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The Keys to the Vault: A Caroline Baker Adventure

by Jim Colombo

Synopsis: Caroline Baker is having a day like no other.---- While playing hooky from her job as an independent soybean trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, she is approached by a man looking for a lift into...

That Deadman Dance

Miles Franklin Award 2011

by Kim Scott

Winner of the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for the South East Asia and Pacific Region Acclaimed Australian writer Kim Scott draws on his Aboriginal heritage in a sweeping novel that reimagines the story of colonizer...

Less Time

by Matt Trusskey

Poems of Midlife, Memories and Letting Go

Dangerous Mercy

by Kathy Herman

This intense psychological thriller is the second book in the Secrets of Roux River Bayou series from best-selling author Kathy Herman. 

O. Henry Prize Stories 2005

by Laura Furman


Elizabeth Stuckey-French

The Brief History of the Dead

Kevin Brockmeier

The Golden Era of Heartbreak

Michael Parker

The Hurt Man

Wendell Berry

The Tutor

Nell Freudenberger

Fantasy for Eleven Fingers


The Last Word

by Kathy Herman

Police Chief Brill Jessup must run from a death threat even as she struggles to help her pregnant daughter make decisions about her future in this page-turner about God's power to heal the broken.

The Sea of Death: The Blade of the Flame, Book 3

The Blade of the Flame #3

by Tim Waggoner

Acclaimed author Tim Waggoner brings his first Eberron trilogy to a stunning conclusion.

Diran, once a feared assassin, has turned his back on murder, seeking the life of a wandering priest. But in the seas...

Anthropology of an American Girl: A Novel

by Hilary Thayer Hamann

This is what it’s like to be a high-school-age girl.

To forsake the boyfriend you once adored.

To meet the love of your life, who just happens to be your teacher.

To discover for the first time the power of your...

The Forbidden Hills

by Joanna Lacy & Al Lacy

Gold Glimmers, and the Rush Is On!

An expedition led by George Custer in the 1870s confirms that the rumor of gold is true, and now its glimmer beckons from the Black Hills of Dakota Territory. And the rush...

The Importance of Being Earnest: And Other Plays

by Oscar Wilde & Terrence Mcnally

Oscar Wilde created his final and most lasting play, comic masterpieces of all time, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, in 1895. Considered one of the greatest THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST is a farce, playing...

The Restless Shore: The Wilds

The Wilds #2

by James P. Davis

Explore the unexplored - enter The Wilds of the Forgotten Realms(R)!

One hundred years ago, the Akanamere was ravaged by the Spellplague, drying the lake and leaving behind a nightmarish landscape of frozen...

Kit Black

by Monica Danetiu-Pana

"I could smell rotting fish, the stench of rum barrels and unwashed bodies. I could also smell myself, because it had been quite a while since I had a bath. I didn't bathe much, the dirt kept me from looking...


by John A. Broussard

"Back when I was a kid growing up in South Chicago, I never dreamed that having a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother would turn out to be an asset. But my ancestry paid off big-time when I sat down across from...

Follow the Stars Home

by Luanne Rice

Acclaimed novelist Luanne Rice "touches the deepest, most tender corners of the heart" (Tami Hoag, author of A Thin Dark Line). Her stories remind us how precious and fragile life can be—and that we must risk...

Sydney Bridge Upside Down

by David Ballantyne

Harry Baird lives with his parents and younger brother in Calliope Bay. When Caroline. their beautiful, sophisticated cousin, comes to stay, Harry is besotted, and jealous of the attention she receives from...

The Bohemian Murders: A Fremont Jones Mystery

by Dianne Day

Forced to leave San Francisco after the devastating earthquake of 1906, Fremont (née Caroline) Jones follows her heart to the bohemian beach community of Carmel-by-the-Sea.  She is eager to be reunited with...

The Plains

by Gerald Murnane

This haunting novel is a classic of Australian literature. A nameless young man arrives on the plains and begins to document the strange and rich culture of the plains families. As his story unfolds, the novel...

The Monsoon Bride

by Michelle Aung Thin

Rangoon 1930. Winsome, raised in a convent and just married to a man she barely knows, is full of anticipation as she travels towards the great city. She does not know that it will seduce her, possess her senses...

The Ottoman Motel

by Christopher Currie

When Simon and his parents arrive in the small town of Reception and check in to the Ottoman Motel, things between them are tense but normal. Then, while Simon is asleep, his parents disappear. Has something...

Little Genie: Make a Wish

by Miranda Jones

When Ali and her gran pick up a dusty Lava lamp at the flea market, Ali never expects to find a little genie inside! Little Genie has a groovy approach to magic–after all, she hasn’t been out of her lamp...