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Violence Is the Only Solution

by Gary Lovisi

These three Vic Powers stories present hard-boiled dysfunctionality at its most intense and brutal best. These are not tales for the easily squeamish, or those who want to spend their hours leisuring in countryclub-style...


by Lonni Lees

Nine dark tales of crime, crazies, and crawlspaces-bet you can't read just one!


by Frank J. Morlock & Ivan Goncharov

Based on a novel by the Russian writer Ivan Goncharov, this dramatic comedy features his eponymous hero, Oblomov. A young man of considerable decency and kindness (with a "soul as clear as crystal"), Oblomov...

Wild and Free

by Vella Munn

In the face of love, some hearts retreat. Others stand their ground-and fight.

After a difficult year licking her emotional wounds at the family ranch, Calley Stewart jumps at the chance to return to her beloved...

The Curse of Bloodstone

by V. J. Banis

"My home is nowhere, as is yours," the old Cajun woman said. "Bloodstone is a place to forget." "Forget? Never," Vanessa said. "We came from Bloodstone. We will return to it. Why prevent me from going where...

Vivacious Vixens & Blackmail Babes: Tales of Erotic Noir

by Michael Datlow

Blackmail babes, dangerous dames, femme fatales, manic minxes, saucy strumpets, torrid trollops, vivacious vixens, and white trash wantons--men fall for them, men love them, men hate them, men wish they had...

Fyrea's Cauldron

by William Maltese

For Marie Camaux, her arrival on the volcanic Caribbean island of Saint-Georges to reunite with her new husband, Charles, exposes her to a hot and humid tropical environment that's nothing like what she's left...

Fathers and Sons

by Frank J. Morlock & Ivan Turgenev

Based on Ivan Turgenev's novel of the same name, Frank J. Morlock's new play clearly dramatizes the societal divisions in mid-nineteenth-century Russia, deftly contrasting the defenders of the old regime with...

Cold Bullets and Hot Babes

by Arlette Lees

Detour if you dare into the dark alleys and twisted cul-de-sacs of the human heart. Brush shoulders with men whose eyes are as hard and cold as bullets-murderers, grifters, and hapless goofballs, who prey on...

Twisted Flames

by Victor J. Banis

When Laura comes to California to marry her highschool sweetheart--and live in a beautiful home at the beach in Sandy Knolls--she knows it'll be a dream wedding and a dream life. But unknownst to her, her fiancé...

Twelfth Night: The 30-Minute Shakespeare

by Nick Newlin

Planning a school or amateur Shakespeare production? The best way to experience the plays is to perform them, but getting started can be a challenge: The complete plays are too long and complex, while scene...

The Poisoned Pen

by E. Joan Sims

Like any successful writer, Paisley had the help of generous friends and colleagues on the way up. Now, insists her mother, it's her turn to come to the aid of a fledgling novelist. But how can reading a manuscript...

The Paper Detective

by E. Joan Sims

Mystery novelist Paisley Sterling takes time off to enjoy the holidays only to be interrupted by her agent. Seems like Leonard Paisley, the fictitious detective who is supposed to be writing her mystery novels,...

The Golden Horns

by John Burke

Martin Slade wants to bury his past as a saboteur in wartime Denmark and smuggler in postwar Europe. Returning to Denmark as a respectable journalist, he's approached by Birgitte Holtesen, an old flame now married...

Tales of Soldiers and Civilians

by Donald Blume

This revised edition of Ambrose Bierce's 1892 collections of "Soldiers" and "Civilians" tales fills a void in American literature. A veteran of the Civil War and a journalist known for his integrity and biting...

Macbeth: The 30-Minute Shakespeare

by Nick Newlin

Planning a school or amateur Shakespeare production? The best way to experience the plays is to perform them, but getting started can be a challenge: The complete plays are too long and complex, while scene...

The Crimson Cipher

by Susan Page Davis

A female Navy cryptographer seeks to save lives...and uncover her father's killers. In 1915, German sympathizers escalated acts of sabotage in the United States to keep the nation from joining in the war. Following...

Paper Cathedrals

by Morri Creech

Displaying a range of voices and subjects?from dramatic monologues in the voices of Judas Iscariot and John the Baptist to harrowing personal lyrics of family, time, memory, and loss -- Creech's poems examine...

Far From Algiers

by Djelloul Marbrook

Winner of the 2007 Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize "How honored I am-how lucky-to have been able to choose this superb first book by Djelloul Marbrook that honors a lifetime of hidden achievement. . . . Sometimes...

Cayo Hueso Cuba Libre

by Michael Ritchie

This humorous and fast-paced novel is set in Key West, Florida. Fidel Castro is near death, if not already dead. His brother, Raúl, has begun to cut a deal with the U.S. administration to renew diplomatic and...