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Awakenings: CECI (Indigo Kids): Part Four

by Saffina Desforges & Karen Osborne

International best-selling author SAFFINA DESFORGES (writing as STEVIE JORDAN) & the creator of the wonderfully dark and disturbing, 'Birdy' KAREN OSBORNE bring you... INDIGO KIDS: Seven special children - one...

STARR: Awakenings

by Saffina Desforges & Karen Osborne

INDIGO KIDS: Seven special children - one mission. Through time and space, seven uniquely talented children are called together. Connected by an invisible thread and each with a special gift, they are given...

Indigo Kids: Awakenings (Part Two - HADI)

by Sa Desforges (writing as Stevie Jordan) & Karen Osborne

Jax is an ordinary girl in a less-than-ordinary world. She thinks her life sucks & that it probably always will. She couldn't be more wrong. Someone is watching her. Someone wants her and her special gift -...

Indigo Kids: Awakenings (Part One - JAX)

by Sa Desforges (writing as Stevie Jordan) & Karen Osborne

Jax is an ordinary girl in a less-than-ordinary world. She thinks her life sucks & that it probably always will. She couldn't be more wrong. Someone is watching her. Someone wants her and her special gift -...

See you soon Caroline!

by Bernard S Wilson

"See you soon Caroline!" A young English girl, exploring her family history as part of a homework assignment, stumbles across an episode in the life of her family which takes her to the remains of internment...

Hero Duty

by Jenny Schwartz

She can buy anything she wants...except the courage to stand up to her family. That's where he comes in.

Jessica Trove is a billionaire Cinderella, bullied by her family, and terrified of the responsibilities...

Home Truths

by Louise Forster

London-based chef Jennifer Dove loves her exciting, fast-paced life and she has every intention of returning to it ASAP. This trip to Tumble Creek - middle-of-nowhere Australia - is just a blip, a trip out of...

Framed & Hung

by Alexis Fleming

If there's one thing Zoe Chandler, Historical Restorations expert, knows, it's that naked bankers aren't supposed to look like Greek gods. Honestly, it's enough to make any woman pause. Luckily, Zoe is more...

The Curse

by Jennifer Brassel

His search for her has been timeless, eternal, and ultimately thwarted. Until now...

Seth Almose has spent countless lives trying to break the curse that robs him of his soul mate. Each time the cycle begins...

The Private Affairs Of Lady Jane Fielding

by Viveka Portman

In the world of Regency England, only one thing matters - the begetting of an heir...

There is one fact I cannot hide nor deny. I have borne my husband no sons...

When Lord Jacob Fielding suffers a traumatic injury...


by Auralee Wallace

Heroes meets Bridget Jones in this brilliant, hilarious debut novel about a girl who just wants to save the world...

Bremy St James, daughter of billionaire Atticus St James, has been cut off from the family...

Deadly Secrets

by Sarah Barrie

Whoever said small towns have no secrets didn't know about this one...

Born and bred on the land, Jordan Windcroft is tough. She's had to be. Her life revolves around running her property almost single-handedly...

Bad Love (English)

by Alexandra Guelfi

How can you love an unabashed liar, an incurable egocentric, a man who will drag you down, without a second thought? Can you love a drug addict? BAD LOVE is the story of a young woman who falls in love with...

L'Enfant à la bouche de silence

by Annick Loupias & Patrick Bizier

At the tenth ring he rushes downstairs and pulls the front door open violently to show he has been disturbed.A teen wearing a faded Apollo IV mission baseball cap is standing there, smiling at him. He's clearly...

Une Souris verte et autres délires

by Martin Poulin & Patrick Bizier

I was taking my wonderful chocolate and eggplant muffins out of the oven when the phone rang. I recognized the Buckingham Palace number and knew right away that the Queen needed me again.Lord Butterscotch, the...

Thomas Passe-Mondes, Tome 4

by Tomy Pageau & Guillaumme Maccabée

It's official, may family's weird.First off, Dad's decided to lose weight, which is pretty odd.Next, Mom's always on at me about exercising to encourage Dad. And finally, my little brother is always eating vegetables,...

Miss Catastrophe

by Claire St-Onge & Julie Bruneau

Yan and Fanny live in the little town of Shush!, a very secret place. So secret that nobody knows it exists, apart from its inhabitants, of course! It has to be said, the citizens of Shush! are no ordinary people....

Marco says No!

by Stéphanie Bourassa & Denis Banville

Marco the little alien is a groucho. You suggest something, Marco says No!

Les Trois rives du fleuve

by Andrée Thibeault & Eddy Tardif

I haven't even opened my eyes yet, but the sound of rain tells me today will be difficult and disastrous. Drip-drop, drip-drop.Every raindrop on the roof wears me out.Drip-drop, drip-drop. I can hear Dad moving...

Thomas Passe-Mondes, Tome 5

by Tomy Pageau & Émilie Goulet

Dear JoYou know, I've been watching you this summer. When I first saw you, I sniggered. I could see you weren't normal and I just had to laugh. I can now see that was wrong of me.