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Karmic Ishq

by Savio Rodrigues

Alisha is a young, ambitious and determined career woman. Work is her escape from the demons that haunt her. At home, she is a dutiful, caring and loving wife. She loves her husband but feels no passion for...

On Eagle's Wings

by Maxine Johnson

Raven is still haunted by her past. Will Riley be able to help her overcome her fears? Willow is confused by her feelings and desires. Will she figure them out? Will she find her answers in Oberlin, Ohio? Brian...

One More Tour

by Phillip Kolbe

Jack Ellis, private investigator and Vietnam vet, is returning to Nam. The official quest in One More Tour is to solve the mystery of a soldier missing during the Vietnam War, but Jack can’t help but get caught...

Dorian the Dragon

by Victor Rogers

Dorian the Dragon is an adventurous, fantasy-filled story of a misplaced baby dragon, who through his magical journey meets many various creatures in his travels to find his long-lost home. Along the way, he...

Nine Lives

by Lois Batchelor Howard

Each of us can be the subject of a short story. Stories like these in Nine Lives may have happened in your life. This is a collection of everyday stories with unexpected twists. As Shakespeare said, “Life is...

What Do You See? What's Inside of Me?: An Autistic's Point of View

by Howard Sherman

Most people do not realize how tough it is for an autistic child, or more for most special needs children, to deal with the everyday issues that we take for granted. They often view the different behaviors of...

Sixty Thousand Miles

by Katrina Ball

Sixty Thousand Miles is a story of Mae Bailey's journey from the pit of despair to the heights of victory. Mae is a character who prays and overcomes adversity. It is the quintessential anti-bullying tale, a...

The Legend of Borach

by Ascklion the Tyrtatian

The Legend of Borach is tale of two commanders, Isclinondas and Borach, who take the field against each other in a pit of intelligence, strength, and virtue. Entrusted with a sacred task from a dying hero, Isclinondas,...

Timmy's Winning Goal

by Connie Christensen

Timmy was not looking forward to his first day at his new school. He was hoping that his soccer skills would help him make new friends, but he had no idea that he would make a positive choice on the soccer field...

Hector the Horse

by Marisa K. Rouse

Who is Hector? Hector is the only horse living in a valley filled with unicorns. He wants to be just like them but is far too large and rather clumsy to fit in with the graceful unicorns. He hatches up a plan...

The Cousins and the Great Dragon War

by Kimberly Pitts

When the cousins were together, the boys wanted to play war, which the girls usually didn’t mind. The “stone” started it. Jason told Grandma he believed it was a dragon egg. And so begin the adventures of...

Almost Dark

by Letitia Trent


Claire, a private and outwardly content librarian, carries a secret: she is wracked with AC17guilt over her twin brother Sam's accidental death fifteen years earlier. Claire's...

Chickens on Strike

by Andi M. Helms

Have you ever just wanted to be lazy all day? Well, this lazy farmer learns a valuable lesson from Rowdy Rooster, his hens, and their farm friends by making the farmer feel their pain! “We found the farmer!”...


by Linda LeDay

Sammy is a friendly scarecrow that stands in the Parker Street Elementary School yard. Each day, the children arrived at school excited to see Sammy. Sammy is always excited to see the children.

The Palace Camole

by Elaine Christiana

The ongoing lives of King Alfred and Queen Ashley and their family find them in some difficulties again. How to reconcile these differences, protect his family, and his utmost life for his country and other...

The Christmas Cross

by Erica Bertram

As Christmas quickly approaches, Ms. Thompson’s class can hardly contain their excitement. The anticipation for the gifts they have been waiting for all year seems to be all they can talk about. But after being...

A Bluebird Named Flutter

by D. Brown Williams

A Bluebird Named Flutter uses his own experiences in life to suggest why you should be a good little bird. What parent does not want to guide their children in the right direction to be the best that they can...

Tea Time

by David Daniel

Three birds and a bumblebee get into a difficult situation by falling into a pond in the midst of having a tea party, but surprisingly, all is well that ends well.

The Pilgrim's Journey

by Paul Duerksen

In the spirit of John Bunyan, the author tells the story of a man who wanders aimlessly, uncertain of any worthwhile destination. But an unseen, unknown God sends him help in various ways to put him on the trail...

Seymour Reaches the Sky

by Elaine O'Rourke

As a child, I spent many enchanted hours in books recommended by my aunt, a children’s librarian. She delighted me with stories from Jane Austin novels as well and enhanced my childhood with magic. When I was...