of a colleague's daughter, Christine must use her new skills as a forensic profiler to discover the killer.

After Twilight

by Dee Davis

It was the perfect place to disappear . . .

When Kacy Macgrath's life crumbled two years ago, she changed her name and escaped to her grandmother's cottage in Ireland. Here she lives anonymously, with no reminders...

Manchineel: A Skye MacLeod Mystery

by John Ballem

Arriving on the Caribbean island of Manchineel, Skye MacLeod, independent investigator and amateur pilot, finds himself embroiled in a sinister plot.

Mary Wakefield

by Mazo del la Roche

Mary Wakefield is third on the timeline of the Jalna series. Mary, a young Englishwoman, is hired to care for Philip's motherless children, Meg and Renny. When Philip falls in love with the beautiful governess,...

Cold Dark Matter: A Morgan O'Brien Mystery

by Alex Brett

When a Canadian astronomer dies in Hawaii, Morgan is sent to find his missing data. Someone is willing to kill to get the files before she does - but why?