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The Thing about Thugs

by Tabish Khair

A subversive, darkly comic novel of a young Indian man's misadventures in Victorian London as the city is gripped by a series of gruesome murders. Shortlisted for the 2010 Man Asian Literary Prize, this sly...

The Seven Churches: A Gothic Novel of Prague

by Milos Urban

A bloody, atmospheric modern classic of crime literature and one of the most haunting and terrifying thrillers to come out of Europe in recent years Written in the spirit of the sensational murder story and...

Time to Move On

by Grace Thompson

Easily roused to anger, Seranne Laurence is furious when her mother announces she is to marry the latest in a long line of unsuitable men-friends. She soon realizes that she hasn't the right to interfere in...

A Kind of Legacy

by Mary de Laszlo

Max's last act on his 80th birthday was to make Cinni pregnant, something she only discovers while working with Magical Villas in Nice. There she meets Lucian Fielding whom she initially dismisses, before warming...


by Marcel Beyer

"Challenging, beautifully written "--Library Journal

Hailed by The New Yorker as one of the best young novelists and recipient of Germany’s most prestigious literary awards, Marcel Beyer returns with a brilliantly...


"Sister" Jane Foxhunting Mysteries #2

by Rita Mae Brown

In her well-received novel Outfoxed, Rita Mae Brown vividly and deftly brought to life the genteel world of foxhunting, where hunters, horses, hounds, and foxes form a tightly knit community amidst old money...

The Italian Affair

by Loren Teague

Gina Rosselini, the granddaughter of a wealthy fishing magnate, lives a charmed life—until her twin sister is shot and Gina is marked as the gunman’s next target. The Rosselini family hire Rick Caruso, an...

Facing the World

by Grace Thompson

Sally Travis appeared to have been badly let down by Rhys Martin, who had gone away when under suspicion of burglary. Sally knew he was at college and secretly supported him. She had faced the gossips alone...

Gull Island

by Grace Thompson

The year is 1917 and Barbara Jones is shocked to be told that she is carrying a child. Her boyfriend is a soldier and there is no one to whom she can turn for support. Indeed, her horrified father sends her...

Scarlet Wind

by Frances Burke

Liberty, equality, fraternity, and death to the aristocrats! In Paris, 1792, this is the cry of a downtrodden people who have risen against their oppressors. Doctor Juliette Roussel agrees. Yet, could she save...

Eye in the Sky

by Philip K. Dick

A wry look at how different people see the world, told in the caustically fun style of award-winning science fiction novelist Philip K. Dick.

The Wild Card

by Beth Elliott

Kitty Towers is an unusual debutante. She considers society life idle and frivolous and is determined not to find a husband. However, she is reluctantly drawn to the enigmatic Theo Weston, despite his rakish...

In Guilty Night

by Alison G Taylor

On a freezing November night, 14-year-old Arwel Thomas, a victim of sexual abuse and on the run from a children's home, is found dead in a railway tunnel outside Bangor. DCI Michael McKenna and his colleagues...

Cinnabar Summer

by Danielle Shaw

Rosemary Fielding is delighted when her friend Oliver Duncan suggests turning her novel into a mini-series. However, she's less kindly disposed towards his choice of leading man, the actor Stephen Walker, and...

Beneath Us the Stars

by David Wiltshire

This title is set in 1944. Mary Rice is a young academic at Cambridge University and Bill Anderson, an American fighter pilot, is stationed in East Anglia. Ordered to rest, he chances upon Mary in the library...

Enduring Passions

by David Wiltshire

For Tom Roxham and Fay Rossiter, the problems of a relationship across the social divide in pre-war England pale in significance against the terrible pressures that threaten not only their love, but their very...

The Tears of Autumn

by David Wiltshire

For two couples honeymooning in Sorrento, the future is uncertain, but they are full of the vigor and promise of youth. The year is 1938 and the Munich crisis is just over—a relief for both Biff and Rosemary...

The Worcester Whisperers

by Kerry Tombs

A few weeks before the outbreak of the infamous Ripper murders in 1888, Detective Inspector Samuel Ravenscroft of the Whitechapel Constabulary is sent to the peaceful county town of Worcester to investigate...

The Glory Girls

by June Gadsby

Mary, Anne, Iris and tough little Effie form a formidable group when, in 1939, they join the FANYs, or more precisely the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, euphemistically calling themselves 'The Glory Girls'. However,...

Tin Hats and Gas Masks

by Joan M. Moules

Johnny Bookman, not wanting to leave the security and familiarity of his London home, is evacuated to the country in September 1939. At first Winchurch in Somerset seemed like a foreign land to him and he planned...